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NEWS: Paramount may build theme park in Murcia, Spain

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Paramount has chosen the region of Murcia for the construction of the largest theme park and entertainment in Spain, to compete with Disneyland Paris. There is a possibility that this could be built on land at Condado de Alhama.


The multi-national has chosen the region of Murcia to prepare their arrival in Europe with the construction of the largest theme park and entertainment in Spain, to compete with Disneyland Paris. The project has the added value a film studio that will centralize all production in Europe of this giant of the film industry, said the Minister of Culture Murcia - Pedro Alberto Cruz - who just returned from Dubai with a letter from the executive vice president of licensing division of Paramount, Michael Bartok, showing his interest in launching this project once it has proven the economic viability. This will be released in April.


Cruz said that the region of Murcia would become the entertainment centre of Spain with a complex of 2.5 square kilometers (equivalent to two thousand five hundred football fields) to create 20,000 jobs and increase the number of tourists by three million. The project will require 15,000 hotel rooms and the amount of investment is known when formulating the master plan.


Murcian President Ramón Luis Valcárcel has been directly involved in talks in Dubai on Thursday with the Chief Executive of Ruwaad Holdings who told them they have the blessing of Paramount to begin to negotiate and undertake the feasibility studies. According to the counselor, it is multiinational itself who have favored the Murcia region and took the first step.


Ruwaad Executives and technical staff will travel to Murcia to carry out the feasibility study. They will then begin to attract investment, starting with local entrepreneurs. Paramount Pictures will build and manage the park and movie studios, said the adviser. The government give the necessary land in Murcia for the site, which is to be decided. The regional executive will pay royalties and an annual fee similar to that granted by the Community of Madrid for the Warner Park.


This theme park and movie studios will be measured against Disneyland Paris, and not the other resorts already operating in Spain.


The mild climate in the Region of Murcia with 300 days of sunshine a year, its location in central Mediterranean Arc and the new international airport, along with the AVE line, are the factors that have influenced the decision.


Paramount Pictures is one of the major multi-nationals in the entertainment and film industry, along with Disney, Warner and Fox. According to Pedro Alberto Cruz, the U.S. multi-national wants to progress quickly and has set a month's time to evaluate all possibilities.


This news has created a surge of interest from local businesses and banks. The latest news is that the banks which own the land at Condado de Alhama, formerly owned by Polaris World, have offered this land to Paramount as a suitable place to build the theme park.


If this were to go ahead properties at Condado de Alhama would attract very good rentals and as such this could be a good time to buy a property here. Prices are very low - starting fromm just €86,000 for a two bedroom apartment. The leading Murcia sales agent Murcia Golf Properties can offer 90% and 100% mortgages on a number of properties at Condado de Alhama so those considering a long term investment may do well to look at these offers.

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I still think this project won't go ahead.


Firstly, Murcia is really close to Terra Mítica (former Paramount Park). If Paramount once left TM because the profit and visits they were expecting were not satisfying, why would they come back to the same region? After all, Paramount only invested in an SLC, the Mondial frisbee and took some of the original, most themed rides away. It's not that they did a lot for the Park yet they dumped it when they saw it was not that profitable.


Secondly, Spain has too many theme parks considering it's not that big of a country. I mean, within 600 kms of coast (Mediterranean Sea) we have PortAventura, Terra Mítica and now this? Let alone Parque Warner, Isla Mágica and some other amusement parks. People over here are not used to go to parks as much as they do it in America. It just doesn't work like this yet every 5 years or so you have a new project going on. Why bother when you know most of the projects are doomed before construction?


If the project gets the "thumbs up", then I'll wait and see how it turns out. In the meantime, PA is the only park with the potential to be a real competitor with Disney.


Oriol "Paramount also presented a project to invest in Grand Scala, a resort in Aragón, near Zaragoza, some months ago and it sounds like a lot of b*llocks" Monroig

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The future of the Paramount Pictures Theme Park in Murcia appears to be unsure at present.


Last Tuesday La Verdad Newspaper printed a press release from Paramount in which they denied the fact that a theme park would be built in Spain, or in fact anywhere in Europe. However, the following day, the President of Murcia, Valcarcel, produced signed documents, which he said proved the veracity behind the story.


