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Photo TR: The Brit Crew go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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This past weekend a few of the Brit Crew got together in Blackpool for some drinking and theme park related fun. This was our second year in a row visiting in February, so I think this trip gets promoted in status to our "annual Blackpool trip"! After you've read this, don't miss the CORAL ISLAND and REFLEX PHOTOS!


All in all, we had a good day. Officially, the only ride down was Bling. But that's because Trauma Towers, Noah's Ark and Space Invader are no longer amongst the official ride list the park keeps. It's quite sad that it looks like some of the best things in the park may never return but the park have done a good job in making what is operating look nice.


The park was also really quiet. A good thing for us, but hopefully as the season gets started properly it gets a bit busier. Blackpool needs to have a good year.


Now with Alton Towers opening Thirteen this year the park knows that they can't just sit around doing nothing. As a matter of fact, they've actually unveiled their Thirteen rivalling new-for-2010 attraction! What is it, you ask? Read on...


Welcome to Blackpool! Word has it that there be some rollycoasters here!


Last year the Casino at the front of the park was converted into the ticket office. It gives the place a classy feel. Don’t worry, that feeling doesn’t last long!


The bad news is that Noah’s Ark is closed this year. The entrance and stairs have even been removed. The good news is that the attraction has been “incorporated into the park’s entrance”! Good work Pleasure Beach!


NEW FOR 2010 – THE WATER SCULPTURE GARDEN!!! Check out the AWE on Mike’s face!


Ain’t it just gorgeous?


I just love fountains. Blackpool needs more fountains.


Also new for 2010 is the outdoor urinal for men. It is conviently located within the Water Sculpture Garden


If you visited the park in 2009 this bad boy of a fountain would have just blown you away! It loses points in 2010 for its lack of sculptures.


Anth always has to wander through the fountain when he gets to the Pleasure Beach so that he can wash off the smell of Wendy from the previous night.


Trauma Towers is still closed this season, sadly. Though there is a water fountain type element in the ride so I remain hopeful that it will reopen one day!


The Big One still looks impressive even if it’s a bit “meh” to ride!


I’ll need to check out that Frontierland place someday!


Andrew missed this credit in 2008 so naturally it was the first place that he demanded we go to!


Most people love the Wild Mouse for the super crazy rides it gives. Me, I love it for the fountain!


Fountainous rides are Fudge approved!


The Wild Mouse is one of craziest rides in the country! It beats you up but you can’t help but laugh!


Ah Steeplechase, how I have missed you!


It’s looking all nice, shiny and painted! Hopefully this means the ride isn’t going anywhere soon!


I wasn’t fat enough to win my race this year. One day I will be!


I’m glad that Blackpool realises that Irn-Bru is above Pepsi Max.


I don’t care what anyone says Revolution seem to sprout another flight of stairs every year!


The park also needs to add a slide for the journey back down!


As part of the whole Water Sculpture Garden project the old Superbowl dodgems got taken away. To make up for this, the old Whip building has been converted into Dodgems!


It’s a pretty small area but the new cars really are quite powerful!


Apparently Robbie Williams designed the logos and the car artwork. Just one more reason for Chrissie to visit Blackpool!


Don’t forget your Dodgems souvenir T-Shirt from the gift shop!


There's loads going on here...

Mini-Revolution is fairly exciting. Weird panda dude is a wee bit more exciting. But nothing compare to WATER FOUNTAIN BARRELS!


No one say anything about this to Wendy or Anth is in BIG trouble!


Avalanche is cool.


I don’t care what anyone says, the Tango Ice Blast will always be the PlayStation to me. It will also always be the world’s largest frog hopper to me.


Many people love Blackpool for the coasters but for me it’s all about the weird, classic dark rides!


Jeff Johnson’s jolly British cousin says hello!


Dark-ride-Brad freaks me out. Really, he does.


You have to look hard for them but there ARE boobs to be found in some of the Blackpool dark rides!


The Big Dipper is still there but the exit has been given a massive overhaul for 2010…




Come into my world!




Peena Puu’s British nephew lives and reigns free in Magic Mountain!


Yay, more Blackpool Pleasure Boobs!


Everyone says hello to Mr. McMullen, Anth’s father.


Now say hello to the Greenhill twins.


Anth thought it would be funny to sit on the hippo’s tooth. It was at the precise moment that I took this photo the hippo’s tooth began to vibrate! Seriously!


With the Circus Clown coaster now gone, the Zipper Dipper is the only place to get your kiddie credit whore on in Blackpool.


The ride op asked us if we were with a rollercoaster club as we took over the entire train. What gave it away?


This was the new-for-1974 Dharma fountain.


