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Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

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Located on Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (Kissimmee's tourist strip) is Bonanza Golf & Gifts. Which is quite weird. But why just tell you when we can show you...!?


Among other things, Bonanza Golf hosts a CiCi's.


For those of you who live in less-civilized parts of the country (or even *gasp* beyond), CiCi's is a pizza buffet chain. And while it's common enough that it wouldn't normally be worthy of an Oddventure, we wanted (you) to get the full Bonanza Golf experience.


Let's go ahead and get the "photo that Misty is going to kill me for posting" out of the way, shall we?


Chock-full of all the "pretty good for the price" pizza that we could possibly eat, it was time for some mini golf!


You must purchase the golf inside the gift shop. But don't get distracted!


Hey, what could be more family-friendly than mini golf?


This one is for Elissa.


And this one is for Barry.


Okay, on with the golf! Hmm, too bad "no graffiti" isn't one of the rules, eh?


Wait...is that an advertisement for ice cream?!


Ah yes, Hershey's! The ice cream that says, "We wanted to sell a name brand, but that's really expensive."


Smisty was becoming almost as impatient as you all are to get on with the mini golf, but after all that pizza and ice cream, I really wanted to check out the "clearance" restrooms.


On second thought, maybe I'll hold it.


Okay, so there are two courses. But they're laid out in a very strange manner. They cross themselves and each other seemingly at random. And since there's no difference in coloring or style between them, it's very easy to suddenly find yourself playing the wrong course or hole midway through.


On the other hand, it sort of adds an extra challenge to the courses--and it made us laugh--so I'm not quite willing to say that it's a bad thing, for our purposes.


Ask about the "mistery" hole!


Looking back from the furthest point on ground level. Note how we'll eventually be playing golf on top of the gift shop and entryway to the parking lot.


It's certainly a "mistery" to me how I'm supposed to putt my ball from here.


The courses are nice enough. I guess the theme is mining or something...?


"Mountain Bob"/Gandalf wishes you luck.


Well, why *wouldn't* you have to walk past hole 18 to get to hole 5?


Tressle putting!


I guess they...haven't quite finished this part.


Hole 8? Hole 13? I honestly have no idea what's happening here.


This really needs to be my profile picture somewhere.


Mini golf, by MC Escher.


If you have any idea what the hell is going on here, please write to: Bonanza Golf, 7761 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, FL 34747.


There appears to be a rock in the way.


I just thought this was a nice photo. What, does everything have to be a joke?


Well, that's...surprisingly boring.


At last we come to the last hole. And how can you tell that it's the last hole...?




Oh, crap! Seriously?! You can get married here?? I hope you get to change in the restrooms!



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Love the shout out, but I have a request...next time don't put my shout out next to Barry's. It violates the restraining order.


Also, I've passed this golf place roughly 849372 times as it's right near where we rent our TPR Houses, it's always struck me as kind of boring so we never bothred with it.

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Thank you for the underwear photo. I was actually looking for a new pair after I got a skidmark on my recent one. The one in the gift shop will do quite nicely!


I should do a PTR of the Shell Factory in my area. It'll make the Orlando gift shops blush. I just have to find a Green Lantern t-shirt...

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We had fun playing there about a year ago. It was a nice break from the pirate themed courses in the area and its just about as close to ghetto mini golf as you will get in Orlando. Yes the course has a very confusing layout but it just added to the randomness of this place. Usually its pretty cheap to play here and not too far away from us.

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Love the shout out, but I have a request...next time don't put my shout out next to Barry's. It violates the restraining order.


Also, I've passed this golf place roughly 849372 times as it's right near where we rent our TPR Houses, it's always struck me as kind of boring so we never bothred with it.


I thought it looked strangely familiar.

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Let's go ahead and get the "photo that Misty is going to kill me for posting" out of the way, shall we?


Poor Misty, I would kill you for that photo too.


The randomness of the course seems to make the place much more of an adventure.

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Oh wow, I remember playing this course in 1999. And it's even more confusing trying to keep track of the holes when it's dark out. Also, I'm deeply saddened by the fact that there is now a CiCi's Pizza there. There used to be a steakhouse that had really good Prime Rib instead. But thanks for bringing back some great memories for me!

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Okay, I found this site from a link on Screamscape and have spent the last few weeks lurking and reading.. . and I can't tell you how much enjoyment I've gotten from various TR's and threads I've read.


All have been informative and entertaining with Chuck's, Hectors', and of course Robb's standing out (haven't read even a small percentage of everything here so no one should take that as a dis) . . . but I finally decided to register and post just to say how much I've enjoyed the Eric and Misty threads.


You guys do the stuff I always had to pass by or didn't have time for or couldn't afford. . and it's just epic.


Thank you both for such wonderful TR's.


Oh, and I see my old buddy Barry H. posts here. . so hi Barry.

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Well, Barry and I were mods on the same web site a long time ago and yeah, although we never actually met, I considered him a friend. (We were supposed to meet up at IOA one time but I couldn't make it and it was on me and it's not an interesting enough story to tell here. . .)



But I always liked Barry. . . although seeing his name and "restraining order" in the same sentence here is not the least bit shocking.



Looking forward to the next installment of your TR Erik. . keep up the excellent work!

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F*** THIS PLACE! Anywhere with free roaming spiders is not cool with me... I know they're useful for fly killing, but I think all spiders should be eradicated ASAP... in fact it semi sickens me there is even a bug museum in the first place... which kinda makes me feel like a dick cause I enjoy Tough to be a Bug... oh well.




i 100% agree with this post, as a severe Aracnaphobe, that is the room from hell, im baffled as to why they have spiders just freely wandering about!

Seconded! I am terrified of spiders and scream like a little girl even if I see a tiny one. Actually, I'm like that with ALL bugs. DO NOT LIKE! One time a big-ass wood spider somehow got in my apartment and I saw it heading straight for my cat. I jumped up, practically thew the cat out of the way, sprayed the spider to death then repeatedly beat it with a shoe to make sure, then sucked it up with the vacuum. Ugh just remembering that totally skeeved me out!

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^^I wonder how you react on Forbidden Journey.

I screamed like a little girl. I HATE spiders. Even when I know they're not real. And I saw all of Forbidden Journey with the lights on the first time through because it broke down just as the ride started for me and they ended up cycling everyone through in "default mode". Even with the lights on I cringed when I saw Aragog. BLEGH!!!

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