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I assume you're referring to the actual Q-Bot device. It's sold as a "Gold Flash pass" at some Six Flags parks (and is totally awesome!).


Basically, a standard flash pass works similarly to the disney system where you wait for as long as the stand by line is advertised as being, except you can go and do whatever you want during that time and then when your time comes you head over to the ride and walk on. The only thing you can't do is wait for more than one ride at a time. It's pretty cool, and if you've been to a Disney park or anywhere operating a similar system you'll know it means you can get so much more out of your day.


A Gold Flash pass is even better. Basically you get this cool thing (looks like a Tamagotchi!) that lists all the rides in the park that are part of the flash pass system. Next to each ride is a time which you'll be able to go on that ride if you reserve it now. The time you have to wait is usually around 90% shorter than the stand by waiting time. It's also a great system because you can reserve the ride from anywhere in the park (unlike having to go to the ride to get a ticket like the Disney system). So if you're the other side of the park from a ride that you want to go on and it has a 50 minute stand by time, you reserve it on your Q-Bot and only have to wait 5 minutes. It'll probably take more than 5 minutes to walk to the ride so by the time you arrive you just walk right by the 50 minute line and get on the ride.


The second you go past the entry point and have your Q-Bot cleared, you can reserve another ride. Basically if you plan it right you can stack rides so that another ride is waiting when you haven't even got on the train for the previous ride. At SFMM last year we took 20 people past the massive line of one of the water ride and were so refreshed that after 5 minutes we all went back on because it was such a hot day


Basically this system is amazing, and is definitely worth paying for is you're travelling any serious distance to go to a park. If i'm paying to cross the Atlantic and go to some parks with amazing rides, I'm sure as hell going to pay another $60 - $100 to make sure I get on everything (usually multiple times!). It's also worth noting that the more people you have per Q-Bot, the cheaper it is per person. You can get them for 1 person all the way up to 6 per Q-Bot. At SFMM, for 1 person a Q-Bot is $69, but if you get a 6 person one its $49 each. SFMM also does a platinum version which lets you ride twice with each reservation, this $20 more per person. So to sum up:


Are they free? - No, but they're certainly worth it!

Are they like flash passes? - Yes, if a flash pass let you cut 90% of the stand by line and reserve from anywhere in the park. Basically like a flash pass on speed!

What do they do? - See above

Will we get them for WCB? - I don't think so but if this is your first time to the park or you don't think you'll be there for a long time and want to get on everything i would seriously consider getting one.


If you managed to get through all of that congratulations! I hope it helped a bit



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