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Photo TR: Intimidator 305's Opening Day

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Today was an absolutely epic day.

Ride Count-

Intimidator 305 x8

Anaconda x2

Rebel Yell x1

Grizzly x1


I got my pass processed and waited to get into the park and once in I waited in the area between Ghoster Coaster and Dominator. I ran into one guy who said he'd ridden Mean Streak over 600 times in one season. I called him crazy. At 10:30 they let us go back... and it was the definition of human stampede. I finally got to line and waited 15 minutes for an almost full queue. The line REALLY moves. Once I got on I wasn't scared at all, like I had expected to be. The lift moves way too fast to even think that you're going up 305 feet. At the top it slows for a second then it's freefall. Which is more epic than Fahrenheit's first drop. Going around the first turn I blacked out totally until we got to the top of the second hill. At the top of the second hill you get massive airtime, then in that odd transition after it you get airtime, which honestly shocked me. Over all of the transitions you got a substantial pop of airtime. The trim on the third hill isn't terribly bad, but it's definitely needed. I got really close to blacking out every time on the turn before the third hill. Not to mention that very last quick banking change will hit your neck if you're on the right side of the train. The brakes were MUCH more gentle than other Intamin brakes. The left side seems much smoother. No words can begin to describe the epicness of Intimidator 305. 15/10. New number one. No I'm not a KD Fanboy. Shocking, right? Even when the line was backed out of the queue, it was never over 30 minutes. Anaconda was 45 minutes, Grizzly was an hour, and Rebel Yell was 30 minutes. Grizzly was only running one train and it sucked balls, so it was an hour wasted. Dominator was missing a train, 2 were on the ride and none were in the maintenance shop. Anyone know more? Hurler (obviously), Log Flume, and Shockwave were closed all day. Backlot now runs the same color cars on each train (i.e. red train, blue train, white train) and the doors are no longer on the sides. Thanks Cedar Fair. So yeah overall it was an amazing day. Kudos to you if you bothered to read those 362 words.


Now for pictures.



No that's not the sun. That's a coaster god ordering me to bow down to the Intamin sexiness.


Airtime hill... OVER A FENCE! That's a new one, b!thces!


Train shots are really hard to get if you have a slow camera like mine.


Hooray for grass.


Mighty fine generator you got there, mister.


Park Index love.


It really is a sexy ride. So I'm gonna assume it's that of the male gender.


Dale's car and all his wins.


The big man himself.


More Park Index love.


You can get some epic shots of Anaconda from back here.


These people all need to change their pants... because they all just orgasmed all over themselves. It's that epic.


Whoooooosh. It's really quiet. It just makes a really loud WHOOSH when the train flies by.


Believe it or not this line was only 30 minutes. The shade tents and mist fans really really help. It was 85 today. Irony.


You're all about to be flung into oblivion. Yes the airtime is so powerful it sends you over to Alton Towers.


If this were an Arrow...


Station ass.


Time to bow again


Over the fence shots are my new specialty.


No hidden Mickey I heard form the Dippin Dots guy's grandmother's best friend's cousin that Disney sued Cedar Fair and Intamin had to change the design.


Facts about Earnhardt. And some more Park Index love.


Way to go, Cedar Fair. They only painted the brake run and the turn before the station. I kid you not.


Anaconda's all like "LOOK AT ME!"


"Yeah, we painted it!.......... part of it." See any bare steel?


I really love Anaconda's setting.


These people were in the station 10 seconds ago.


Intimidator 305 with a train through the trees.


Does this even need a caption?


3 lifts at once. That's masterful right there.


Misbehaved ops are put in time out here.


Americana. As much as I love Arrow I will not ride even a ferris wheel of theirs.


Ricochet... with me having a lack of creative captions.


Grizzly. You wasted an hour of my life and only ran one train. Thanks.




"And here comes the number 3 car in the lead!" Gotta love creative spiels.


There are Intamin tags on the wheels. Like legitimate little... plaque thingeys that I don't know what to call on the wheels.


Cool little operator's booth. Somehow I doubt the woman in there produced that "GENTLEMEN! START YOUR ENGINES!" but hey you never know.


Over the station shot. Boom. Owned.


Catch car coming back.


The lift kicks in fast enough to be considered a launch credit by Jeff Johnson


There are some serious headchoppers.




This is surprisingly really smooth. It's a really sharp jerk but you stay in place.


Finishing in first place... of everyone's Top 10, that is.


You can tell a train is coming when the catwalk starts making a ton of noise.


The coaster gods make you bow once more before you leave the ride to see your picture.


Once again Intimidator 305 is amazing. That cannot be said enough.

And that's it. Thanks for reading. Comments are very appreciated.

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Great TR!


Does anyone know why there is a gate on the transfer track?



Just a guess, but there's probably a state regulation that requires a 6' fence around any bit of track that is less than 10' off the ground and the ride is not allowed to operate if anyone is within that fenced in area. By creating that gate over the transfer track, it puts the storage track outside of the operational fence allowing maintenance to work on the second train (like to replace a wheel) while the first train remains in operation. Also prevents maintenance from backing up into the path of the train as it approaches the station... Just a thought...

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I like what Cedar Fair is doind to add to the coaster count of non-Cedar Point parks. Last year was Diamondback, and we get the Intimidators this year. The Point won't be top-dog anymore, but the other parks will start to thrive. Anyways, is 305 really that good? It's been getting amazing reviews, so I just wanna know how it stacks up against Millennium.

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Awesome PTR, Brad! Intimidator 305 looks incredible.


Did you happen to take any pictures of BLSC's reassembled trains? I was pretty disappointed to hear of that change...

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Great TR! I loved the comedy and you had some nice shots of the ride! Intimidator 305 does look incredible! I was excited to go on the IntimidaTOUR before this opened but now, I am super-mega-uber-hyper excited now! That thing looks insane! I hope it lives up to its reputation and if this things is down when I go, I will be forever *censored*.

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While I would have liked the ride better without the OTSR's, you don't really notice them until the end of the ride. And to those who hate the brake and the lifthill slowing down, I really wouldn't like to ride it without those things. The OTSR's are probally also for prevention from liability, if people who aren't used to big coasters ride I305 and grayout without the OTSR's they could be seriously injured, closing the ride.

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