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Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

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The photo is nice, not as nice as the photo of the woman falling off the tortoise.


And am going to hell just thinking about how funny it would be to watch Millie in her phsyically challenged state falling out of a tree.

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This photo cost me $60. I wish I was kidding. It's nice, though, isn't it? Please tell me it's nice.

I'd pay $60 just to hold and feed the tiger! Holy crap that's just awesome. Tigers are my favorite animal and I would give just about anything to be able to pet one.


Oh and the photo is great! I'm so jealous.

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$60!!!! do you get anymore than a photo for this or do you just have the photo and thats it? seems a little steep unless you get a little interaction time with the Cub and its Keeper!


I thought they had a Liger called Hurcules any mention of him anywhere?


I'm not 100% sure what the situation is in terms of liger "ownership," but I do know that Vulcan and Hercules are brothers (along with two others, Zeus and Sinbad) and I believe that both have been at Jungle Island at one time or another.


As for the taking of the photo, it was pretty brief. They brought over the tiger, set it in our laps, took three quick photos (all of which looked exactly the same, in our case), told us to pet it for a couple of seconds, then took it away. So it is pretty much just the photo. But the important thing is that Misty was happy with it.


Oh, and when I inquired about getting a digital copy of the photo instead of a physical one, I was told that Jungle Island could put the photo on a CD for me for an additional $50.


We went the "use my mom's scanner" route, instead.

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They won't even give you the last day on earth off? LAME.


As an atheist, I'd be pissed if I tried to go do something and it was closed because of The Rapture.


But yes, going to The Holy Land today would have been perfect. Alas.


Of course, we never confirmed Adam's availability, so I may not be the only problem.


/Can live without Chick-fil-A.

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If Central Florida is dominated by theme parks, then South Florida contents itself with mid-level animal attractions. This is yet another place we'd never even heard of until we started venturing south....


Butterfly World


Butterfly World was actually founded in 1998, by a gang of butterflies that were tired of migrating.


...as long as your dreams involve butterflies, and not sex or money.


The entry lobby. Admission is $24.95 for adults.


It's arranged as a single path self-guided tour. Also worth noting, their FAQ is exactly one question long.


Here you can see how Butterfly World's animators draw and color the butterflies.


But enough science, let's get on with gawking!


There are lots and lots of butterflies in the picture. No, seriously. They're just hard to spot in a still photo. In person, flying around, it's actually quite impressive.


Ladies and gentleman, an butterfly!


If you like crazy signs, like I do, then really I can't recommend Butterfly World highly enough.


This type of butterfly in known as a Flower Humper.


There are also lots of butterflies in this photo. Look, just trust me on this. (Crap, this is the worst update ever.)


Bananas make you ugly.


The "Hanging Gardens" and Emerging area.


This leads to the second, larger butterfly aviary. (Or is an aviary just birds? I think it is, actually. Oh well.)


Butterflies. THEY ARE THERE.


Just keep this in your mind for the next photo of a walkway.


This path is wet for some reason. I guess that's okay; It was hot.


Wow, those are some expensive butterflies.


I like bridges.


There are no butterflies in this picture. But the flowers are nice.


People molesting butterflies are most certainly not reducing *my* enjoyment.


"Um, also please don't molest lizards. Very important."


There are, like, 20 photos of Misty in this update--but, for some reason, this is the only one of me.


Having left the butterflyatorium, we find ourselves outside.


And back into another aviary sort of thing.


Only it's an aviary for freaky flowers!


Yep, that's pretty weird.


I'm not touching that.


You can probably guess how this went.


The English don't make very nice roses.


Anther lorikeet feeding exhibit, another "not gonna happen" from Smisty. I'm never gonna live down the Parrot Mountain incident.


Insectarium? Now Misty is excited!


But...they're dead.




Oh wait, there *are* live ones! (It was hard to stay in here for long though, as there was no air conditioning in this part of the building.)




Holy crap! And this lady has no freaking idea!! This is the greatest, most horrifying thing ever!!!


An aviary, you say? Well, I like bridges.


"Rawk! Polly want a butterfly!"


Never say that our thread isn't educational. Also, why isn't this sign entitled, "Interesting Facts About Hummingbirds"?


Welcome to Home Depot.


(I love you.)


The cafe. We didn't eat here because it looked pretty standard/low rent. Plus, we were saving ourselves for Jaxson's.


The double doors on the right lead to the gift shop. The gift shop, however, does not allow photos inside. Which seems odd, because it's pretty standard crap, really.


When I inquired as to why photos were not allowed in the gift shop, I was told it was because they had some artwork up on the back wall from an artist who didn't want their work photographed. Now, I can respect that, I guess...but, the whole gift shop?


Anyway, here's a photo of said artist's work hanging in the lobby (where photos are allowed), next to a window that looks in at the gift shop. So...yeah.


But, other than that bit of pointless and slightly-offensive stupidity, I rather liked Butterfly World.


What did you think of Butterfly World, Smisty?

Edited by Electerik
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F*** THIS PLACE! Anywhere with free roaming spiders is not cool with me... I know they're useful for fly killing, but I think all spiders should be eradicated ASAP... in fact it semi sickens me there is even a bug museum in the first place... which kinda makes me feel like a dick cause I enjoy Tough to be a Bug... oh well.



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F*** THIS PLACE! Anywhere with free roaming spiders is not cool with me... I know they're useful for fly killing, but I think all spiders should be eradicated ASAP... in fact it semi sickens me there is even a bug museum in the first place... which kinda makes me feel like a dick cause I enjoy Tough to be a Bug... oh well.




i 100% agree with this post, as a severe Aracnaphobe, that is the room from hell, im baffled as to why they have spiders just freely wandering about!

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I went here! I really had a nice time, the gardens are actually really nice and the area is alot bigger than you think it would be.


The Loritkee exhibit has a almost completely white floor (And it wasn't painted white )

Also the Free Roaming Spiders freaked me out too, I pretty much walked quickly out of the building when I saw that.


Still a good (A little pricy) way to spend an afternoon!


Thanks Erik and Smisty for the great report!

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Butterfly World was actually founded in 1998, by a gang of butterflies that were tired of migrating.

1988. I know this because I remember being forced there on a school field trip in 8th grade....which sucked. It's another place I'm amazed still exists.

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I'd really love to see you guys do the Lion Country Safari down here. That place is quite the gem.


It's on the list, for sure. I'm fact, we were going to do it on our last trip down that way, until we found out that their Ferris wheel was down for rehab. But, yeah, we intend to go.

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