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PTR: Matt Chilling In Florida

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So I am starting a second thread of me living in Florida since it has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything on the old one & some conversations were getting out of hand. To view that thread go here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=53761 So this update is just a small one. Since my last update I've ridden a roller coaster 77x in general. I spent a lot of time at Disney & went to Sea World one more time apart from that nothing much. I was hoping to go to BGA yesterday but it rained most of the day in Tampa so I hung out at Magic Kingdom to ride Splash Mountain & a few of my MK favorites since this was my first day off after Splash Mountain re-opened. Hopefully I will be going to BGA next Tuesday. I took all of my photos with my new Blackberry Curve so they aren't the best quality. Next weeks BGA update (if I go) will be all in HD with a video. The park wasn't crowded at all today. Probably because it rained earlier & it was a little chilly. Splash Mountain was a walk on. I really couldn't tell what the changes were but I got SOAKED! Apart from Splash Mountain I rode Big Thunder Mountain which was another walk on, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, & Space Mountain all of which were walk-ons! After MK I headed out west to Dunedin, FL to visit family & because my Grandfather & I got tickets for the Yankees first Spring Training game in Tampa on Wednesday & I have some pics of that as well once again taken from my Blackberry. The Yankees game was fun & relaxing. We sat a few rows behind first base. I am a really big Yankees fan & instead of coaster withdraw this off-season I had baseball withdraw. I take this sport way to serious. The Yankees opened up their Spring Training against the Pirates & Chad Gaudin got the start. It was a fun game & Ramiro Pena & Colin Curtis homered & Curtis's was a walk-off 3 run! This is my first TR since the upgrade so wish me luck & enjoy.


Splash Mountain!




One of my favorite Disney attractions!


Haunted Mansion was awesome as always.


Rode Alpha in the front!


Baseball withdraw coming to an end!


George M. Steinbrenner Feild!


The score board.


Me enjoying the game.


Military Planes after the National Anthem.


A-Rod & Jeter!




Curtis Granderson's first at bat as a Yankee!

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Well after weeks of saying I was going to BGA today it finally happened! I got up bright & early on my day off & made the about an hour & 15 minute drive to Busch Gardens Africa with one of my friends from work. It was a beautiful day with a temperature at 77F & sunny & a clear sky. To make things better the park wasn't that crowded! We practically walked on everything & sat in the front for everything but the mouse! So this was the first time I've visited this park since 2005 & I was really looking forward to it. The last time I was here Sheikra had a floor & just opened, the park was still called Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, & Python was still around! We arrived at the park right at opening & since the section that leads to Sheikra didn't open until 30 minutes after the park does we did Gwazi Lion first in the front seat followed by Gwazi Tiger in the front seat as well. I really missed the feal of a woodie since I moved & the atmosphere of a good old theme park like what we mostly have up North so I was really excited to be here. We then headed over to Sheikra which was a walk on & rode it 2x in a row 4x today! We continued to make the loop around the park riding Kumba 2x today, Scorpion 1x, Cheetah Chase 1x, & Montu 3x getting 13 coaster laps in total for today! Montu is definitely my favorite coaster of the park. I snapped a few pics of the new Sesame Street area which opens on Saturday (missed it by 4 days, oh well). I am going to wait for that section of the park to open before I make my 2010 BGA video but I did get a lot of good footage. Enjoy the pics!


After about an hour & 15 min drive we made it to BGA!


Since the rest of the park wasn't open just yet we hit Gwazi first!


Yay Sheikra!


This ride is awesome! Not better than the mighty Griffon in my opinion but one of my Florida favorites!


Kumba was one of my favorites as a kid back in the day & still is. Rode it 3x today!


Reminds me of Dorney's now relocated Laser which I miss.


Just your standard mouse.


Lunch time!


Montu is my favorite Florida coaster! Sorry Manta I forgot how AMAZING this thing is!


Back to Sheikra!


Ok one more time for 4x today!




Some Sesame pics! I spy a soon to be credit!


Another pic!


and another!


Missed it by 4 days. Oh well I'll be back after Spring Break season in a few weeks.


We ended our day on Muntu in the front seat! Thanks for reading!

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