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What are your "firsts" of 2010?

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First Park: Busch Gardens Tampa - January 3rd (and it was COLD!!!)

First Coaster: Kumba

First Food: Carrot Cake & Coffee

First New Coaster: Hollywood Rip,Ride,Rockit, Universal Orlando (Song chosen? Hella Good by No Doubt) January 7th


First visit to Wizarding World of Harry Potter - some time in August 2010


First Movie seen - Avatar in IMAX at the Pointe Orlando 4th January - it was pants.

First Upper Class flight to Orlando on Virgin Atlantic - August 2010



Not sure if it counts but I was actually on the climb hill of Kraken at Seaworld as New Year hit (stupid slow watch) and so got to see all the fireworks going off for new year from the top of the hill.

So technically, the Kraken was my first coaster of the year, although I started the ride in 2009. So was it the last one I rode last year instead? I'm confused.

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Wow, this thread exploded! Anyways, I'll put my list up:


- First Coaster: Probably Dominator

- First new Coaster: Probably Dominator

- First Park: Kings Dominion (also first new)

- First trip: Maybe Coney Island (OH) and King's Island.

- First food: IDK, a burger?

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First Park - Kennywood

First Coaster - Jack Rabbit @ Kennywood

First NEW Park - Busch Gardens Europe in July

First NEW Coaster - Sky Rocket @ Kennywood

First Food Purchase - Easiest one, Potato Patch fries with cheese and bacon! Mmmmmm!!

First Multi-Park Trip - BGE to Carowinds


and for good measure.....


First Flat Ride - Wave Swinger @ Kennywood (one of my wife and I's favorites!)

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First Park: Disney's California Adventure (was there at midnight NYE)

First Coaster: CA Screamin' (rode shortly after midnight 1/1/2010)

First Credit: Mr. Six's Dance Coaster

First New Park: Don't know if I'll get to any new parks this year, but hoping for Busch Gardens Africa.

First Food Purchase: Corn Dog at Disneyland (bought about 12:30am on 1/1/2010)

First Multi-Park Trip: WDW, USF, SWO, BGA ... not sure when this is happening yet, but probably the 2nd week in June.

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First Park: Universal Studios Hollywood the day before WCB.

First Coaster: I guess it will be Revenge of the Mummy: The ride, since it's the only coaster at USH.

First New Park: I doubt we'll make it to any new parks this year, but I may be able to make it to Dollywood if the stars align just right.

First New Coaster of 2010: Mister Six's Dance coaster at SFMM some time this summer.

First Food Bought: The all you can eat meal plan at USH looks like a good value since we're planning on spending a full day there.

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First Park: Wild Waves

First Coaster: Hopefully, Coney Island Cyclone, but if not then Timberhawk at Wild Waves

First Food Item: Elephant ear or funnel cake!

First New Park: Something in the Netherlands probably, hopefully Walibi World or Efteling or Toverland.

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First park: Hollywood Studios (WDW)

First Ride: Backlot Tour

First Coaster: Rockin' Roller Coaster

First New Coaster: The new one at Kennywood (Name escapes me)

First New Ride: Shoot the Rapids

First New Credit: It will be Kennywoods new one, or something at KI/Michigans Adv.

First Food: Pizza Planet Pepporoni Pizza and Salad (11.95!)

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First Park: Disney's California Adventure/Disneyland on January 1st

First Ride: Toy Story Midway Mania!

First Coaster: California Screamin'

First (Free) Food (had to throw this in): Tortillas! ("Masecaaa!")

First Food Purchase: Clam Chowder from Disneyland


Sorry Ginzo... he wins the thread. Disneyland clam chowder is amazing, and the bread bowl just makes it that much better.

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First Park: Most likely Cedar Point

First Ride: Raptor/Millennium

First New Park: Hopefully SFGAd

First New Credit: If the above happens, most likely El Toro.


One of my goals for 2010 is to get on my first slingshot, I think i've finally worked up the nerve even after having been repeatedly told its really not that bad .

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