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Photo TR: Six Flags Great Adventure Opening Day (March 27th)

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FACT: Start off your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast to receive maximum flags on the fun-o-meter when visiting Great Adventure.


FACT: Piegasm is in the ACE (American Coaster Enthusiast) dictionary.


Kevin is ready to kick off the 2010 season!


Mike showing off the no smoking paper given to all park guests. Yes, that includes you Mike.


The gorgeous new Main Street! It is very appealing to the eye. I dig it.


The new meet and greet area set ups! It is VERY organized. Very colorful. They stick out great. I believe this is perfect compared to years past.


Only in 2010 you will see Kingda Ka testing before El Toro even has their water dummies loaded onto the trains.


Kingda Ka! I can't believe it will be turning five years old this season! Ridiculous!


I spy the first El Toro train of 2010!


Oh joyous day! The offseason has come to an end! Now time for EJECTOR MADNESS!


No one ever seems to grab this shot of El Toro. It really shows its massive size in full effect.


Time to enter the bizarre world of stride gum... err Bizarro!


Happy riders! Bizarro though after was FREEZING! Our hands all went numb. How these guys in the Bizarro-a-thon would go 8 hours riding this is WAY beyond me. I could barely last one...


I feel a disturbance in the force.. a great presence of the name of Tango I believe.


Scream Machine! Grabbed plenty of epic shots of this baby today thanks to an half an hour processing line for season passes.


Kingda Ka! (Side note, Kevin lost his Kingda Ka virginity, also riding his first time in the front!) (First time since I had this camera I have taken pictures of Kingda Ka in operation, and I have had this camera since 2008...)


Mike crying after losing his $50 dollar sun glasses on Kingda Ka. HAH!


These restroom signs really stick out and are at ALL restrooms!


Anyone notice something strange on the paint job of this train? Maybe an advertisement..? Nah. Can't be.


The parachutes, man the new paint job is sexy.


Truth. The space shuttle didn't get taken down. It actually just flew into space.


Told you. Being bored in processing line equals cool Scream Machine shots.


iPhone = 5 Flags


Env2 = 1 Flag


Just testing out some out of the ordinary angles of Scream Machine..


The OFFICIAL list of bands for the Great Adventure Bamboozle Roadshow!


Rub Mr. Six's head, and good luck will happen. Fact.


Kevin showing off what you can get with the Season Pass Funatics rewards!


Josh showing off his Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt! (Side note, Johnny Cupcakes is an awesome t-shirt brand, strongly suggest them!)


Hmm, ErUPtion will be open in five minutes!


No trip is complete without a bald guy that dances with little kids!


The new bowling experience at the park. Note, we didn't go inside or get near it to see how it looks. Did anyone go in?


Batman! One of the only few rides I missed on Opening Day!


This is cool! All restrooms (from what I saw) have this huge park maps of the area they are in to show guests where they are!




Group shot at Bizarro! Thanks for all who made it out! We did not have a few people show because they either came in the park later, was in the Bizarro-a-thon contest, or was running late. So they were all in spirit!


Mike, showing off his entry into the world of the bizarre.


Waiting in the queue!


Bizarro's station offers some cool views of Kingda Ka.


You can't tell, but thanks to Bizarro's backwards world, the train is moving back up the tower. HAH!




By 3pm, our last two GADV.com members remain!


And we end of the memory of those lost but not forgotten, the test dummies of the 2010 offseason.

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^ LMAO! Also, do they really think anyone is going to go to an amusement park and then randomly say "Lets go bowling?" It might be a fun one time thing for a season pass holder, but thats just a weird, and imo a kind of stupid idea. Nice TR though, I love the El Torro picture, you can see the reactions of people experiencing "Intamin goodness."

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If I am the average park guest who goes only 1-2 times a season, I truthfully doubt I would want to go bowling. Sorry, but I have better things to do. Maybe they are demo-graphing it for season pass holders? Even if that is the case, how many of us actually believe we will ever go in it? I never even went into the dark light mini golf except to grab a picture of it..

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Awesome PTR! Opening day was amazing this year. Everything looked so fresh for 2010 with everything newly painted. Too bad most of the rides were not going at optimal speed that day because of the wind chill. I think you even managed to snap a pic of me on El Toro's first drop! Really looking foward to a thrilling season this year!

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Regarding the bowling, it's not real bowling, more like mini-bowling with 5 frames. You win prizes for certain scores, similar to skeeball. I took a couple of pictures today that I'll post when I get home.


It started getting crowded in that building when it started raining today.


Prize Structure


The lanes

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^yes its a game and it actually is duckpin bowling and you get 5 frames to get a certain score.



Here is the other game in the other half of the building. New game in which you must make it through a maze of lazer beams to win a prize.

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Now that I see what those are really about, they both seem like a pretty good idea. They have a bowling system like that for kids at my local bowling alley and it works pretty well. I like the carnival game structure of the bowling as well. The laser maze will probably be fun as well/

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