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Lands of Enchantment [RCT2]

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(logo does represent some things not announced yet, I'll also make a better one later)


Welcome to my all new park, that will feature several different "lands". Hence the name "Lands of Enchantment". This is probably my most detailed park, and one that I plan on using a lot more hacks, and special building methods not seen in my previous work.


It's been about six months or so since I've updated my old park, but I did not stop working on it intill now. So this is kinda my outcome of years of practice with Epic Adventures to create something I hope to be pretty amazing (for me at least.)


To start off I'll give a small update of the parks current main attraction. Later tomorrow once I touch up a few details I'll give a slightly bigger update.


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That looks fantastic, love the dormer windows (think that's what they are called) in the building on the right.


If you think you will not be returning to Epic Adventures would you be up for putting it out for download so we all can see how far it is along and enjoy some time in your park. Even if it's not done or up to your current standards I for one would love to spend some time in your Epic Adventures park.


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dmaxsba - Thanks, and yes, due to popular demand I'll put up the most recent download of EA.


Mastersax - If I get good reviews, or decent ones at ne, I may try to go for a bronze or silver, hmm, maybe even a gold if I can pull this thing together like I'm imagining it. Oh, and wow, I didn't know I inspired so many people. I keep hearing this and I really appreciate all the support I've gotten over the years from literally hundreds of people. You guys are the only reasons I post my parks, since I'd be content to play by myself like I've been doing since 98'.


Stoksy - Not to be rude to belgianguy at all, and it's just because I've seen thousands of parks. I don't quite remember his parks. Considering I just got my password back for here, that may have something to do with it. But again, nothing against no one. I mean that with all respect. But I'd say BGE probably gave me my most inspiration with that screen. Oh, and Thanks!


the ghost - Yes, that was my exact inspiration for that part of the coaster.


Here's another small update of the coaster. Oh, and it isn't named yet, so suggestions are welcome. No prize this time though like in the past, sorry everyone.


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Thanks for the coming release of your latest version of EA. Looking forward to it.


Just want to give you a heads up in case you haven't had it happen to you. The link on the first page of your EA thread has been taken over by a Spy-ware site. When you click on it they infect your computer and then want to sell you the fix for the problem they started. Sorry, I had to report it to TPR. I didn't want anyone else to have the problem I just got. I am currently doing total system scan trying to get rid of the problem.

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Looks very good but the foliage could use some work since its quite monotonous atm so maybe zero-clearance some flowers in there,

And the half loop canbe supported differently so it looks a bit safer


Overall very good but I don't see where this looks like my work other than the fact it has nice details and is very realistic since my latest work is more fantasy based I wouldn't say this looks like something that was inspired on things I've build in the past. I think it shows a very consistent BRT-style that can only come from him...

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dmaxsba-I'm very, very sorry for your computer problems. I should have changed that topic sooner since all links and images are down from my old site. Also the current domain name is infected with a virus which means DO NOT GO TO BRANDON'S COASTERS!! I tried fixing the problem, and due to negligence from my server administrator I don't think it'll be fixed anytime soon.


BelgianGuy - Thanks for the advice, I fixed up the screen which you'll see below. I still need to do that darn support though.


Here's a picture of the new land being constructed.



Also, here's an improved picture of the previous one from suggestions I got. (I know, I still need to add a support)


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That first picture is beautiful, I don't know how you (and others) come up with such nice looking buildings. I have all the same items yet I never seem to be able to build structures like that. They are perfect.


As for the spy-ware attack, Microsoft Security saved my computer, so if anyone on here works for MS.

THANK YOU for everything you people do!, and making it all free to the public. Your the best!

BRTeller, I don't know how things went down, TPR removing the link or you doing it or a combo of the two of you working together but either way YOU, TPR or BOTH were on top of things. I am sure since your old park was mentioned it was only a matter of time before others searched it out and had the same problem. Thank you for taking care of it.

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dmaxsba2408 - Thanks. I do appologize again for the spyware attack, and am VERY happy you were able to resolve it. I did go back and remove the link and added a message. This is not the only site I posted Epic Adventures at and I still need to weave out and figure out were my previous park has been posted. Then post a warning and remove the links. I'll give you a special screen of this park if you'd like since I owe it to you after you had problems from my topic.


Here's a screen of some more progress going on. The two lands so far are starting to fill in a bit more.


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  • 3 weeks later...

the ghost - Thanks! You've been following Epic Adventures from the beginning, and I've appreciated your support all the way through it.


BelgianGuy - Thanks, I've started to give buildings more of a purpose, but a lots need to be slightly changed.


dmaxsba - Thanks, It's not my most original building, but I like it a lot.


Mastersax68 - I currently don't have them on the map, but I'll look into it. Since now that you mentioned it i agree. I would have never even thought of that, so thanks!


A striking new coaster is coming.

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Coaster Cow - Thanks!


dmaxsba - Thanks, and the fence is made out of several differen't things and was an experiment that turned out great. That I also made the "ruins" out of that you'll read more about below.


sayolala - Thanks, even though I have a feeling your a spammer. Since in your signature your advertising dvd's or something.


An all new coaster is coming to Lands of Enchantment, and I have some pretty interesting concept art showing off the new coaster. Along with a press release including information on the story-line for the ride and some specifications on it.


Press Release:

Lands of Enchantment are pleased to announce that a "Striking new coaster" will be coming to the park opening day of the parks second season. With the success of the parks first year, the park has decided that it would be a great idea to expand to the second land with an exciting new inverted coaster featuring 8 inversions consisting of two corkscrews, a zero-g roll, cobra roll, and three intense vertical loops. All while flying through the ruins on a city destroyed by the "Mamba" that you as riders will be taking on.


We'll give out more information on the coaster, and the story behind it, along with photos on opening day.


Here's some of the concept art:



A small side note to answer a few questions. Mamba was 100% inspired by Black Mamba, but only some things are similar including the name and color. The layout is also very dfferen't if you didn't read the news release above. Oh, and yes I'm starting a story-line now like I have with my old projects since it's a lot more fun and seemed somewhat successful before. This coaster really needed it too since I based almost all the theming around it.

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OMG, your supports are to die for



Loving the project so far, but I'm interested in what the themes are exactly, I see a kind of jungle/mexican theme in the last picture, but I can't place it.


Good luck with this project, but just make sure you give us that download of Epic Adventures!!

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Thanks, and the theme is more asian/japan I'd say. Since I put hibachi grills and sushi in the surrounding restaurants, oh and a panda express! I'll get to it eventually with Epic Adventures. I need to format it with the custom rides in the zip.


The park has given me some teaser shots and the official logo for Mamba to post for everyone. This time it's of the actual coaster though.


The official logo for Mamba, much better than the one in the concept art. (Yes I made it myself, so I'm pretty proud of it. Wish I could have gotten a snake weaving around the letters, but I couldn't get it to turn out right.



Hope everyone enjoys, next update will most likely be the official one of mamba and some teasers for a new ride/coaster.

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Looking forward to seeing be better shot of the coaster, that second picture is really throwing me off, I can't tell what's going on with the scenry. Don't get me wrong, it looks great but it is confusing me. Rows of walls?, sides of buildings?, lots of nature intermixed with everything?, different land heights?...


I just can't make sense of it.

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