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NEWS: The Bamboozle Roadshow to hit Six Flags parks

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The popular Bamboozle Roadshow will hit five select Six Flags theme parks across the nation as part of the blockbuster Six Flags Summer Concert Series. The New Jersey-based rock & pop festival, The Bamboozle, features headliners Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, Third Eye Blind, LMFAO, Forever the Sickest Kids, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and other top acts.


"The Bamboozle Roadshow is one of the hottest tickets in music and we are very excited to be a part of this year's tour," said Dan Weinberg, Six Flags VP of Entertainment. "The Six Flags Summer Concert Series has become a signature event for great music and this is the caliber of talent our guests can look forward to all season long."


The Bamboozle Festival launched in New Jersey in 2005 and will blast into more than two dozen major cities across the nation this summer including stops at Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, GA; Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX; Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ; Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, TX and Six Flags St. Louis, MO. The all-day event will include two stages with the main stage rotating headline acts and a second stage showcasing up-and-coming artists.


Acts vary by park and include performances by All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte, Cartel, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Downtown Fiction, The Ready Set, Vita Chambers, Great Big Planes, Mercy Mercedes, Hellogoodbye, Cady Groves, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind, Simple Plan, Stereo Skyline, Vedera and others.


Pre-sale tickets will be available for a limited time at sixflags.com to Season Pass holders ONLY beginning March 1 and to the general public beginning March 5. Log onto sixflags.com for the latest artist lineup and for more information on the Six Flags Summer Concert Series.


5/23 Six Flags Over Georgia - Atlanta, GA

5/29 Six Flags Over Texas - Arlington, TX

5/30 Six Flags Fiesta Texas - San Antonio, TX

6/13 Six Flags St. Louis - St. Louis, MO

6/24 Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, NJ

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I read about this the day it was posted on Alternative Press. I'm so excited to see some of the bands again and some for the first time.

Bamboozle Road Show last year was really good with We The Kings, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Cab, Never Shout Never, and Mercy Mercedez. I had a really good time last year at the St. louis stop on the tour and this year sounds just as good if not better. Alot of the bands I've seen before but I can always see them again.

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Controversy is brewing after fans at Six Flags in Arlington were pepper sprayed during an all-ages concert.




The incident happened on Saturday night during a performance by "All Time Low" as part of a traveling multiband performance "The Bamboozle Roadshow."


According to amusement park representative Sharon Parker, one of the bands incited the young crowd, prompting them to become rowdy.


Parker did not provide specifics about the concertgoers' actions, but in an official statement did admit that force was used to control the crowd.


"In an effort to diffuse the situation, pepper spray was used and approximately 15 guests were affected," the statement read. "Those individuals were treated by First Aid and released."


Parker said that Arlington police, not park security, brandished the weapon.


A police spokesperson said no uniformed officers were at the park but that one off-duty officer was working security at the event.


No arrests were reported.


The incident outraged the band and has sparked a social media backlash.


Video posted on YouTube shows band member Alex Gaskarth addressing the crowd immediately after the incident.


"Any fu--ing Six Flags that sprays mace in the face of a fu--ing kid -- that is fucking bulls--t," he said to a cheering crowd.


But the harsh words for Six Flags did not end there. The band utilized its Twitter account to further criticize the park.


"I don't care how rowdy a crowd of kids are, there is absolutely no excuse for the police at SIX FLAGS to spray mace in our fans faces," one post read. "That kind of protocol is insane for an all ages show at a theme park. A girl who looked to be about 15 walked up to me and said she was removed from the crowd after being maced. Are you fu--ing kidding me?"


The band also alerted fans that it would not be attending the roadshow's scheduled Sunday performance at Six Flags' San Antonio location.


According to the park, the band dropped out, but ATL said the park refused to let them play.


"Big thanks to the park for not only condoning the macing of kids at an all ages show, but also for fabricating stories in order to ban us," the band tweeted. "For clarification, we have been asked not to perform at the 6Flags San Antonio show tonight. I'm sincerely sorry to anyone hoping to see us."


The majority of comments made on the video and in response to the tweets were highly critical of Six Flags.


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Not sure how you could fault anyone for using mace in that situation. The band was stupid to invite all those people on the stage. Clearly a dangerous situation.

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Now I know what all the sarcastic mace comments on FB were about! I thought it might just be made up BS, so I didn't bother to research.

I wonder who's "really" in the right and wrong here. It seems that multiple parties could be blamed.

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Seems like another example of people looking to blame anyone but themselves. While more care could have possibly been taken to control the crowd, what did they expect to happen? If you are actively taking part in a rowdy crowd, you can't get upset if force is used to bring control. Now, if you weren't part of the crowd, or a victim was young, say under 13, you might have a case, but not if you are part of the problem. It's a shame that most of the public will probably take the side of the band and not Six Flags.

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This is a very difficult situation to comment on. The way I see it, both parties are at some fault, and I'd put more blame on the band.