Valcarcel is adamant the project will go ahead, but the opposition parties claim he is tricking the whole of Murcia into believing a fairytale. The president got so angry with his opposition that he met the leaders of the PSOE and IU to show them the official documents he brought back from Dubai.

This has apparently not eased their doubts, however. It appears that middle men want the project to go ahead but the ones who make the final decision have refused to give it the nod. The spokesperson for the PSOE Party did say that they would be right behind the project were it to go ahead, but he went on to say that the public should know that at present it is standing on very wobbly legs.

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Just an update from Paramount in the form of a Press Release. The project is not dead.


Paramount Confirms Alhama Murcia For "New Generation" European Theme Park in Spain

Executives from Paramount Pictures Licensing were in Murcia, Spain yesterday to confirm the region as the location for their "New Generation" European theme park with plans to rival Disneyland Paris.


Paramount Murcia. A New Generation Theme Park.



PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 12, 2010 – Paramount confirmed earlier this year that Murcia in Spain was the favoured location for their first theme park venture in Europe. Yesterday, executives from Paramount Pictures Licensing were in Murcia to confirm the region as the location for their "New Generation" theme park which will be based in the area of Alhama.


Paramount's Vice President, Michael Bartok, businessman Jesus Samper, president of the Santa Monica firm, which owns an 80 percent stake in the development company and the directors of Business and Tourism Murcia, Salvador Marin and Pedro Alberto Cruz, respectively, made the announcement at a joint press conference in the city of Murcia.


Jesus Samper wants to create a project that will compete with Disneyland in Paris and become a European destination in itself. Pedro Alberto Cruz insisted that the theme park was not an amusement ride but an arts and leisure complex that will tap into current technology to become a first class location for leisure and entertainment in Spain and in Europe.


The exact location of the theme park within Alhama is yet to be finalised although the land adjacent to the Condado de Alhama resort built by Polaris World has been widely reported as the favoured destination for the Paramount Theme Park. This land was originally set aside for the development of Condado de Alhama resort with a further two Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses and shopping complex.


The land now owned by IRM a consortium of banks that includes Banco Popular, Bank Caja and CAM bank stretches across six square kilometres and is just 15 minutes from the new international airport at Corvera in Murcia which is expected to open within the next 12 months.


Villa Cashback MD Paul Williams described the project as "fantastic news" for property owners in the region. "Wherever the theme park is finally located in Alhama it is likely to be within easy drive of the six resorts built by Polaris World and will provide a huge boost for the second home property market in Murcia".


Recent falls in property prices have seen many properties on the Polaris World resorts reduced by 30% below their peak values. Generous 90% mortgage offers from the banks at low interest rates are starting to move the market with sales volumes having increased substantially from the low point of early 2009.


The banks who currently own around 15% of properties built by Polaris World are showing some reluctance to part with the properties too quickly. "They clearly see the potential for future gains" said Williams. The stock represents around six months sales from the peak year of 2007 so as the Paramount Theme Park develops and sales continue to increase, helped by the Paramount announcement, the banks will go some way to getting their investment back perhaps faster than originally envisaged.


Meanwhile Polaris World continues as a developer and resort manager in the region and is currently leading the way with offers on property as it completes the resort at Terrazas de La Torre with frontline golf penthouse apartments on offer for just 96,000 Euros over 30% reduction from their 2007 launch price.


A team from Paramount is working on the theme park project and full details are expected to be announced within six months according to Bartok.

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They may build and then again they may not... they need several billion euro's apparentley . It's to be a new generation of theme park design, 'total immersion in film". Not sure what that'll mean, but maybe no rollercoaters of the sort we've seen before. Possibly more experience led and rotating film and static seating- who knows?? New Generation suggestes new experiences rather than the traditional theme park rides. But, its to be different than Terra Mittica et al- in fact I feel a few notches up the quality level. The whole park is meant to include film studio's as well as themed area's and hotels and shopping malls. Thats different from the Disney concept.


Murcia wants it, they have the land either at Condado de Alhama or Fuente Alamo who are front runners, but they also have land everywhere else. The Spanish traditionally holiday in their home land so there's a market and then there's the rest of Europe who want a change from Disney.


In these days of gloom and more gloom its got to be a case of 'bring it on'!!

