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Oak Pine:: Updated. [RCT3]

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Welcome to Oak Pine! - August 1, 2005




Hello, my name is David Rayahin and I am the lucky manager of this new property. We're planning on taking this area a few steps further, and will be making it into a full fledged amusement park.


Since you have been elected to our Board of Directors, I'm asking you for as much feedback as possible, so that our future may be bright. The area features a natural waterfall, and many beautiful trees.


I hope to hear from you very soon.

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Oak Pine - August 24, 2005


Much work has been completed around the park over these past few days, and it is really paying off! We're hoping to have most of the park completed by the spring, and an opening in the early summer months!




A look at the entrance from one of the very many ridges on the land.



The centerpiece of our park is this 80ft tall bell tower that was here from the previous owners, and has been restored with the same colors. For this reason, it does not completely fit with the theme.



Thank you for your continued interest in our development. We'd like to ask that you continue this support in the near future.

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Oak Pine Amusement Park - October 1, 2005





We're adding a mini-railway so that our guests may enjoy the beautiful landscape, and the stunning waterfall! When you come to the park on May 1, 2006, we hope that you enjoy the beautiful scenery of our park.



I use Picasa from Google to edit all of my pictures, and add the logo.

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Oak Pine - March 30, 2006


Such progress has been made through the park! We've got all of our roller coasters up and testing, as well as many of the flat rides! As the rumors get more clear, we'd prefer to confirm them ourselves.


- We will be Running Greezed' Lightning, from the recently closed, AstroWorld! It will feature an all new brilliant green-and-blue paint scheme! The launch system has been upgraded to a much more modern Linear Induction motor system, provided by Intamin.

- Cyclone is the park's wooden coaster, it will operate 2 trains, and it is indeed a cyclone clone.

- Corkscrew is another clone of Corkscrew at Cedar Point.



In this photo you can see the new paint job on the ride.


Thank you for your continued interest in our park! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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What's been done with the park so far is nice but what I really want to know right now is how you make your pictures look like the one above? Sorry to go off topic like that. If there is an answer in one of the help threads please point me in that direction.

Well there is a lot of photoshop, but if you mean the views themselves.


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This is shaping up to be a great park. My only problem was the mini railway. I never really liked the look of railways that are above ground in the game. Consider redoing the layout. But from what I see, everything else is great. Keep up the good work!

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Oak Pine Amusement park - April 1, 2006


May 1 seems so close, yet so far! We've made such progress, that I wish to thank our construction group, and the ACE members that helped with the construction of the park, and the shuttle coaster, Greezed' Lightning. Overseer of Operations, Jim Boyde, asked me to release the following information!



Working alongside S&S Power, we've created the newest product of the multi-dimension coaster. Terror Slope will reach new heights, and speeds never before seen on such a coaster. Ride it on opening day, May 1st!


2006 Season Pricing

FREE Parking all year round!

$34.99 General admission

$12.99 Under 42"

$22.99 Admission with opening day coupon booklet!

$44.99 Season Pass offers free visits all year!

$40.99 Season Pass with opening day booklet!

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Opening Day!

May 1, 2006


]Thank you for your continued interest in our lovely park! I'm happy to announce that after one full year of hard work, and white hairs, our park is coming to life! We've opened to great crowds! The only downfall is that it isn't as warm as we had anticipated. I received quite a few questions today and am going to be answering them here!


Q: There seems to be no water product in the park, will we see any expansion in the near future?

A: We hope to expand our water park greatly in the coming years.


Q: Will we see a mega coaster in the coming years?

A: I don't think a mega coaster is quite in the works just yet, as we don't have a lot of room at this point in time. We hope to purchase a wider variety of land in the coming years, but for now, the answer is simply, no.


Q: Why are Terror Slope's lines SO long?

A: Due to the unique seating arrangement of TS, the capacity of the ride dwindles. We have ad headed to your advice, and will be adding one worker to the Terror Slope Crew! Thank you for your concerns!




An overview of the park. We hope to expand further to both sides of the park and the back.



A photo of Psyclone, Greezed lightning, and one of the most unanticipated additions of the year, Spin-a-bout, an outward facing Frisbee.


Something many of us wanted to see, a closeup shot of Terror Slope! The station for this magnificent coaster is yet to be completed. In the morning we had a few problems with the chain lift switch around, where one of the lifts began to stop working.


Jim H. wanted to let me know that he will be upgrading his one-day admission ticket to a full season pass!


See ya' soon!

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The park looks pretty good!


I do have one major criticism, however. You simply have too many coasters in that park for the number other attractions. I think only a kiddie coaster and an intermediate-major coaster as all that is really needed at this point to attract guests. And, it's a lot cheaper, so the park has some money left over for future attractions, like that waterpark, for instance. Too many coasters make the park look crowded and cheesy. Might I recommend using the extended coaster and making it an X-car/Skyloop type ride as the major coaster? Or you could possibly leave the woodie or Schwarzkopf instead. They're good crowd-pullers.

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Oak Pine Amusement Park

May 20, 2006


We are really happy with the total turnout of our park! We've reached new heights, both literally and figuratively! I've been authorized to let you, as a board member, know one of our new additions that should be completed soon, and that is the Concert Hall. The concert hall will host over 20 different concerts this summer, and will hopefully host even more in the coming years!


Sadly, we can't run Greezed' Lighting during the rain, due to a fire hazard with the LIM motors.


During the rain, lemonade isn't as popular as the rides. Today was also a pretty cold day, so lemonade wasn't popular all day.


Guests scrambled to get under something before the rain increases. It seems the Tea Cups were a bit popular today!


Jim Boyde and his sons came on a pretty bad day! Luckily they got in for free!


See ya' soon!

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Sadly, we can't run Greezed' Lighting during the rain, due to a fire hazard with the LIM motors.


I sincerely hope you meant flywheel or weight drop system.


If you look earlier, you can see that the park replaced the old system with LIM motors.




May 30, 2006


We have a bit of bad news, that might also come as good news.

After a sudden restraint malfunction, and problems with other rides of this type across the country, we've decided it's in the best interest of the park to remove the problematic ride.


It began raining shortly after I took this photo. Maybe we should start to collect all of this water.

What a Day! What a Place!

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Oak Pine Amusement Park

June 14, 2006

Introducing, Plunge, an all new water attraction for the whole family! Drop 3 times, and get soaked all in a 4 minute ride!


An overview of the fairly small area that it sits on.


Towards the end of the queue it's known as the "splash-zone". You can see why!


See Ya' Soon!

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Oak Pine Amusement Park

June 29, 2006


Today is truly a sad day in our parks great history. After a small incident in which two trains collided on a lift during testing, and a train seat malfunction, this troubled ride has been removed and will be sent to a new park soon. We will never allow our guests to ride one of the coasters unless it is 110% safe, and delivers the full ride experience.


The land was fixed earlier today.


The fence was put up later, and the opening in the path fence was filled temporarily.


With such a large fence area, I wonder what may begin to take place here.


Only time may tell.

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