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News: Two New Maure Sohne Coasters

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The Chinese park Knights Valley has already announced the GCIi woodie. But today Maure Sohne announced they are to supply the Chinese park with 2 new coasters.


First up is a standard Sky Loop. Although it will be built slightly differently to account for the regions seismic and typhoon conditions. This will open in late 2010


Technical data SkyLoop

Track length: approx. 150 m (490 ft)

Base area: 55 x 6,5 m (180 x 21 ft) (without station)

Max. height (center of tracks): 46.20 m (152 ft) (World´s highest inversion)

Overall height: 52 m (170 ft)

Cars: 2 x 6-seater X-Car, coupled to 1 tandem

Ride Time: approx. 60 s (without boarding and deboarding)

Capacity: approx. 550 pph

Max. speed: approx. 105 km/h (65mph)

G-forces: min = -1 g; max = 5 g

Inversions: 2


The second coaster to open in Feb 2010 is a LSM launched coaster that fires riders to 70kmph in 2 seconds. The track features a special loop, Immelmaan Turn, Camelback, Half Cuban Eight and Heartline roll.


Technical data Launch Coaster

Track length: 316 m (1036 ft)

Height: 15 m (50 ft)

Base area: 50 x 50 m (164 x 164 ft)

Speed vmax: 70 km/h (44 mph)

Capacity: 650 pph

Cars: 2 x 6-seater X-Car

Launch: amax: 10 m/s2 (1 g)

Connected load: 125 kVA


LSM Layout

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The layout does seem a little different after the last over banked curve. The Formule X model shows a small bump before turning into the break run, where this other model does not.


My Bump, My bump, my lovely lady bump... Check it out!


I don't seem to have a bump... :(

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RCDB does list this new coaster as a Maurer Sohne XL 1000 model, the same exact model as Formule X. Duane over at RCDB is usually pretty accurate, so I am not going to argue against it.


Sounds like Knights Valley should turn out to be a sweet little park. 3 coasters announced so far that all seem exciting. Plus, I have to imagine that these two Maurer Sohne coasters are a heck of lot cheaper to build compared to a typical B&M or Intamin steel coaster. Smaller footprint and certainly less actual steel involved.

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I think its great! I've been on Formule X several times and it really is a fun coaster!

I hope a lot of "small" parks will get on of these.. although it is better to have different lay-outs. I"m not always a fan of cloning the hell out of a coaster. It takes the uniqueness out of it

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