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In an official function on Friday 25 March, the masterplan for the first Paramount Pictures-branded Theme Park in Europe was unveiled. Attended by the Executive Vice President for Licensing at Paramount Pictures Michael Bartok, President of the Region of Murcia Ramón Luis Valcárcel and President for Murcia’s Flagship Projects Jesus Samper, the ceremony revealed 2015 as the expected opening date for the hugely significant project.


Destined for a 158 hectare site on the Mazarron/Alhama de Murcia border some 15 minutes from the beach and marina resort of Puerto de Mazarron, the Theme Park will be zoned into different thematic areas inspired by the likes of Star Trek, Titanic and Mission Impossible plus a much larger ‘Lifestyle Centre’ with no less than two five-star hotels, three of four-star status and several more three-star resorts. Also announced were themed shopping malls, restaurants, bars and clubs, a conference centre with the largest meeting room capacity in Murcia – over 3,000 seats – and an open-air auditorium to host 15,000 people.


Chris Mercer, Director of Murcia-based Mercers headquartered in Mazarron, comments, “It is indeed a huge privilege to be the recipient of a landmark Theme Park in the local area that will rival Disneyland Paris and attract millions of visitors each year. It’s also highly encouraging to follow the progress that has been made on the masterplan in terms of design, investment and timescales. Samper estimated on Friday that the project would directly create 10,000 construction jobs and upon opening, many more. Undoubtedly Paramount will have a positive effect locally - not least on the property market and house values. We have been through some hard times but Paramount’s confidence and faith proves that the lure and attraction of Spain will prevail.”


Indeed Bartok reiterated that Spain was “key” to his company and highlighted Murcia’s 300 sunny days each year as a major bonus. Meanwhile Valcárcel was quick to make reference to the current economic climate in his speech saying that the Theme Park was being launched “with the support and enthusiasm of some and the doubt of others”. He felt that in times of crisis what you cannot do is “stand still” and “while the road is tough, the outcome is sure.” It is reported that Flagship Projects and Paramount Pictures have signed the license agreement for 30 years - renewable for an unspecified period.




Paramount Resort Murcia. The design and master plan was revealed in Murcia today to a packed house of government officials, investors and national press. The long awaited video presentation was presented and well received by all that attended.


The Paramount Resort will open in 2015 and will require an investment of 1000 million euros, something that was announced as “not going to be a problem as the project is extremely viable.” The park will be revolutionary emerging it’s visitors in some of Paramounts greatest films.


From the moment visitors set foot in the park and cross the legendary entry they will be totally immersed in a captivating world where everyone’s imagination will take flight.


Visitors will be able live the movies through amazing attractions based on Paramount movies including ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Titanic’, ‘Tomb Raider’ ‘The Lost Valley’ and ‘Star Trek’. High tech, full on American and coming to Murcia.


Let’s take a look at some of the attractions and areas of the resort.


Adventure City


The park will include an area called “Adventure City”, where Paramounts most explosive films will become dynamic attractions. Mission Impossible 4D, which will introduce visitors to a mixture of 3D movies and high tech effects. The visitors will ride fast cars which will move through this totally virtual world. In addition, there will be a roller coaster called “Italian Job”, which will be a big attraction, visitors will race through scenes filled with incredible special effects. Adventure City will also feature the attraction “Titanic Exposed”, where visitors can experience the unforgettable story of the Titanic through artifacts, displays and special effects.


Lost Valley


Lost Valley will be an area set in deep vegetation where the focus for visitors will be on discovery, mystery and adventure. In this area, two of the experiences will be highly exciting “Congo River” and “Lara Croft”, “Tomb Raider”. In both cases, visitors can participate through many interactive elements, sitting in an area which will seem to be located inside the ancient crypt in Tomb Raider. High above “Lost Valley” emerges the magnificent “Dragons Legend”, a roller coaster sure to get your heart going.


The most successful themed attractions have a very broad appeal, ensuring that each member of the family has something to let their imagination fly, this leads us to Fantasy Space.


