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PTR - I'm going to the Jersey Shore, BITCH!

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^When you say Jersey Shore, does this mean parks or casinos?!?!?!


I have no money right now, so it will be parks that have not been previously displayed in a comprehensive PTR and "highlights" of Sleaside Heights.



Casino Pier

Funtown Pier

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A little background first.


So I volunteered to help clean up the beach in Sandy Hook, New Jersey this morning for a free Disney ticket. Since it was listed as opening day for a couple of the northern most Jersey Shore parks that don't have many pictures in the index, I decided to go take some pictures. I actually didn't ride anything day.


My day consisted of:

9AM - 12:30 = cleaning up Sandy Hook, I did not take any pictures because I didn't want any distractions.

1PM - 2PM = Keansburg Amusement Park

3PM - 3:30 PM = Casino Pier at Seaside Heights

4:00 - 4:30PM = Funtown Pier at Seaside Heights

5:00 - 5:30 = Jenkinson's Pier


Keansburg Amusement Park is listed as operating since 1904, I remember as a child whenever my family would go away to Florida, Virginia, Lake George or Hershey for vacation we always heard from our neighbors (the Giresi kids) how they had a great time at Keansburg for a week. I was jealous and always wondered what this Keansburg place was. Even when my family went to the Jersey Shore we never went to Keansburg. When I finally visited Keansburg, I realized that my family made a better choice in our vacations than the Giresi family.


Keansburg is a small little place catering mostly to local families. They have a small waterpark and about a dozen rides for adults and a similar number for kids only. To me the highlights of Keansburg is the 80 year-old Spook House (which was not open) and the Auto Scooters, which feature a mix of Old Lusse Auto Skooters and some newer cars that have there speed jacked up to 11. Unfortunately, most of the food stands were not open today as the boardwalk food is quite good. Anyway here are pictures of the rides, more amusing pictures will follow when I post Seaside Heights photos.


What the hell is the police activity for?


Oh, it's just a St. Patrick's Day Parade 10 days too late. On to the amusement park.


Here's a list of the rides and prices, SOP for trip reports.


I'm hoping this is still operating and just closed today, one of the few remaining from the Pretzel Amusement Ride Company.


Even the non-Lusse cars run fast here. It's an interesting game of cat and mouse as people in the Lusse try to catch the lighter, but much faster cars.


Unfortunately, many of the Lusse were on the sidelines.


I think this one had Plantar Fasciitis!


Wildcat helix - This coaster was SBNO from 2004-2007. For a while I never thought I would get this credit.


The other coaster is a Miler kiddie named Sea Serpent.


I believe it is a state law that every Jersey Shore park have a Moby Dick.


Keansburg spent all their theming budget on Pharaoh's Fury, their Egyptian Swinging Ship


The last time I rode this Double Shot it had a good pop of air.


Indoor Carousel - I'm sure you all needed that witty caption.


Maintainence was still putting together the Chaos.


SFMM used to have a Tilt-A-Whirl, Keansburg still does. That does not mean Keansburg>SFMM.


I really love this ride. Probably my favorite small footprint flat introduced in the past 20 years.


The mini-George Foreman Grill ride. I hate these things


Who doesn't love a Super Slide?


Keansburg can go old school on your A$$ with a Loop-o-Plane. I really should have taken a picture from the side instead of head on.


And lastly we have a Michael Jackson themed Gravitron. That's all I got from Keansburg. No really, now go away!


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Wow! Brings back memories... we used to go there every now and again when I lived in Rumson. Looks like it is still as ghetto as I remember!



I knew Stacey was from Long Island, I didn't realize you also lived in the New York area at one time.


I left SFGAdv early today, so I'll have Part 2 posted in a couple of hours.

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For the second leg of my tour, I stopped by Seaside Heights, the locale for the reality TV phenomenon called The Jersey Shore. Seaside Heights has two independent amusement piers that operate about 3/4 mile from each other. In between the two piers is a boardwalk with video game parlors, food, games of chances and bars.


For this post I will show Casino Pier, which is the northern most amusement pier and some of the boardwalk.


Maintainance was still setting up rides at both amusement piers, so I couldn't get up close to all rides.


Get the fist pumping started, this infamous locale is about three blocks north of Casino Pier.


Before you get to Casino Pier there is an arcade that contains this classic Dentzel Looff Carousel.


It has a classic Wurlitzer organ.


And as this New York Times article says, a Dr. Floyd Moreland, dedicated a lot of his personal time to restore the carousel in the mid-80's.


