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Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

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I believe Yum Yum Cupcake Truck tweeted that they actually won first place!


Interesting. I don't recall seeing them there (in truck form or otherwise). But then again, we only spent Sunday at The Festival of Chocolate. (Saturday, we were at the Pie Festival. )

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Oh man, chocolate is my weakness. Oh, and cute girls serving brownie brittle, too!

My mouth is literally watering right now. I see chocolate Pop-Tarts in my very near future (Don't judge, it's the only chocolate left in the whole house, haha).

Thanks for sharing this. I've never even heard of such a thing. I guess I'm a bad chocolate enthusiast.


P.S. Did Misty win anything for showing off her chopstick skills?

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Thanks for another interesting TR of something that I wished I could have made it to! I did a chocolate festival years ago in NYC and was shocked at how expensive most of the items were (even by NYC prices!). I saw things were listed in "coins", how did the prices translate?

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Did Misty win anything for showing off her chopstick skills?


No. But she did better than me, so I assume she's happy.



Gonna have another go at making this Erik & Smisty & Bryan & Adam Holy Land thing happen. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Some James Bond movies were filmed there. Stevie Nicks wrote a song about it (I guess). It's in Florida. And we're Erik & Smisty.


Silver Springs


It's $31.99 for adults to get in. Which is a really good deal if you hate yourself.


Hey, wanna feed a muck?


This storefront promenade was nice. Reminded me a bit of Lake Winnie.


It featured a pizza place, a gift shop, the main restrooms, and a museum of the park's history.


"My favorite tree is J. Rawk!"


But of course the main attraction at Silver Springs is their glass-bottom boats.


It seems like a lot of trouble just to see glass. I mean, I have some in my house. But tourists are weird, you know?


These statues were placed here by the James Bond film producers. I can't be arsed to figure out for which movie, which is amazing because I'm really into James Bond. But there you go.


I think these prices are a secret code for something. I've stared at them for some time, and can make no sense of their randomness.


Oh cool, a ride! Let's go!


Er...maybe it'll open later in the day.


Maybe it's just the theme park veteran-employee in me talking, but that seems like a trip hazard.


There was some sort of concert going on that day. The Country Buskins, I think they were called. I didn't really stick around to hear.


Cool, a bird show! Oh...wait....


Are you ready for ghetto Kilimanjaro?




Yes, that's my caption. Shut up.


The best seat is the one right behind the jeep's exhaust pipe.


Also, our bears have psychic powers.




This is, like, the saddest ride ever.


Please do not sit in our employee's chair. Thank you.


You know...if this is really such a big problem...maybe you should add some benches. Just saying.


Sorry kids, our cool animal is broken. How about that nice donkey there?


Why even have animals if you're just going to make fun of them?


This place is shaped like Six Flags Over Georgia. In other words, a big sucky U.


I just spent three minutes trying to come up with a rawk/rock pun, before finally realizing how incredibly stupid that was.


"The Spirit of the Swamp" was always my favorite Scooby-Doo episode.


Well, I guess alligators was predictable.


These ladders were bad.


One day there will be something cool here. We swear. Come back and see!


'Snake walls' always makes Smisty happy.


"Maybe they won't see me."


"Eh, it's a living."


What's this...?


Another boat ride! This is like the Moonraker of theme parks!


Incidentally, Moonraker was one of the Bond films partially filmed here.


But there were also some good ones, probably.




This is our racist redneck boat captain. He'd just like you to know that Koreans don't mind if you make fun of Chinese people, so neither should you.


Also, he likes to watch sports, kill animals, and his daughters will never date.


It's possible that he steals all of his material from Jeff Foxworthy, but there's really no way for me to know.


They say that this boat died of natural causes, but I've always suspected tree murder.


Silver Springs: Bring your enemies!

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I did not know Silver Springs was still open. I was about to make a Weeki Wachee joke but did a Google search first and realized Weeki Wachee is still around also. At least Weeki Wachee has mermaids.


Erik - thank you again for wasting your money so we don't have to.

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The scene where Bond fights a big snake in Moonraker was one of the scenes. Jeff Bridges AKA "The Dude" grew up there due to his father had a popular TV show filmed there as well. I have not been there in years, other than stopping there for work. What, no Wild Waters photos?

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