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Photo TR: West Coast Bash KNOTT'S Day 2 Posted

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that was great how you stayed with the 500ft intamin all the way til the end, i actually feel sad i can't ride it, and im sure its been said before, but your a silly goose, ok that was lame, but your the one who started goosing us first, that didnt sound right

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After much too long of a wait... here's our West Coast Bash Knott's Day 2 trip report... Enjoy!


Gertrude met up with "The Cluck Crew" in the morning outside Knott's. Unfortunately, Gertrude thought only the Magic Mountain day sold out... little did she know Knott's was sold out too!


Gertrude was devastated!


Then, one of The Cluck Crew made an offer Gertrude couldn't refuse.


Gertrude began battling with all her might. Unfortunately, Hilary and I couldn't stay and watch the whole fight, because we had to head into Knott's for our behind-the-scenes tours. Hopefully Gertrude pulls through!


Once inside Knott's, I had a little time to wander around and snap photos. It was really neat being allowed to walk around the park before it was open to get photos. Here's Boomerang and Perilous Plunge.


And here's Xcelerator, which unfortunately was still down.


Not many people know the real reason Xcelerator has been down so long... it was actually attacked by Mega Piranhas! They were still eating at the ride while we were there.


More photos from around the park. That's too bad about Xcelerator... you can see the Piranhas devouring it in the background.


A shot of Silver Bullet.


The Ghost Town was actually a ghost town this morning!


After taking photos, we headed to the Calico Mine Ride for a behind-the-scenes tour.


Here's what it looks like inside the building! Stuff you can't normally see!


More stuff you can't normally see... This is what the rock looks like from behind.


And now, stuff you can normally see (but can't normally stop and photograph well). We were led into the ride where we could stand by the tracks and take pics.


Hilary and I were honored to be allowed to see behind the scenes of a historic attraction like this. Thanks so much to Knott's for the opportunity.


We then headed over to the engine house for a behind the scenes tour there.


Here's a look in the engine house... a view you can't normally get. Knott's has some of the happiest maintenance bays around!


Another site you don't normally see.


The Galloping Goose is Gertrude's Great Grandfather!


Taken on the engine house tour.


All kidding aside, the tour guide we had was really informative and seemed like he really loved what he did, and loved having the opportunity to share it with us.


We then headed into the engine house to see more things you can't normally see.


Here's Robb feeding Gertrude's Great Grandfather a worm!


Maybe Gertrude will have a shot at winning against The Cluck Crew. I sure hope so!


One of my favorite shots from the day... taken from inside the engine house. Seeing stuff you can't normally see is fun!


One final look at stuff you can't normally see.


There were actually two Calico Mine Ride tours, which each got to look at a different part of the ride. With the permission of Robb and the park, we got to do the other one too!


Another pic from inside the ride. But wait a minute, who is that behind us? Is that who I think it is!? IT IS!!!


It's Gertrude!!!!!! She was really happy to have won LASER EYE CHALLENGE and got a ticket in time for the tours and morning ERT. WAY TO GO GERTRUDE!!! She was so happy that she struck a manly pose!


After our tours, we headed towards Timberline Twister to get a credit that Hilary and I didn't have yet. On the way, we saw them filling up at the water tower.


It turns out I was too tall to ride Timberline Twister... so here's Hilary getting a credit I can't get.


And here's a Mega Piranha eating Hilary for getting a credit that I can't get.


After Timberline Twister, we headed to Montezuma's Revenge. Gertrude was there enjoying morning ERT.


After the park opened, we decided to go ride the train. Outside the train station was a stroller parked with this baby in it. Creepy! Hilary thought it was real at first!


A picture from the train.


This was Hilary's first ride on the train... and I purposely didn't tell her about the train robbers. She got scared when they stormed in!


We then headed to lunch just outside the park, where we saw a member of The Cluck Crew.


Hilary at lunch with Snoopy.


After eating, they had some games for people to play. We joined in one where you had to race to find various items. One of the items we had to get was a sandal.


And one of the items was a sock! *Gross* I'm glad Hilary got this one. She said "it's still warm" when she was holding it haha. ALSO NOTE: We entered this into the WCB Photo Contest on TPR's Facebook Page, and out of approximately 66 votes, NO ONE VOTED FOR US! Thanks guys!


Hilary then showed off her hula hoop skills.


To which I said, "I can totally do that too"...


... but failed miserably.


After lunch we made our way to the Charles M. Schulz Theatre for the management and S&S presentations. We were pooped after 2 full days of riding rides, walking around, and getting virtually no sleep. There are 6 people asleep in this pic hehe.


After our brief snoozes... we were woken up by a funny and informative presentation by Knott's park management, and a great presentation by Kevin Rohwer from S&S. Kevin introduced a new coaster concept (which looks amazing) and was really open and honest when fielding questions. In my mind, S&S went from "Oh, they're kind of cool" to "Wow, I can't wait to see what they have in store next." Really great presentations by both S&S and park management. Thanks to them for that!


After the presentations, we headed to Ghostrider to ride and get our free photos. We were so tired, we tried to convey that in our first photo. Unfortunately, Ghostrider slammed our heads together a bunch of times while we did this pose. I think you can see the pain in Hilary's face.


And of course we did a manly pose!


After Ghostrider, it was time for night ERT. We started off ERT at Sierra Sidewinder.


Where I rode several times in a row with Justin...


... and the Bebes!


Justin and I tried really hard to get a good spin going. We finally succeeded after many attempts, and Justin started feeling sick hehe.


Finally, Hilary and I headed to Silver Bullet where I spent the rest of the night riding. (Hilary was feeling a little sick, so she sat the rest of the night out). I rode 8 or 9 times in the front and back rows, and most trains just had me and one other person on them. It was such a great end to the weekend watching the sun set while riding Silver Bullet again and again. I thought night ERT at Knott's was a blast, and am so happy we fought off sleep long enough to enjoy it.


Bye bye Knotts! We had a fun and memorable day, and hope you continue to participate in West Coast Bash in the future.


IT'S BONUS PIC TIME!!! You may have recently seen Emiroo's post about Gertrude being in The National Enquirer for lifting a car to save a baby! Well, I have an exclusive picture of the actual event!!! And, it turns out The Enquirer got the story a little wrong... Gertrude wasn't saving a baby...


BONUS PIC #1: Gertrude was saving a Bebe!!! Way to go Gertrude... We're glad you're using your manly powers for good and not evil!


BONUS PIC #2: Don't miss the Bay Area Bash Party Bus!!! Hilary and I are working on a special surprise for Gertrude and Manly Pose Enthusiasts on the bus!!!

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Whew!! If it weren't for Gertrude, I would have never lived to see that awesome Trip Report!! Thanks Gertrude!


I love it!


If anyone gets a chance to hang out with David and Hilary at an event, DO IT! They're awesome and you'll have a blast!!



- Lady Bebe

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Awesome Photo TR! I hope that Gertrude becomes a character for your Photo TR's, it's very funny and makes your PTRs really stand out. Great job!


Thanks, and don't worry... Gertrude is here to stay!


If anyone gets a chance to hang out with David and Hilary at an event, DO IT! They're awesome and you'll have a blast!!


Haha thanks! Of course, the same goes for the Bebes as well!

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