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Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

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Where do they host this? Is it in a venue that's used for anything else?


The description on the website says that you don't need park admission to attend, so I'm guessing it's somewhere near the front of the park and accessible by one of the alternate entrances.


As Adam mentioned, it's at Seafire Inn. That is the nearest restaurant to the front entrance, but not near enough. Guests who are only attending the luau still go through the front gate. As near as I can tell, those guests are simply released back into the park with everyone else when the show is over, so...yeah....


I can't swear to that, though. Maybe there's more to it that I haven't observed.


Well I can possibly be wrong but the I think the Luau starts just before park closing so by time the Luau is done, the park is closed so they can only go out the front gate (no rides)

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There's just no getting around it: We're nerds.


MegaCon 2012


Yes, we're off to the Orlando Convention Center for three days of dork debauchery and trying to figure out who the hell those Asian girls are supposed to be dressed up as!


Before this sign was erected, the Convention Center got up to 10 calls per day asking about what that silver and blue thing was.


Yes! Gymnastics!


"Well, this sucks."


That's a lot of nerds.


"Welcome to MegaCon! Want to have nerd sex?"


"With the Wonder Twins?"


Well, that about sums things up out here.


2012 was definitely the year of Who.


My point.


These are just a few of the many Doctors and companions that were running around this year.


This guy even built a TARDIS.


I'm not sure if anyone was actually dressed up like one of these guys or not.


(And yes, that half-joke *is* the nerdiest thing I have ever posted on TPR.)


Quick, who's this??


(Hint: It's not from Doctor Who. But it is English.)


As it happens, I collect insurance. (Read the sign again. Okay, cool.) In fact, I have an All State policy right here, mint-in-envelope.


If you think you've seen a ghost, it's important to remember that no, you haven't.


(And with that, I am now ripping off my own Twitter feed.)


Ran into my friend, Sean. He's a cool guy.


This photo is actually from last year, but after that display of homosexuality, I felt I owed you. (Unless you're gay, then I guess I still owe you.)


I bet that'll seem like a really good idea a few years from now!


(Also from last year, coincidentally enough.)


This is Smisty's favorite artist, Echo Chernik. She mostly draws naked women eating desserts while surrounded by tentacles. In other news, I love Smisty.


This on the other hand, is my favorite artist. He mostly draws naked Harry Potter characters and their wands.


(And with that, my debt is settled.)


I guess you can also meet celebrities and get their autographs. We're not really into it.


After all, they're just actors. *These* are the real heroes. The people that spend all year making costumes...


...building Lego sets for Tyler...


...and doing whatever that is.


This chick won the costume contest in my pants. She was so hot that even Robin wanted his picture with her.


Even better, she wasn't a model or being paid to be there or anything. And she made the costume herself.


If you can name every one of the things referenced in our swag...then you probably spent last weekend at MegaCon, too. Good for you!


(Hey, did you get any more pictures of the Scarlet Witch?)

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Hey, guess what? We bought a new camera. And I know just the thing to test it out on!


Hollywood Drive-In Golf


Sure, other people have covered this already. But hey, it's us.


By mini golf standards, this place ain't cheap. For Misty and I to play both courses set me back $50--and that was after a 10% Universal Orlando pass-holder discount.


We decided to start with the sci-fi course: Invaders From Planet Putt.


Both courses are cleverly wedged beneath and to either side of the (pre-existing) bridge that connects the parking garages with CityWalk.


Ah, putting through an outhouse really takes me back to our old Pigeon Forge mini golfing days!


This place can get quite crowded, from what I gather. But we went at 8:20am on a Sunday and pretty much had the place to ourselves.


The courses themselves are quite nice, though the individual holes are a bit on the less-challenging side. I suspect this was on purpose, though--for the sake of capacity.


A subtle reference to Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls? I choose to believe yes.


No to get too far ahead of myself, but I do prefer the sci-fi course to the horror one.


