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What are your "firsts" of 2010?

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First Flat: Zipper (Local Carnival)

First Park: Canobie Lake Park

First Coaster: Corkscrew (Canobie)

First Water Ride: Policy Pond Log Flume (Canobie)


Later this year, I am visiting Seabreeze, Darien Lake, Marineland, Canada's Wonderland, and Martin's Fantasy Island for the first time so I should be getting plenty of new credits and new parks!

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Already Happened

First Park: Cedar Point

First Coaster: Millennium Force


Yet to Happen

First New Credit: Many of possibilities. Motocoaster at Darien Lake, I305 in August, or even Sky Rocket at Kennywood.

First New Park: Kings Dominion in August

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First Park of 2010: Knoebels (opening weekend in April)

First Roller Coaster Ride: The Phoenix

First New Amusement Park: Canada's Wonderland (May 2010)

First New Coaster Credits: the 10 coasters I went on at Wonderland.


Those should be my firsts for 2010




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First Park: Kings Island opening day (keeping my tradition going)

First Coaster: Diamondback (which killed my old Vortex tradition...curse you for being so fun, LSHoF!)

First Food: Skyline at KI. Love me some Cincy stlye chili

First "New" Ride: Boo Blasters

First New Credit: Ravine Flyer II

First New for 2010 Ride that was actually advertised/speculated over: Wildebeest

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First park of 2010: Kings Dominion

First coaster of 2010: Intimidator 305

First B&M hyper of 2010: Intimidator (than Goliath the next day)

First B&M floorless of 2010(and my all time first): Dominator

First Eurofighter of 2010(and my all time first): Mystery Mine

First waterslide of 2010: Wildebeest

First coaster event of 2010: Holiwood Nights

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First Park (check!): Six Flags Great Adventure

First Coaster (check!): Nitro

First New Park (scheduled): Kings Dominion

First New Coaster of 2010 (scheduled): i305

First Food Bought: Hasn't happened yet, but I bet it will be Cheesy Bread from Papa John's! Gotta have my cheesy bread!!

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