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Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

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^Does this mean you are finally going to the Holy Land Experience? Better yet, send Bryan and Adam there!


Now there is an attraction worthy of a true Erik & Smisty, Bryan & Adam Orlando All-Stars team-up!


What do you say, guys?

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I'm so sad that I left Orlando already because I've been wanting to do Titanic forever! And I have epic coupons.


-Jake "wait until September" Garbelotti

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As much as I don't like the idea of four people that I like giving Holy Land money...I agree the resulting Photo TR could be epic enough to warrant a slight overlook.


But it is still free to the public one day a year, isn't it?

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Let's see what will happen when athetists visit the Holy Land Experience.


Obviously, I don't want to give these people any money. On the other hand, I'm even less interested in going there (or, really, anywhere) on special free day. But I do want to see it--both from a completest standpoint, and out of morbid curiosity.


If I am going to do it though, I want to make sure that it's epic. So the team-up idea seems like a good way to help justify it. Smisty and Bryan are on board, but no word from Adam yet.

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