I guess I should tell some jokes. People like these things for the jokes, right?


"Knock-knock." - "Who's there?" - "A giant robot with a golfball sucking arm!"


Rather close to the road.


The UFO is really cool, in that it has a door. (Hey, little things amuse me.)


Not sure why they skipped the super nova thing.


Hey, it's me! Yes, I was there!


The best part of this photo is the E-stop on the left.


The second course--or, um, first. Well, in any case, the other course--is The Haunting of Ghostly Greens.


A standard idea, but well executed.


Also, I'm currently ill. So, there's that.


Smisty celebrates a hole-in-one.


Haunty Python. There, that's a better joke than I would have made anyway.


The best part of this photo is the people watching from the bridge.


Anyway, so we got a new camera. It's a bit bulkier than what we're used to, but we like it.


So, yeah, it's a good addition for Universal Orlando. I'm probably going to go to bed once I'm finished with this.


This is a cool concept. Needs more Jack Nicholson, though.


This does not appear to make sense.


A subtle reference to Harry Potter? I choose to believe no.


Big finish.


The "Laballatory."


It's 3:00pm. I'm delirious. Good night.

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The mini golf was nice, I would have liked the holes to be more challenging but I'm picky. The Haunted side is the ADA side (for people who care) it is also the side where you may get slightly wet. I preferred the space theme mainly because I'm a nerd. In the Smisty scoring chart I give it an okay rating.

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I am loving these major theme park miniature golf courses (and your thread of course!). Do you have any plans to visit Fantasia Gardens or Fantasia Fairways? I'd be excited to see a report from you guys visiting those courses, particularly the Fairways.


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I am loving these major theme park miniature golf courses (and your thread of course!). Do you have any plans to visit Fantasia Gardens or Fantasia Fairways? I'd be excited to see a report from you guys visiting those courses, particularly the Fairways.



Oh... the Fairways. The hardest mini golf I've ever played.


We've played those courses, I think we need more pics of the Fairways before doing a report. My favorite mini golf for Disney is the Winter Summerland.

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On April 29, 2012, we visited the University of Central Florida. Now, normally, school isn't my thing. But, in this case, I made an exception....


The Festival of Chocolate


Last year, the Festival of Chocolate was held at the Orlando Science Center. This year, it moved to the UCF Arena.


Blah blah, history.


Now we're talking!


Cupcakes could be said to have been present.


Face painting seemed interesting...


...but I figured I'd just rub chocolate all over myself instead.


Sure, I'll try some crazy Japanese stuff.


But I'm gonna pass on the "armpit fudge," thanks.


Awesome! Um...who won first place?


Wait, what? Oh...! Well, isn't that just precious....


This stuff tasted great as a sample on a pretzel. So we bought a bottle. Now, if only I cooked....


Either auto-correct just owned these guys, or those are some seriously messed up apples.


This guy's name is Michael Anthony Cakes. So, really, it's no surprise that all of his stuff (that we tried) was amazing.


Did you know that in most places you can acquire a liquid nitrogen tank for less than two bags of pot?


Hey, who wants to dance about architecture?!


Yes, they were cute--but they didn't even take the bones out!


These were tasty.


The brownie brittle, you pervs!


"Maybe we should have brought some girls. Or, you know, like, chocolate."


Live cake decorating!


I'm just kidding. I didn't really care.


Allegedly, all of those things are made from chocolate. Except the refrigerators. Actually, I don't really know that. They could be.


The chocolate game show thing was entertaining.


No, really, it was. I'm not being ironic, I swear.


Misty shows off her chopstick skills. (At last, all that sushi eating pays off!)


That almost seems cruel. Luckily, I hate children.


Yay, adults only! (Too bad it's boring.)


Chocolate fashion. There were lots of these, but this was the only one...unwrapable.


Some people have mullets. Some people *own* mullets.


Exit through the gift shop.


We hoped you enjoyed the festival. Now, feel guilty about it!

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