As someone who once worked for a band before (Oingo Boingo in the early 90s) and attended about 70 concerts with them I've seen the kind of crazy behaviour that happens at concerts from the stage view. I could never...EVER imagine the band telling the crowd to rush the stage. You're only asking for trouble. The band is inviting this kind of behaviour to happen.


And then to curse out Six Flags on top of it? And say F.U. to Six Flags? And some people are surprised that Six Flags won't let them play the next night? What do they expect is going to happen? "Hey FU Six Flags!" "Oh, well thank you All Time Low...we look forward to your visit tomorrow! Have a Six Flags Day!" Sorry, that's just unrealistic.


Do I think they should have used mace on the kids? I'm not sure. What are the other alternatives? Let the kids keep going until someone gets hurt? Tasers? Gun shots in the air? And god forbid one of the band members did get hurt? I guarentee you they would have placed ALL the blame on Six Flags for that one too.


I'm sure Six Flags is all about mitigating risks and liability problems. After seeing this action, if I was in charge of Six Flags security, I would have told them they could play the next tour date under VERY strict conditions, but after hearing they told me to F**K OFF...No way...They are gone. The band dug thier own grave with that one.


IMO, this should *NOT* have been allowed to happen in the first place and I really think the band used very, VERY poor judgement by telling the kids to rush the stage, and then blamed Six Flags when it couldn't be controlled. I'm not sure Six Flags should have used mace, but to be honest, I'm not sure how that situation could have been controlled otherwise.



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Not really sure what to say on this one. The band certainly used poor judgment to invite that many people on stage, but at the same time we don't know how violent or rowdy the crowd really was. If you were security for that show what would you have done? We can't even fathom that question, there just isn't enough information. Six Flags says one thing, the band says another.


Is Six Flags in the right for telling to the band not to perform the next show? Considering the public comments the band said, yes.

However, if what the band said is true, then Six Flags should not have lied to the public and just come out and said that they did not want the band to perform.


We will never know though...

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Truly a 'Spur of the Moment' accident if I ever saw one.


The band wasn't thinking, the kids weren't thinking, and SF management had to think fast. This should have been disregarded as a freak accident, too bad people are willing to take things too far.


Very classy remarks from the band as well.

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Six Flags wasn't even the one who maced the kids. It was the Arlington police who were their anyways. A cop took it out of hand and maced a group of teens, from what I understand those teens were taken to first aid and taken care of then released. Now the people on the Facebook fan page are diehard fans on All Time Low and are making it seem worse than it really was.


I think the problem with the people on the social networking sites was serious miscommunication between the Texas parks and Mike Scollins, the person who runs the Facebook and Twitter pages. Mike posted that ATL dropped out of the next venue but then ATL tweeted that they weren't aloud back. I wouldn't allow them back either like what Robb said. Someone needs to go on Facebook and explain to the kids what really happened because honestly, I don't think they even know the full story other than what ATL tweeted about.

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I think this was really mishandled, really their should have been some sort of plan for a situation like this, problem with pepper spray is that if you use it in a crowd even the people you weren't aiming for get affected just from the fumes. I've only been in this kind of situation twice at a concert and both times as soon as the crowd (or the band) got out of hand they cut the power then announced over a PA system or through a bullhorn that it was time to either go or get arrested. Still the bands in those incidents told us directly that if we didn't chill out the cops were gonna shut it down.


Bottom line is that the band obviously does this at it's concerts and someone should have been aware of it, its like those old Ed Sullivan shows, he knew what acts did what and stopped um from doing anything he didn't like on his stage, even Elvis. That said concert promoters should have let security in on it and maybe they wouldn't have paniced thinking everything was going to hell, or else six flags could have told them it was out of the question and avoided it all together.


It sounds like they booked this band(yes as part of a bigger show), to attract their fans and that's what they got. Of course, the band has to say F you to Six Flags, it makes them look good for their fans, who will probably be somewhere else doing the same thing in the near future. I'm pretty sure that being banned from doing concerts at Six Flags doesn't make or break rock bands. I actually think this helps the band, hell i never heard of um til this and their audience looks to be teens, which makes Six Flags the establishment and the ATL rebels without a cause.

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...the kids weren't thinking...


Yeah...we seem to have this tendency.


I actually agree with Robb on this one; it just doesn't sound quite right that the policed maced the kids...but what would be a better solution?


I have no idea. (Hey, another one of my tendencies! )

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I'm all for teens getting maced if they did something like this.

Take it from me. I'm a teenager, I'm around more teenagers every day then most of you on here. I know how they act, and quite frankly, pepper spray would be a NICE punishment for some of the things teens do nowadays. I'd say use pepper spray and lock them up.

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I have to say it was the bands fault for asking the kids to rush the stage. Had they not done that.....none of this would have happened. The kids thought it was OK since the band said they could......apparently it wasn't kosher with Arlington PD.


I totally agree with Robb.....if I would have been told "F@&K You", I would have not wanted them to play at the next park either. They dug their own grave with that comment. If I had it my way...I would have maced the band for that. LOL j/j

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