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How to travel with small children


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We are taking our first family trip to Florida in November. Our little one will be 10 months old. How do you lug all of the things needed for a little one? How does the airport handle the stroller, carseat, pack and play, and diaper bag (or do we even need all of these things?). Does the child get a carry on? Or does he only get a carry on if he has a seat? He will be sitting in our laps for this trip, its only a 2 hour flight. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! I am worried I will forget something, or have to pay a boat load of extra money to take it all with us!


Also, how does the baby swap work? Do we have to wait in the line, or do we go in the exit? I know Disney's policy is a bit different than Universal's.

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Just a couple of things i know, if you buy the kid its own seat, you can use the car seat on the plane and they sell a car seat carrier for that. Its kinda cool, cause the kid is used to the car seat and feels comfortable in it. If you are not getting a seat for the kid, then there is a portable car seat you can buy that fits in your luggage. Its flat and straps in the seatbelt, that way you don't have to bring a full size car seat and its meets all the safety requirements. Some kind of candy, suckers are good, if at some point your child looses it completely, candy may be the only thing that'll help. Only other thing is entertainment, if you have a portable dvd of some sort with their favorite cartoon. My daughter watched the same dora movie on the plane, in the rental van, in the hotel and on the plane home.

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A lot of rides with no height restriction will have some sort of restriction that the child must be able to hold themselves up, or some even say have to be able to walk.


You'll need a ride for 'hand held infants'. You'll find most of those at Disney Parks.

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