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Carowinds Intimidator [NL]

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Pretty good job, man.


Being anal (giggity), some of the pumps need to be smoothed out in the turns and your helix needs to be mirrored (this being a recreation and all). But the hills were really smooth and it makes me wanna ride the real thing that much more.



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Ok... So I downloaded the coaster and played around with it for a while, and my major thing with your coaster is that it is an e-stop fail from hell. When the coaster is e-stopped it does not stop on the mid course, or the final brake run, or safety, or even in the station. It rolls right past everything, and right back up the lift hill... Or crashes into the train in front of it. Very poor planning. Also... what is the deal with the drive wheels every where? They are at the bottom of drops, coming up the hill into the final brake run... all along the track after the final brake run... Even your final "brake" run is nothing but drive wheels... Ummmmm why? Am I the only one that noticed this? Other than that the track work was pretty good!


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