Space Invader II is still closed due to the lack of any water related elements.


We now venture into the Chinese Puzzle Maze. Featuring such obstacles as…






This is where Anth stays on the weekends when Wendy is annoyed with him.


Mike believes that’s one quality fountain.


I think Anth might be aroused by this one!


Whilst I'm briefly on the subject of water and fountains - Infusion still looks pretty. That’s all I really have to say about that!


Now for a ride that features nothing water related at all!


Here Mike demonstrates the best investment one can make in the whole of Blackpool with a shiny golden nugget!


I think this may have been our most successful Valhalla ride yet! Sure a few of the effects didn’t work and it’s like a big open aired warehouse at one point, but we all kept pretty damned dry!


We finish our riding at the Pleasure Beach with a whirl on its best coaster (in my view at least), Grand National!


Mike then figured it would be a great idea to lock himself in for the rest of the day. He may still be there now.


Okay, okay. I know you’re only reading this for the Water Fountain Sculptures so here’s some more!


Marvel in admiration at the REFLECTION FOUNTAIN SHOT!


This is the new Blackpool money shot – coasters and Water Sculpture Fountains! Fanboys - commence jizzing.


One last gripe: The park has gotten rid of the sign with today’s date that used to sit over these benches. It’s a real shame I think. I have group photos from these benches with the date in them from 1990, 1993, 1996, 2008 and 2009. It would have been nice to add a 2010 version. Oh well.


But still, I don't want to end on a sad note, because we had a great group and a fantastic day!


Anyway, I still love the Pleasure Beach. Even if it does seem that there is less and less rides open every year. The park does look very nice and we had a real fun day out!


Thanks for reading!

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Nice Report! Glad to see you can still have fun at Blackpool even though everyone keeps saying how downhill the place is going.


Was Roller Coaster running?


Yeah Roller Coaster was up and running as good as ever. And The Big Dipper was running too although it's now limited to one train operation.

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Thanks for the TR! I really enjoyed my time at Blackpool - I agree about the dark rides... so much fun!


Is it possible that the bench with the date is only gone temporarily? It seems like a very strange decision to remove such a popular photo op.

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Nice TR Divv!!


I love Blackpool. Nothing is the greatest, but everything's cool!


What's the story behind the closing of Trauma Towers?? And, didn't they used to have a large fountain filled with blood just outside the front door of TT, or in that vicinity??




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Many people love Blackpool for the coasters but for me it’s all about the weird, classic dark rides!


I love Blackpool's quirkiness, but it's a shame about Noah's Ark and Trauma Towers. The latter was one of the biggest surprises of the TPR UK Trip.

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Great TR i love visits to blackpool they are awesome!!! In the summer i will be going to blackpool for sometime to ride all the coasters up there again and then im of to Alton Towers! I can't Wait!!!!!!!!


I'm sad to hear Noahs Ark is down that was the best non rollercoaster there! I hope it is back up and running soon!

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Looks like you guys had a great time!!


I'm sad I missed it....


It is very sad about Trauma Towers, Noahs Ark. Lets not forget about the American Football dodgems - they were fast and amazing.


(especially when watching people who can't drive them..... )

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Another great visit to Blackpool.


It is very sad about Trauma Towers, Noahs Ark. Lets not forget about the American Football dodgems - they were fast and amazing.


(especially when watching people who can't drive them..... )


The new dodgems really can't compare to the old ones Dave. Slow, small area to drive, and far to many cars. I think there were about 10 or 11 cars on the floor and you didn't have to go far to hit someone, and there were 4 cars off to the side! No chance for someone to have a repeat of "Dodgems girl" from '08


I would like to thank all of you for all the texts & messages reminding me I wasn't there! Glad you guys had a great time!

Don't forget the call from Reflex!

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Good to see Big Dipper is Running and Rollercoaster, will be visiting in April to get my credits which I have missed previously (Wild Mouse and Rollercoaster)


Good TR as always Brit Crew, will have to meet you guys one of these days for a legendary day! (and night!)

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I'm looking forward to hearing the views on the park from the people on the UK trip this year. Especially those who haven't been in a few years, I'm not sure how drastic the changes will feel.


Is it possible that the bench with the date is only gone temporarily? It seems like a very strange decision to remove such a popular photo op.


From what I can tell the sign has been gone since last summer so it's not looking good. Still I'm holding out hope that they bring it back one day!


What's the story behind the closing of Trauma Towers?? And, didn't they used to have a large fountain filled with blood just outside the front door of TT, or in that vicinity??


I'm not sure on the official story but the word is that maintenance costs and health & safety concerns are the reason it's closed. And yeah, the blood filled fountain got replaced with big Hotel Colosseo style one last year. That whole part of the between the entrance and the Wild Mouse feels totally different now.


