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BGW Passholder Preview Day PTR

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So yesterday I went down to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the Passholder Preview Day. Since it was a passholder-exclusive event, I figured that there wouldn't be a huge crowd... WRONG. The lines weren't bad at all, but the park was rather crowded. I stayed from 10-5:30 and overall it was a really good day.

Loch Ness Monster was looking really spiffy with her fresh paint and was running faster than usual. The trim wasn't grabbing as much and the MCBR was scraping twice. The front car would make it up to the beginning of the crest of the second lift before it had to be carried. I personally didn't believe the 5-1 myth (Anaconda raped my soul when I tried it last time) and I tried it on Loch Ness Monster and it was perfect, coincidence?

Alpengeist was not quite as forceful as usual. The trim at the top of the lift was practically stopping it and the MCBR knocked it down to a slow roll. I guess this was a blessing because Alpengeist was shuffling pretty badly, but a fun ride nonetheless.

Apollo's Chariot was amazing as usual. I don't know why people complain about B&M Hypers lacking airtime... either they haven't ridden Apollo's Chariot or I haven't ridden whatever they've ridden to give them an idea of airtime. In line for Apollo's Chariot I happened to run into Carolinacaniac by asking about his awesome Raptor tattoo, it was nice to meet someone who's an enthusiast for once.

Griffon was smooth and fun like it always is, but it was only running 2 trains (the third was out for maintenance) and it had a 30 minute wait, hence my single ride on it.

The Highland Stables were really nice looking, and Blackstone has done a few little things that are nice touches.


Ride Count-

Loch Ness Monster x10

Apollo's Chariot x5

Alpengeist x3

Griffon x1

Le Scoot x1




What a sight to be greeted with, and the lines were like this all day for the most part.


Yes, I'm a dork. Yes, I got weird looks from everyone (failed attempt at getting the Arrow tags on the wheels)


Is that the clench-and-squish method I see in the front seat? Why yes, it is.


Yay for fresh paint. Yay for Arrows. Boo for Loch Ness Monster cracking my phone's screen a second time.


Running on upstops!


Enjoying their voyage to the sun on the wings of... the wrong coaster.


2 and 7 contradict each other. And isn't it ensure?


Random Busch Gardens prettyness #1


I reaaaallly like this one for some reason. Last shot of Loch Ness Monster, I promise!


THESE are the people that are enjoying their voyage to the sun on the wings of Apollo's Chariot.


AutoFocus owned... but... on what? Yeah I'm not gonna post the rest that AutoFocus screwed up.


Missed the train by a second. Something shiny caught my eye and made me wander away before the next train came by.


Lift hill porn for those of you that are into that stuff.


These people probably reported me to security because I took 4 pictures of their train.


Tradewind was... trading winds?


Random swan!


Battering Ram's op was bent on giving himself a headache by making each side scream when they went in the air.


Random Busch Gardens prettyness #2


If pictures had sound, your eardrums would have imploded by now.


Being rocked by DaVinci's Cradle's insanely slow operations.


"What are you doing?! Get away, you pervert!"


Walking through Italy is like... well... walking through Italy.


Teatrio De San Marco lookin spiffy.


This was a tragic thing to see.


My favorite part. Thanks for the 10 years of rides I got from you.


"Sure, paint them green. They'll blend right in!"


RIP Die Wildkatze concrete slab.


I would LOVE to wait in this line again.


How creative. Sarcasm noted.


Der Katapult. I can't think of anything catchy.


Festhaus. That just sounds so German... Festhaus... it's fun to say. Try it.


Curse of DarKastle. I don't like you.


I see a B&M! It's hard not to, though... they're all almost/over 200 feet tall.


Boo for twisting drops.


Seriously what is the point of the stuff surrounding the track? There are no wave pools around so it's not to catch wheels


Runaway ski lifts don't make ear-shattering noise, to my knowledge.


Ghost of the Alps. Nobody has this shot, I'm sure of it!


Me... and the giant booty of the op.


Le Scoot... Le Soaked my left side.


It's Griffon!


It's Griffon!... through the trees with a train!


It's that turn after the splashdown through the trees... yeah whatever I ran out of captions.




Yes another through the trees shot.


Yep it's only running 2 trains...


The op was awesome though. "We have a few seconds for spacing, so my name is Auttum. How many people here are riding for the first time? How old are you? Awesome you're our second nine year old on here for the first time! Block clear, clear train, enjoy your ride on the Griffon." (yes taunt me for being a nerd)


The big bad wolf still exists! He just lives in a different place... yeah I know that's a sick joke.


Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... they were walking the sheep around the parking lot later in the day. On little leashes. How cute.


And I shall leave you with this.


The video is still processing but if you're lucky it'll work by the time you're finished reading.

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Awesome TR and photos. And some very good attempts with the captions.


Everything at that park looks great...except for the diarrhea-green footers left behind from BBW, anyway.


Does the Flying Carpet ride not run a fun program?

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Man those footers are depressing. Last time I was there, the park was absolutely, insanely crowded but the operations were the best I've seen. No line was over 30 minutes (Griffin) and all rides were running three trains with no stacking. They really don't mess around there. Apollo's Chariot is amazing, so agreed.

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