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Mortal Kombat Theme Park!?

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Mississippi, watch out, soon you too can do fatalities to other tourists, or something?





"... From the sound of things, I’m going to guess that they would build up huge sets for the film, and they even mention having a large observation platform built so people could watch the film being made, and then the leftover sets would later be used for the park. "


while I admit to being a fan of the MK franchise, I just cant see this being any kind of "family" destination.


"Hey mommy, can we go see all of the dead people in 'the pit'?"

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Out of all of the video games, why the one that started the whole "Politically Correct ESRB" thing? If you ask me, why not a video games in general theme park?


(Dreams of a Mario Bros. racing hyper and a Sonic The Hedgehog themed rocket)... paradise...

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As the Great Scorpion says with his awesome arrow "COME HERE!"


Here comes the fatality.......... UPPER CUT!


Katie, who can kick some ass with Scorpion and Kitana.

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I will only visit the park if they base it exclusively off of MKII . It would be cool to have a park that could potentially be a year round HHN.


As far as coasters what kind of coasters they should have, they should get a bunch of older arrow and vekoma coasters and name them all 'Fatality.' eh, someone had to say it.

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