There's Coral Island and Reflex photos to come! Thanks for the comments everyone!

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Nice report - I can't believe that I have never noticed just how many fountains there are in the Pleasure Beach! Shall be paying attention in May when I go down. Funny - Blackpool always seems freezing and not a very good place to get wet; so why so many water rides etc? Many a time I have been soaked to the bone and shivering.

Also, pretty gutted about Noah's Ark. I thought they were just doing it up? I didn't realise it was leaving - it had to be one of the quirkiest and funniest rides ever! Shame.


I think you can still get your dated photo op just outside Alice in Wonderland - it's always been the one that we use as a family, and we used it last year for my son's first photo op at the Beach.


Park is looking better though overall - I noticed the paint job last October and it makes the park look 1000 times better. Could still do with more investment though. I seriously love PB; I think I have managed to visit annually (sometimes twice) and it holds a lot of nostalgic memories for me, but it worries me to see the downturn in trade and the gradual thinning out of rides that seems to happen on a yearly basis. Fingers crossed for this season.

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Okay, okay. I'll give you what you want, Shawn!


Believe it or not there's more to Blackpool than just the Pleasure Beach! Granted it's all just as tacky but it's GREAT for a night out!


Check out the photos...


Who would believe it? Mike’s in Blackpool and he has a BATHROOM!!!


This be Coral Island! Blackpool’s answer to Vegas!


You'll see that Blackpool isn't quite on the same scale.


Andrew gets carded for the first time since being in the UK.


Mike had been proclaiming that the best part of Coral Island would be the super kick ass Ghost Train!


Looks like it might be a bit intense for Andrew!


Scottish Steve, it’s as if Coral Island wanted to make a ride just for you and no one else!


I think this is the very moment when Mike realised that the Coral Island Ghost Train didn’t quite live up to his memory of it.


Anth failed at the Stacker, so you’re not alone Steve. I was sad as I really wanted to try out the Sega Glasses that were on offer!


Now for the best attraction at Coral Island – Deal or No Deal!


Mike’s down to only 2 boxes and the maximum prize is still up for grabs…


It’s so, so intense. Will Mike take the deal?


No! Mike lost! LOL!


That’s a whole lot of Guitar Hero!


Anth’s looking at Mike when he says “Mine’s bigger”.


Look at all the amazing non-tacky prizes Mike could have won! I really want my own CatBot!


If only Mike had taken the deal!!!


We finished our evening in Blackpool by checking out a familiar location – LEX 80’s BAR!


Although our sore arms really did hamper our enjoyment of the evening. Well no, actually we just pretended we had sore arms to mock the other Fudge!


We call this series of photos “Anth’s drunken progression” Just give him a call!


Anth’s drunkenness has now given him the ability to make his hands and Mike’s head glow a nice orangey colour.


Four beers later and this is pretty much how Anth’s world looks!


If anyone can tell me who this 80s icon is supposed to be I’d be eternally grateful! Seriously!


One shoe. Brad’s only got one shoe.


I’m sensing some Journey here!


Hold onto that feeling, Mike!


Andrew looks about ready to take the midnight train goin' anywhere.




Here it is. This is how Anth is able to score all those hotties.


Such a smooth operator!


Just don’t tell Wendy!


I’m in awe. I just don’t know how he does it!


There’s another two notches on the McMullen bedpost. (Just don’t tell Wendy!)


Not quite a giggle loop. Not quite symmetrical either. Brad ain’t happy.


Yes we’re in the 80s! And yes, Andrew’s hair was extra red back then!


Anth caps off another fantastic night with some memorable credits!


Can it really get more 80s than this?! Reflex is awesome, check it out for all your easy-listening 80s needs.


On the way back to the hotel Andrew took advantage of the fact that he could still walk unaided and ate some of the most minging food this side of McTuckys!


But that’s not the most exciting part of the night. No, the most exciting part of the weekend was when we got to visit the most famous landmark in all of Blackpool!


No, not the Tower. Not the Pepsi Max Big One either! Not even that Ghost train on the South Pier that Scottish Steve was too scared to even look at…


It’s Dave Fudge’s first ever lamppost love! What a whore that one’s turned out to be!


We all got a bit of the action from the original lamppost! What a way to end a spectacular night, right?


Thanks for reading!

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I actually burst out laughing at most of these pictures!!! I can't believe you guys found the original fudgepost! For me, I find that amazing! But for those walking the streets of Blackpool and coming across a group of men humping a lamppost for no apparent reason may have a slightly different opinion!


Great report Divv!

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