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A day in Spike land Photos


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Ok, Seeing as people are doing this, I might as well too. My usual day is just as you will see. Enjoy spikeland.


This is Pipsqeek and I'm trying to locate my camara shy cat " Theo". But no such luck.


My kids are waiting for me. Thats Finn, Pasty, and Cedar


Crossing the bridge and a few more turns to my house.


Going through Southside Park by my house, All the ducks are out.


back in Woodstock . almost home. YEAH!!!!


Now for the 35 min. trip home.


work is done, now its time to gas up and head home. Gas is $1.02 a Ltr. or like $4. a gallon


inside work, on lunch its nice and quite


the most Lovely Nicole. my coaster buddy


My turn to punish!!!!! Hammer time!


This is Nick, The big bully. He knows he's all sweaty and slimey and grose, EWWWWWWWWWWW


My Friend Anna and I on lunch.


arriving at work


On the 401 speed gaining on ramp. I need the whole ramp!


Getting ready to go on Canadas busiest hwy. The 401 , Indie


When you live here, you MUST! start your day with Tim Hortons coffee


heading down my street at 5am, Going to work.

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Woohoo! Fellow Canadian!


Tim's is one of those things in Canada that seems like a sterotype, but it's true... the line for the drive-thru in the morning at any random TH is at least 10 cars long.


P.S. My friend's grandma lives in Woodstock, forget where though...

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