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Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

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Great photos! Out of all the Christmas stuff at Disney, I like the Osborn Family Lights the best. Funny, I always though the lights were based on Ozzy Osborne.


I hope you find a ghetto Christmas decoration in town. The captions then would be most hilarious.

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^^Florida is experiencing a nasty cold spell, right now.


I tried to experience this once, but the crowds freaked me out. I didn't even get halfway through, before I started clawing my way backward to get out of the mass of humanity.


I much prefered the Wine and Dine Half Marathon version.

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Not long ago, there was a man named Harry Osborn. He lived a happy life in a place called "Arkansas," until his dad went crazy and dropped some blond chick off a bridge...


So... is THIS what "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" is about?

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I just got back from there and really enjoyed the lights, that part of the park I never bother with so this made it 100% better.


I just wish it had not been so cold, the car was frozen when we got out.


Great pictures, mine did not come out as well.

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I worked at Universal Orlando for four years--and even drove floats in the Mardi Gras parade--but, for some reason, I'd never seen the Macy's Holiday Parade at Universal Studios Florida before.


I enjoyed it. And, there was more going on than just the parade....


This picture has it all: a theme park, balloons, and a child falling on his face.


An elderly Shrek looks down on the streets of USF.


"Hello, I am flower-crotch bear. Will you be my friend?"


Smisty was excited to see Horton there.


Even Krusty has gotten into the Christmas spirit, and he's Jewish!


Yes, the park is filled with balloon displays and I'm already out of funny captions.


Either this balloon is not well placed, or the speaker isn't.


The Cat in the Hat looks appropriately gay.


Grover! Does SeaWorld know about this??


It's snowing on Delancey Street.


The Blues Brothers have a rather interesting tree set up on their stage.


So, so many candy cane jokes, and none of them appropriate for a family website.


"Holiday Village" consists of special (temporary) shops, food stands, and games.


This makes glass or grows pot or something. Anyway, it's a craft.


Well, who wouldn't want a Rasta Santa hat?


Yes, it's the soothing Christmastime melodies of Toxic Audio.


Intriguing food options...


...and Holiday-themed games of chance.


Garfield has taken up residence outside The Mummy. I'm sure the connection there is obvious.


There is an animatronic squirrel in the Christmas tree.


Oh crap, the man is here.


Ooh, time for the parade!


This balloon got tired of floating and decided to ride behind a truck instead.


I love that someone is trying to trip the marching band. [Lower right.]


Balloon handler is a glamorous job.






Uncle Sam approves of this sex parade.


Wait...so it's a truck carrying a float of a car towing a jukebox?


I think it's a rule that when you have a parade, you have to include any vehicles you just have lying around.


Crazy backwards weirdo taxi with headless driver and a monkey.


Hmmm, what's this?


Oh, it's the ice skating Central Park Shrek float!


This picture make balloon handing look really difficult. It was a bit windy this day, too.


I like pirates.


Hey, it's Scooby and his friend! (A joke that only people who've actually worked at Universal have any chance at all of getting. Sorry.)


Pirate butt.


Yeah, cheerleaders are hot, but you know what this parade really needs?




There we go.


Isn't that the villain from those Narnia books?


They accidentally filled this balloon with bricks. Oopsy.


Hey baby, I'm God's gift to you. Look for me under your tree. [That would probably have worked better if the Christmas tree chicks were in front, I admit.]


Best. Parade. Ever.


Santa stops to light the tree, confetti gets shot everywhere, and this update comes to an end.


"It's the most wonderful time of the year...!"

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Thanks for the pictures! I've been to the park a few times this Holiday season but never actually saw the parade.


Watch it with the ornaments though, the blue one is one of my best friend's roommates

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I have tbh I thought the parade at Universal was rubbish and went on far too long. You could hear the people walking in front of the floats and people shouting at them etc.


Maybe it is because I did not really understand what it means to people, I do not know, but not many people in the park seemed to be that bothered with it.

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Thank you, Indiana. I loved this report!


I had to read that, like, four times to figure it out.


It's worth noting that that was my winter get up in Pigeon Forge, but this was the first time it was actually cold enough to wear it in Florida.

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Great photos! I would have liked to have seen Toxic Audio. They are a great a capella group out of Orlando.


Maybe next time you two can be balloon holders. I would like to see both of you in those stylish garbage men outfits.

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Before I begin this update, I'd like to give a shout out to BeemerBoy, without whom I might never have heard of this place to begin with, and also for reminding me about it on Facebook just before we headed down that way. Thanks, Scott.


Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant, Dania Beach


Part of a strip mall, but has allegedly been there for over 50 years.


According to the menu, their signature "Kitchen Sink" is reserved for parties of four or more, is $12.95 per person, and sharing is not allowed. So by my reading, if there are four of you, it will cost $51.80. But if there are five of you, the same amount of ice cream will cost a total of $64.75.


Real thing, or total BS? I'll let you decide for yourself. (Or, you know, you could Google it, I guess.)


There's a walk-up window if you just want ice cream. Said ice cream, incidentally, is the best we've found so far in Florida.


The inside of the first room, looking back at the entrance. License plates and craziness seems to be the theme.


I'm very excited to be here.


These are not today's flavors. These are just today's *special* flavors. There are about 35 or 40 normal ones.


We're shown to the second room (which was actually the original half of the establishment, I believe.)


The food is quite expensive, for what it is. But it is good, and the place is packed from about noon on. Luckily, we got there right when they opened (at 11:30am) and had no problems. Also, they give you free popcorn. :oP


Our burgers were $12.95 a piece, and didn't even come with fries. But, again, they were really good. The chili cheese fires were just okay, though.


Dunt-dunnana-na-naaaah! For the record, the big one is mine. It's a "Chocolate Suicide Sundae," except that I had them make it with "Death by Chocolate" ice cream instead of just plain old chocolate. So it was doubly deadly. But that's not what caused my heart attack....


The only bad thing about Jaxson's.


If you like ice cream (and are independently wealthy), you should definitely go, if you're in the area. And why might you be in the area? Well, there does just happen to be a pretty good wooden roller coaster about a mile away. Stay tuned....

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