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Skycoastin' Steve's 2010 Season Extravaganza!!

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I felt like I was a little off my game taking pictures here, but it was really hard to get good angles on the coasters. Either way, here are some of the better shots!




I can already tell I'm going to have fun!


I would agree!


I was loving the trucks that pulled the trams around.




First ride of the day was a good one on the Flyer!


A few Flying Turns pictures.




Definitely looks like it'll be a neat ride when it finally opens.




The turns before the 2nd lift and 1st drop were more intense than I anticipated.


The more you know!


Double helix of extreme death!


Fun stuff.


Upskirt lift hill porn!


Really good first drop.


Enough of those laterals, time to get thrown up out of my seat!


So much fun.


Too bad more of the layout isn't visible from the midway.


I think all the mentions of upskirt coaster porn is how this site gets flagged as porn in other countries........


Only place to get a picture of the first drop.






Chain lift wheel geek shot.


Time for a look at Black Diamond.


Lots of track work has been done.


Triple lift hill!!


10 bucks says this opens before Flying Turns.


I agree!


Some of the collisions I experienced felt like real car crashes.


Log jam!


Fun pirate ship ride.


Something about the simplicity and pure fun factor of really old rides just makes me happy.


Almost made me throw up, which never happens!


Fairly acceptable amount of wetness.


This however.......


.....is not.


Leisurely ride up the Sky Ride.


Phoenix from above.


Twister from above.


Giant Wheel from above.


Kozmo's Kurves from above. I actually skipped this credit, the line was wayyyyy too long.


Loved the Carousel!


Also fun!


A little back story. My mom has made homemade whoopie pies for us since we were little kids, so getting a frozen, GIANT whoopie pie was nothing short of perfect for me.


Awwwwww...... :)


The babies are UGLY though.


I got your locker right here!


Goodbye Knoebel's!

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Phantom's Revenge is one of the most pleasant surprises I've ever had--an amazingly ugly looking ride that is, in fact, just amazing (and it never lets up). Sky Rocket looks great, too.


I 100% agree on Phantom. It blew me away when I first rode it two years ago when I wasn't really expecting it to, and it blew me away again this year. The back row is out of control.

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Twister at Knoebels, as the years go by tends to leave me worse for wear. I still enjoy it to a degree, but my body just doesn't like it anymore.


But the Phoenix on the other hand. I could probably ride that all day long and never get tired of it.



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Nice trip report!


I just HAVE to get to Knoebels this year! Been on my list for a while and got cancelled last year because of rainstorms. Also need to get down and check out Kennywood and Sky Rocket as it looks like a great coaster addition to their line-up.

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Great pics and TR, Steve. Kwood and Knoebels are at the top of my Fav Parks List. Love your shots of Jack Rabbit and Racer!


I'm actually doing a version of your trip at the end of AUG with the addition of KI, CP and Conneaut.





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I'd love to get back too, but I think I am going to hang tight until Black Diamond is finished. I would say wait until Flying Turns, but anyone who does that may be waiting for a longer time than the length of Llya Kovalchuck's rejected contract with the New Jersey Devils (17 Years for those who don't follow hockey).



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For me Phantoms Revenge is one of the most underrated coasters in the world. I rank it above Millennium Force, Hulk, Manta, Montu, Magnum, Diamondback, Dragster and a heck of a lot of other steel coasters that always wind up in people top 10's. That thing is just awesome, great speed ,crazy air time, incredible setting, incredible first drop, comfortable trains and just an all around awesome coaster that doesn't get the respect it deserves!

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Thunderbolt was actually much, much better than I remember it, and made a pretty good jump in my wooden rankings.


It's considerably better this year. I remember last year it was borderline unbearable. I don't know if they did some retracking, intensely rehabbed the trains, or what, but whatever they did worked and helped the ride a TON.


Great pictures, BTW!

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Thunderbolt was actually much, much better than I remember it, and made a pretty good jump in my wooden rankings.


It's considerably better this year. I remember last year it was borderline unbearable. I don't know if they did some retracking, intensely rehabbed the trains, or what, but whatever they did worked and helped the ride a TON.


Great pictures, BTW!


From what I saw this offseason, a little bit of both.


By the way, yes, great trip report so far! Another person in my region of the country and I still don't get an invite. It is a sad day.

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I LOVE this photo trip report. I was just at KW for a few hours last week...and now I seriously want to go again! I don't really find Phantom to be ugly at all. It looks a lot better than it did with the original Steel Phantom color scheme (so so depressing it was) and it's inversions on crutches. I think it looks rather nice when you look at it from the side of Lost Kennywood that's closest to the highway. Yay!

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