Out of gratitude his name is inscribed on the saddle of this horse.


Also between the arcade and Casino Pier is a Sky Ride.


A Sky Ride to nowhere.


The list of Casino Pier rides.


The best ride on the pier is this wonderful dark ride, that was not open yet for the season.


Pirate's Hideaway has a little more theming out front than when it opened.


Hot Tamale which runs at close to 200MPH appears to have derailed. Best coaster eva!


Remember, The Moby Dick is mandatory at every Jersey Shore park.


As seen on VH1's "Jersey Shore" when Paulie D was being stalked by the Israeli chick.


Some rides like this Tornado, along with the Tilt-A-Whirl and Swinging Ship were still under construction.


Here I come to save the day! Actually Mighty Mouse is 3/4 mile away at Funtown Pier, this is just Wild Mouse.


Overview of Casino Pier from the boardwalk.


Shout Out to whomever requested Fist Pumping! And time for a little guessing game, where did Larry stop for food?


Waffles and ice cream.


Custard and fresh lemonade.




Philly Cheesesteak


Potpouri of fried snacks.






or did I use my meal money to Shoot the Terrorist?

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Someone needs to tell me how the Shoot the Terrorist with "live targets" works! Do they really hire middle easterners to get shot with paint balls all day long?!


Awesome report! I've always wanted to get out and check a real seaside pier park. I've always loved the idea of boardwalks. They're not very common in Canada.

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Someone needs to tell me how the Shoot the Terrorist with "live targets" works! Do they really hire middle easterners to get shot with paint balls all day long?!


Awesome report! I've always wanted to get out and check a real seaside pier park. I've always loved the idea of boardwalks. They're not very common in Canada.


You can actually see the "terrorist" in the left hand side of the booth. This a typical guy (not of Middle Eastern descent) wearing a lot of padding and goggles. He walks back and forth behind obstacles, hiding from the shooters. Some shooters just aim for Osama Bin Laden's picture or other targets instead.




Did you know that there are 26 coasters operating at the 10 amusements along the Jersey Shore, and 2 more powered coasters?

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^Jay, even though you don't know me, you know your Seaside Heights food. I choose Midway for a cheese steak.




On the walk between Casino Pier and Funtown Pier you pass dozens of stores and booths set up for games of chance. These offer a chance to buy or win amazing stuff.


Oh and don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Funtown Pier's website listed the park as opening on March 27th. Well the ticket booth was open selling discount tickets, but the rides were not open. Therefore, I wasn't able to get a lot of close-ups of the rides. Unfortunately the cold weather kept all the freaky people off the boardwalk.



Oh yeah, before I forget, this is the entrance to Funtown Pier.


That's my chessesteak being prepared. Stop drolling!


Although it is not a majestic as the Giant Wheel at Morey Piers, Sam the Eagle says it is A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America.


Kid Tums friendly.


Jolly, Jolly, Jolly!


The bumper cars did a little too much fist pumping last night.


Tornado is another ride that is not a stranger to Jersey Shore parks.


The only coaster shot in this update; if you don't like it visit the park yourself.


This is one of the worst darkrides ever built, I'm surprised that Nickledeon authorized this.


Just like Casino Pier, Funtown Pier also has an indoor carousel, just not an historic one.


Also, next to the Carousel is this awesome video arcade.


Giant size Frenzy or Berzerk (I can't remember which)


Spy Hunter, YES!


Back on the boardwalk I find wonderful merchandise like this t-shirt.


But then I find this beauty and I have to have it. It is at a game where you have to throw a football through moving tires. The barker says it is $5 for 5 footballs and two footballs through the tires wins the t-shirt.


I'm usually very good at this game and fork over $5 but get only one football through. I pluck down another $5 for five more football and the barker taunts me saying I could just buy the t-shirt for $20. Now I'm determined to win the shirt, but have 3 footballs rim out.


I pluck $5 more down and win the prize and hit a 3rd bullseye, which wins this prize plus an additional stuffed animal for my niece. Next up is Jenkinson's Pier.

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Awesome report. We did an overlapping trip last summer, starting at Wildwood and then going north, ending at Casino Pier, never making it as far as Keansburg. Cool to see Funtown P. and Casino P. in the daylight! I grew up in Jersey, but we never went..."down the shore". Thanks for the pics.

