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Photo TR: Dollywood's Adventure Mountain!

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So yesterday me and tha family unit decided to play hookie from school and go to Dollywood to experience the new attraction lovingly entitled "Adventure Mountain."


What I can tell you is that this is a one of a kind attraction to any theme park here in the United States. I also might add that it is completely massive and awesome! It's a 2.5 acre modern day ropes course themed to a ranger station. It takes up the entire left side of the valley between Tennessee Tornado and River Battle and fits in perfectly with the area's theming. There are hundreds of challenges spanning the entire play area, with several skill levels depending on your intestinal fortitude. You could seriously spend half your day on this structure trying to do them all. Between Me, Alana, Jarett, January, and Alana's Father (Matt) We spent almost an hour and a half on the structure before we were escorted off due to the park being closed. The whole family can't wait to go back and discover more of this fantastic interactive play area.


If you don't know how it works, let me give you a bit of an overview before I show the pictures. You are harnessed in to standard rock climbing gear. Then they attach your "umbilical cord" to the harness. After that, they hook you into the structure and off you go to explore the whole thing! It really is amazing in it's simplicity.


A couple of notes. This is a physical attraction. No open toe, or slides are allowed on the structure. They were not allowing people on with sandals, flip flops, and Crocks for safety reasons. Also, there is a 42" height requirement, and kids between 42" & 48" must have their parents with them. I can attest that unless you are a complete Debbie Downer. As a parent, you will want to go! It's a blast!


In a nutshell, this is an amazing attraction! Dollywood has a winner on it's hands with Adventure Mountain!


Get up to the Smokies and go!


Enjoy the pictures!


Guy "Can't get back to Dollywood quick enough." Koepp


Welcome Back at ya Dwood!


This is Adventure Mountain from the River Battle side.


Looking back into the valley from the Tennessee Tornado side.


Every span has 3 different ways to cross as well as a "chicken" bridge.


Some of the spans have surprises that randomly go off if you don't cross quick enough.


In true Dollywood fashion, they have ride supervisors and instructors all over the structure to assist you if needed. IMHO, I think Dollywood increased their labor force by close to 10% with this attraction alone. These friendly people are everywhere.


You really get to explore everything on this structure.


They also have a mini ropes course at the base of the Mountain for the little tykes called "Camp Teach-it-to-me."


Thank you Dollywood for another amazing, fun filled, family attraction. Adventure Mountian is awesome! We love it!

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Thanks for the insights. Although I probably won't make it out to Dollywood this year I'm happy to see one of these finally installed in an American park.


Oh, and I have pictures to add to the Park Index.

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Thanks for the insights. Although I probably won't make it out to Dollywood this year I'm happy to see one of these finally installed in an American park.


Oh, and I have pictures to add to the Park Index.


They have one at NU at MOA but the big difference between the two is that Ghostly Gangplank at NU is an upcharge while this one at Dollywood is included with Admission!


Would be great if more of these popped up in parks here in America.....

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I don't think capacity will be too much of an issue because they have a position to fit you too your suit and a spot to hook you to the structure. Both is done in less than a minute for a group of 6. They pretty much just let you wander but after each course you have to go all the way to the bottom where you either get off and a seperate staff member un hooks you or stay right and you can get right back on.


And they looked to have several hundred suits and rope rigs so I don't think waits will be too bad.

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Okay, so that actually does look way cooler than what I was imagining.


Same here. This new attraction looks completely awesome...and I had no idea that it wasn't an upcharge until reading this thread. Thanks for the great report, Guy!

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Thank you all for the kind comments. In answer to some of your questions.


Elissa wrote:

Do you have any more pictures of the under 42'' kids area? I'd love to see where Robb and I will be with KT when switching off on the mountain!


Unfortunately no. As both Jarett & January are over the height requirements, I didn't have time to walk through the kids area. But if all the happy laughing toddlers were any indication, I think she will have a great time. I will try to get more pictures of Camp Teachittoome the next time I go. Probably at the end of the month.


OldJJman wrote:

Any aching muscles, rope burns or "oh crap" moments, besides the wet crotch??


No aching muscles to speak of. But as you know, I am in peak physical condition due to my MMA classes. The rope burns didn't happen until I got home and was sexually assaulted by Alana. OH CRAP moments? Yeah, but mostly due to unsupervised kids cutting in front of you and pissing you off. Bring a tazer, it'll come in handy. JK. The structure operators are very on top of escorting trouble makers off the ride. There are a lot of them. (operators)


The wet crotch, shorts, & shirt were a welcome surprise as you do work up a sweat traversing this whole area.


moinab wrote:

I was wondering about the capacity, too.


It's not the quickest line in the park, but well worth the time you get to spend on the structure. They never once stopped allowing people to climb on, or ran out of harnesses.


Seriously, we had a blast playing on this thing.


Guy "I got the good kinda rope burns." Koepp

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Do they warn you about getting wet before you go on this attraction?


No. They don't warn you about getting wet, but when you approach an obstacle with geysers going off under it. It is pretty obvious that you may be getting wet.


They do have the chicken ramp that will allow you to pass over the obstacle and miss the geysers.


Guy "The chicken ramp is for pussies!" Koepp

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