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Which Movie/TV show would you like to see turned into a ride

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I would love a Bioshock ride. Imagine an interactive dark ride walk through kind of thing.

The walls are displays like Toy Story Mania and you are a Big Daddy protecting a Little Sister on the screen. As she collects Adam you have to ward off the Splicers; kind of like the proving grounds in BS1 or any of the gather portions in BS2. Depending on your score you can even face a Big Sister at the end.


Besides that:

How To Train Your Dragon - A flying coaster themed to dragon flight school with Hiccup as your teacher in the queue.

Any Superhero that doesn't have a ride yet - Can be coaster or dark ride

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Even as a child I had always dreamed that someone would create a dark ride themed to my favorite cartoon. Johnny Quest!


It would be awesome! They could travel through jungle and desert themed rooms on those cool hovercrafts. In the finale, they would be chased by some of the thuggees in their bad guy hovercrafts, and Johnny would do something cool, cause an explosion, and save the day. And of course, Bandit and Hadjii would be there for comic relief.


Guy "Cause nothing says comic relief like pugs and people from India." Koepp

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• ALF: The Ride

• The Office - Escape from Dunder Mifflin

• The SNL Backstage Pass Ride

• Fraiser: The Spinoff

• 60 Minutes - The second hands revenge


Actually, in all seriousness a Transformers the Ride was what I had hoped for years... and maybe Dukes of Hazzard

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I'd really like to ride Jennifer's Body.


A Vekoma SLC could be themed to the Hangover, given the SLC's memory loss inducing capabilities.


I'm sure there would be many supporters on this site for a Mega Pirahna ride, we could have a collection to buy the rights, don't worry I just checked my pocket and found that two dollars for the rights.


And I hope they don't do Debbie Does Dinn, that would be one rough ride.

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I don't know, there's a lot of great movies and shows that could have been made into some amazing rides.

Off the top of my head, I've have to say these are the ones I'd be willing to maul someone to get!


Firefly/Serenity: I mean come one, it's a perfect set-up for a coaster or simulator. The series was awesome got canceled and STILL got a movie too, the fans are rabid and worldwide. We'd probably bombard the hell out of Universal until they caved and did it if rumor every got out.


Aladdin: I'm still surprised Disney didn't do some kind of big ride for this movie rather then the cheesy little Disney Quest thing they had years ago. A dumbo clone? Come on! This could have been something huge with lines to rival Space Mountain!


Transformers: If there was ever a better set up that was completely perfect dueling coaster, I've never seen it. What total geek wouldn't love that?


Riddick Series (Pitch Black, Chronicles): Think Spiderman style dark ride, a serious win with the side benefit of yummy eye candy to watch! Plus they're doing more movies in this series, so obviously it's popular and a hit.


And just because I have to say it...

Spaceballs: The Ride! Only open after 8pm to adult's only!

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I want to see a Cars themed ride go into the Hollywood area of California Adventure as well as one at Hollywood Studios in Florida. It would be pretty cool, and kind of like the mummy in terms of a concept where Syndrome(sp?) could be inside a stidio and the coaster car could be attached to the gravity ray thingy he has in the movie that throws Mr. Incredible around.


It will never happen, but a Pan's Labrynth ride would be cool.


Also, I really wish Disney would take more advantage of nightmare than haunted hollidays. Jack Skellington is a pretty popular cult character, and every time I go to the parks theres always people with Jack stuff. I dont even know what it would be, but nightmare is so marketable and has such a cult following. I have a hat, pins, and am looking at a JAck shirt in the future.

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I would like to see a ride themed after the film series The Fast and The Furious. Two racing launched coasters comes to mind but it might be too similar to the racing launched coasters at Ferrari World.

This would be awsome. That would be my choice as to the movies for a coaster. I like the idea of going 60mph through a tunnel like the one in the last movie.( Were they cross the border into Mexico) I've had this talk with my mother and the one that she really wants would be something like the mummy with National Treasure. She said somehing about it and it thought that it was a great idea. We also talked about a mine train styled to Spirit and a vertical launched coaster like Wicked for an Iron Man themed ride.

I still like the idea of launching into a tunnel with the other train next to you and then having the trains "hop" over one another to simulate the movement from one lane to another.

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Highly themed spinning coaster themed to Dexters Lab. The story is mandark has invented a vehickle that spins and dissorients guests, ruining thre tour of the lab. The ride would also have a pre show featuring the Superfriends. Also, Deedee would destroy part of the lab in one sequnce with her ballet.

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