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Plohn counters Belantis: Plans New Attraction in 2011

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Plohn counters Belantis Plans


New Attraction in 2011: Theme park manages to build another roller coaster


Plohn. A little exaggeration, one could say the theme park Plohn (Vogtlandkreis Strikes Back): Only one day after the announcement of plans for the park Belantis, from the middle of the year to be activated with one of the most spectacular rides in the world an increase in visitors, the Vogtland keep up with its own roller coaster project against. On request, Park manager Lutz Müller confirmed on Wednesday: "We want next year to further expand our offering roller coaster, currently we are still in negotiations with the manufacturer, I will not say more about it."


After the success of the initiated in the previous season high-Twister "El Toro", the Plohn has just been run more visitors to the ten percent, the new railway as a part of for next year's targeted completion of the "Plohni-village" nor " family-friendly coming along "than its predecessor. "El Toro", who rides with more than 80 items and authorizes management solution is its tight curve saturated adrenaline seems, for one or the other head of the family a bit too smart move. "This is the reason for which we see the Belantis plans left. For a family train up the steep, with its launch pad is too fast. This is probably something for young people looking for the kick, with us so children can ride from six years "said Lutz Muller.


The new roller coaster, in conversation is a nearly 500-meter-long steel structure is to carry a lake that is located in the middle "in our cute half-timbered village". With not quite as fast rides, but with success. Mueller, who is the best park-season 'have El Toro ":" Even now, many are bought season tickets. This shows in the region, we gain more and more attractions, thanks to such appeal.

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www.freipresse.de (German text)


TPR Park Index: Freizeipark Plohn

Photo & Video TR: Themepark Plohn (by Thrill92)

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I watched out for new informations. Nothing really new happened, but there was another news article 7 days after the old one (March 25th). They mentioned, that they will built a small village, called "Plohni Dorf":


Reichenbach (fp). Plohn. It is now official: Freizeitpark Plohn will expand its range of attractions in the next year with a new roller coaster. As Managing Director Lutz Mueller said yesterday the new "family coaster" will be inaugurated at Easter 2011 together with the new "Plohni Village".


They think of a 500 meter long track which will go through the the middle of the lake and the center of the village. Further details of the big project "Plohni Village" and the roller coaster was not mentioned by the CEO.


The new offer is topped off among other things with a village square, snack bars and a boat ride on a three hectare area. A water rafting and Splash Battle. a fun-interactive offering with guns, are also conceivable. "Maybe there will be a 4-D cinema," said Lutz Muller, it´s not confirmed yet.


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During the last months I visited Plohn many times and I will show you some pictures of the construction site.


The first pictures are from early October:


An old power buildingm, which become a new kiosk


the portal to the new village:





the area of the new coaster:


this will be a indoor part


here a lake will be created.

Over this lake the coaster will be ride.


new horse carousel:


It's a base of the new horse carousel, which stands at Heide-Park


some other details:








new horse carousel:



a not finished horsed




the portal to the new village:




the area of the new coaster:






More pictures will follow

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