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West Coast Bash 2010 Photo & Video Updates!


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Great photos! This makes me want to get the first ticket for WCB 2011 right now, even though I'll probably be in Italy then. I'll just have to sign up for BAB, hope it's as good as WCB.


They seriously raced Colossus? I'd love to see pics from it, and the other ERT! That's cool that you got all the great backstage tours, especially the Metro one. Hope they fix it up and open it again so I won't need a backstage tour to see it.

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WTF is that thing for???


Looks like forgot to paint a support!


Wheels...these make the coaster roll.


"My magical TPR hoodie has brought me to giant wheels!"


We got to tour the X2 transfer track!


Mmmmmm.... X2 support!


Wandering around X2.


Hello pink track! We can see you!


Mmmmm...X2 grease. Yummy!


Night ERT on Terminator with a *new* soundtrack made just for West Coast Bash!


Changing over to the "special" ERT soundtrack!


And ready for some RACING Colossus?


A Side ready?


B Side ready?


We took the tunnel!!!


If you like the WCB audio my name us William, if you don't I'm Neal Thurman.

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Nice Photos. Today was definitely awesome and it looks like there was even more awesome stuff I didn't know about like that X2 Backstage Tour. I'm definitely looking foreword to next year's event.

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WOW! What a day and night. We got there at opening and left at closing and got every ride we wanted done pretty easily, although it would have been a crowded day without ERT. Also, I kind of doubt she reads this, but a shout out to the ride op who was running Goliath at the beginning of evening ERT. She was awesome, and it was really funny when she had everyone raise there hands who didnt have a pass and then said "Guess you guys arent re riding, huh? Anyway, what an awesome day overall, and the Terminator WCB soundtrack was completely customized. Thanks to Robb and Chris for an amazing day, as well as all the park staff for keeping the day awesome. Have fun at Knott's tomorrow, and I'll see you guys next year for sure at WCB 2011!

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Having Fun There??? I would love to go to a thing like that at an amazing park!!! Wouldn't it be awesome if there was something like that at alton towers!!! No queue for NEMESIS and RITA!!! but that will never happen What was the Audio for terminator like then??? Could you do aa POV or something like that or is it a one off secret track that will never be played again????

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It's time for Day 2 of West Coast Bash


Updates will be coming to you during the day live from Knott's Berry Farm


Don't forget to Become a Fan of TPR on Facebook! The photos are being uploaded on facebook before hitting the forums.


Day 2 Updates:

Calico Mine Train backstage tour

Page 6 updates:

More Calico Mine Train Backstage photos and Galloping Goose and e-mail Dan

Page 7 updates:

Credit whoring and Knotts group photo!!!



Time to start this all over again at knotts.


Knotts made us our own personal map!

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Backstage tour: Calico Mine Train


Time for some Calico Mine Train backstage tour.


It's all about backstage tour.


Oooh! Chain lift!


Dark and dank.


OMG! They are taking us into a Glory Hole!


The glory hole is a very tight squeeze.

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