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'Words With Friends' Players?


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I know there are lots of iPhone users on TPR. Anyone play 'Words With Friends'? It's basically a Scrabble clone, and it's free to download (although, there are annoying ads with the free version). You can play random people, or people you know. I've found MonkeyOverlord already. Anyone else?


I'm "Electerik" on there, as well.

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I tried the lite version, and played one game of it before deleting it.


Amazingly, the whole game took about an hour as opposed to a week. The guy was really nice, and we managed to have a good conversation about stuff during the game. But the game itself was painfully slow, even at that quick pace.

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This game as made me remember how much I suck at Scrabble. I have always sucked at this game, I just don't think my brain is made for this!


Although it also reminded me how much I hate ads, so I went ahead and purchased the full version to avoid them!

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My username is (take a guess).... robbalvey


I mostly try to create as many dirty words as it will allow me to...which isn't many!


I still see starting a game with you with "pubes" and a game with Steve with "slag" as some of my greatest recent achievements.

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