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After my fabulous cheese steak it was still light out and I realized that I had time to drive up to Jenkinson's Pier. Jenkinson's is only about 10 miles north of Seaside Heights, but the drive could take well over an hour during the summer. However, in the off-season only 25 minutes.


Jenkinson's is more family oriented, so not nearly as sleazy as Seaside Heights. That also means a lot of the rides at Jenkinson's are tamer than the Seaside parks. The batteries on my camera were dying so I didn't take at photos of the smaller boardwalk.


On to the pictures:


Before leaving Seaside I noticed some old pictures of Casino Pier on the wall near the carousel


I'm guessing these pictures are from the 1960's.


and Elvis was standing guard in front of the restrooms.


Leaving Seaside I passed by the Police Department where Ronnie (from The Jersey Shore) got to spend a night.


30 minutes later, I have arrived.


I spy a powered coaster behind this sign.


You can check out the ride list and prices while sanitizing your hands.


Best Frog Hopper EVER! Yes, it really is crooked, this is not a reflection of my poor photo taking.


Look they have a SCAD tower!


All the chairs fell off the Wave Swinger so it was closed.


A small train circles the half of the park containing the kiddie rides.


Why did Erik have to post a Gatorland PTR today? I can't compete with that.


What would this ride be like on the moon?


If you want to see more ride photos check out the Park Index.


In my opinion this is main reason to visit Jenkinson's. Probably the best permanent Fun House in the US, but not as good as the ones in Scandinavia


I took a slight detour through Asbury Park, but neglected to take a picture of the still standing Casino building that used to house some classic rides years ago. Instead you get the famous Stone Pony popularized by Bruce Springsteen.


This is Asbury Park Tillie, not the killer whale. APTillie resembles both Coney Island Tillie and TPDave but they are all different. Tillie was originally painted on the side of the indoor Palace Amusements park, that was closed in the 1980's and torn down in 2004. He now resides on the side of a bar.

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Larry, this is great! Only been to the area once and limited to Morey's (which was a great thing) but really want to go back and explore a bit more. Something about it that's so authentic, maybe too much so? haha


I still have that great memory of Kohrs for dessert. Just need to work on finding a perfect place for the main.

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I lied. I lied to myself. I lied to Elissa. But worst of all I lied to all of you. Jenkinson's may have been my last stop on March 27th, but after 2 1/2 hours at SFGAdv this morning I headed down to Atlantic City's Steel Pier. The park that has threatened to close for 3 or 4 years running.


Elissa will take great pleasure in laughing at me as I document my visits to the Boardwalk casinos. First up I'll show you around the Steel Pier.


Here's a side boob shot of the Steel Pier


Free Hopper in front of a non-operating Crazy Mouse. When operating it is $6.75 to ride.


The prices are here somewhere.


Their double decker carousel likes nice.


Sea Dragon sans boobs


This Jersey Shore park doesn't have a Moby Dick but does have the other standard, a Ferris Wheel.


Rock n Roll flat ride


If you're really crazy you can take a Helicopter tour.


If you are only plain "Crazy" you can take pictures.


Utterly crazy and wacky portraits.


More craziness!


Now on to the casinos and boardwlk. Showboat gave me $20 in comps and I left the Showboat up $12.50.


Next up Trump Taj Mahal, The Donald gave my $20 in chips and I took Taj Mahal for $180, running tab is I'm up $192.50.


One day I will check out this attraction, but not today.


The Irish Pub has awesome corned beef sandwiches. They used to have a midget dressed as a leprechuan on the boardwalk trying to promote the bar.


But now they have this guy.


Hi Rick!


No match for Mega Piranha


Atlantic City has MUCH classier t-shirts than Seaside Heights.


Who am I to doubt the claims of Peanut World?


Back to entertaining Elissa - here is the next casino.


Here's the $5 they gave me for my birthday. In the end I won another $117 at Caesers and now I'm up $299.50 in total. Damn I might as well stop at every casino now.


Dave Winfield had the right idea. If these Seagulls ever get organized they will take over the world.


Next up I tried to meet up with Brad G in the Wild West Casino, I didn't find him but won another $27, now the winnings total $326.50.


Right next door at Bally's, I win another $51 bringing the total winnings to $377.50. Now I just have to walk back to my car.


On no, it is the one casino I passed and did not enter when walking down the boardwalk. Should I enter? What could go wrong now? Well the law of averages caught up I lost all the winnings plus the $300 I started with. On the bright side I earned $100 in comps, which will just suck be back into the Atlantic City hell hole.


At least I had enough money left to stop here. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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