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Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

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Well, if you want to check out the Holy Land Experience, you can go for free on October 5. Check this out:




It's probably best to go there early, as it looks like the park reached capacity moments after opening.

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Last year, we visited the WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee--as documented in our Smoky Mountain Adventures thread--and gave it a somewhat middling review. So we were keen on visiting the original, here in Orlando, to see if it was any different and/or better.


The verdict? The two are very similar, except that this one is smaller, more cramped, has fewer exhibits, and is basically inferior to the Pigeon Forge location in almost every way. Enough so that we really can't recommend it. But don't take mere words for it....


WonderWorks, Orlando


This one is much closer to the road, and is much more imposing as a result. Which is probably a good thing.


It should be noted, however, that it is on a completely level road. It's just really hard to take a straight picture of it. :OP


And, right off the bat, my visit is ruined. Now I must return to the car to drop off my gat.


The lobby is similar to that of Pigeon Forge's, but decidedly smaller.


On the other hand, this one is more expensive. So it's got that going for it.


Note: You will not actually be spun upsidedown. Thank you.




"Even Though You Will Want To, Because It Is The Coolest Thing Here"


The Titanic thing--while not terribly entertaining--was at least not at the one in Pigeon Forge. (The Earthquake "simulator" is, though.)


I don't care how bad an employee she is, "Hurricane Hole" isn't a nice thing to call anyone. (Brought to you by Mountain Dew. Do the Dew.)


And then there's kind of a spinning thing with some crap up above it, and a monitor that shows the outside, but upsidedown. Ooh, hand sanitizer!


This uses light to create the illusion that water is falling upwards. Or something. I don't really even care.


Tic tac toe? And they're only charging $25 to get in here?? (Actually, the sad part is that people are actually playing it, so starved for entertainment are they.)


What Erik & Smisty would look like if they were midgets (who were looking into a regular mirror).


Bubbles. Yeah, they have it at the other one. Yeah, it's bigger there.


So, Thor flies by throwing his hammer, and then holding onto it?


That really has nothing to do with this update. It's just been bugging me.


Yeah, they have that stupid Mind Ball thing here, too.


And the "virtual" air hockey.


Misty tries to end her misery by throwing herself onto a bed of nails.


Just pee right there on the piano. (Look at the picture again. It'll come to you eventually.)


When I'm feeling sad, I go to my happy place. Which is nothing like the Sound Lab.


Fueled by anger, I kick this arcade device's ass.


Note the "design your own virtual roller coaster" simulator in the background. I mean, if you want to. Whatever. I'm gonna go sanitize my hands.


Hey, you know what would be cool? If they had something here that the other place didn't have. Anything, really. I'd settle for a mold-a-mattic machine, at this point.


Holy fudging fudge-cakes!!!


Upstairs in "the basement" (because the building's upsidedown, you see), is a 4-D theater (which we didn't do, but we assume is crappy, because they always are), laser tag, and an arcade. But first we must endure some optical illusions.


Good job, Smisty!


Okay, so there is one cool thing here that isn't at the other one: a ropes course above the arcade!


Heading back down, you encounter these pictures made out of used chewing gum. So there you go.


Back on the ground floor (or, erm, "attic"?) there's an eatery and then a gift shop.


With this face, I was trying to convey, "How the hell did they get this picture without getting that light post in front of it??"


I honestly don't feel that this shirt properly reflects the WonderWorks Orlando experience.


There, that's better.


So, in short, if you absolutely *must* visit WonderWorks, try to go to the one in Pigeon Forge. Thank you.

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Great photos!


WonderWorks in Orlando is one of the most notable (and probably the most photographed) buildings in the city. I think a lot of people want to visit it because the building is so unique. In fact, that's what got me into the place a few years ago. After going through it, one word came to mind..."ghetto." It was a really tacky tourist attraction. There's better smaller attractions to see in Orlando, IMHO.

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I'm really liking all the photos! Every time I've been to Orlando, I've always kind of wanted to go to WonderWorks, just to see what it was like. Now that I've seen the pictures, I no longer feel any desire to go there. So thanks for saving me $25.


But anyway, I really enjoy seeing all the details that you capture in your pictures! It's definitely entertaining to read.

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Hey, here's an idea on what to do next and all you probably have to do is invest your time and a few dollars...


A timeshare tour!


I've always wondered what one of these are like, but I couldn't take the time out of my morning to go on a timeshare tour vs. short lines at the parks. I know they are high pressure and you will probably have to say "No" a lot, but it would be something interesting. At the very least, you get breakfast and free park tickets.

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