Fantasy Space


Fantasy Space will provide younger visitors the opportunity to explore a world based on fantasy, one where the primary theme is the “Happy Tree”, where little ones can let off steam, play, climb and explore. Become a wizard embarking on your own interactive adventure in another space. There are many other attractions in the area of ”Fantasy Tree”, as well as a roller coaster for the whole family to take a journey of fairy tales. A mysterious forest, will host the tavern “‘Sleepy Hollow”, where fantasy will take on a slightly darker theme


Plaza future


Plaza Future will immerse visitors in the world of science, action and adventure into outer space. The key attraction will be “Star Trek”. Total immersion combining motion simulation and highly advanced technology to give visitors an experience they will never forget. Among other attractions in Plaza future will be a 4D spectacular feature in which you will experience attacks against aliens when you join “‘The War of the Worlds.” If you like a little fear in your day you can enjoy the paranormal activity, gripped by 3D audio and sound effects where spooks will walk in the room and give visitors the feeling that spirits fly by them, quite literally.


Life Style Center.


The theme park will also have an enclosed area called the “Life style center “, which will be an area of restaurants, hotels, shopping, nightclubs and entertainment venues, all part of the new Paramount Resort in Murcia Spain.


Paramount Murcia is located only 5KM from Condado De Alhama. The construction will begin before the end of the year. A brilliant day in Murcia.





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I will be surprised if this gets build as seen in the render images, if build at all. Elections are coming up in Murcia region and this is the perfect chance for politicians to promise a new park, which would save the economy of the region.


Let's face it: Spain already has 4 parks, none of which is doing well, except for PA. Why bother building a new one that's going to do a Hard Rock after the first or second season? Heck, not even the ride selection or themeing stands out as original or surprising.


As an enthusiast, I am glad to have a few more credits a few miles (actually, about 250 miles ) down the road.

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If this place has the same executive team as the Paramount Parks in the US, I give it about 3 years tops. It seems like a big project, with a lot of recycled ideas. However, if they get a decent team to run the park, and add some originality to the rides (i.e., not boring like the old Paramount rides here are/were), it might work. Hopefully it will, but we'll just have to wait and see if it all pans out as planned.

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I just don't understand why Paramount would sell their entire theme park chain in the US, then decide to build a big park in Spain, where there doesn't seem to be all that much demand for theme parks, other than PortAventura.


Where is the logic in this?

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Does Europe really need another "American-Style" mega resort/amusement park? And Paramount? I get that Paramount's parent company, Viacom, is a more passive licensing broker than directly managing this project, but the state-side Paramount Parks all ended up with Cedar Fair - their themes stripped.


I'm going with what others have said - this will NOT last more than 5 years after it opens, at least not as a 'Paramount' park. Maybe by 2020, Cedar Fair will snag their first property outside of North America!

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Star Trek has never been properly adapted into a theme park (and honestly could be a land unto itself), so maybe this is a good sign. Although, some of the other choices for the themes are a tad questionable. Titanic? War of the Worlds? Tomb Raider? Italian Job? Not real sure how much of a emotional connection the audience will have to those particular choices. They probably need to look at what Universal did, and reach out to other studios to bring in relevant ip's to the park.

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5 years, give or take. CF will come in, see there is no big coasters in the park and slap a B&M Hypercoaster into the mix...and a WindSeeker . But all joking aside, my home park is Canada's Wonderland, so it will be interesting to see if Paramount can actually step up to the plate when it comes to building a theme park. Hopefully by 2015 they'll actually have somebody within the company who knows how to keep a park thriving in Europe.

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Quite a lot is expected of this theme park, and it's easy to see why when there has been so much invested in it.

- For one, it will be the largest Theme park in the whole of Europe, but it also has it's own dedicated rail link to the the new airport at Corvera (Still under construction) and a number of new Motorways to link it to other areas of Murcia. Building work is currently way ahead of schedule, and it is rumoured to be open for the summer season of 2014.

These guys here seem to have their finger on the pulse >> http://www.tumbit.com/news/articles/3434-which-airlines-will-fly-into-corvera-airport.html

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It does seem a bit odd to see Paramount getting back in the game. Especially as the park in Korea never got past the advertising hordings.


What other IP's do Paramount have that they could use for ride themes?

If this does get built they maybe able to exploit the up and coming MI:4 and Tomb Raider reboots properly.

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Paramount? I didn't expect to see them back in the Amusement park business for a while... If ever. I'm not sure why everybody wants to "beat Disney." While WDW and other Disney parks are wonderful. Smaller, more localized parks can be just as good.


Anyway, I have no idea if thing will flop or fly. It just seems, off... in my opinion.

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