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When the classic Traveling Fair rolls thru your town.....

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What is your favorite attraction?


I myself always enjoyed doing many rides on the "Zipper".


This ride made it's first appearance back in 1968, it was invented by a man named Joseph Brown, and hasn't changed much over the years. There are currently over 200 Zippers in operation around the world.


Hell, even Michael Jackson has one at his Neverland Ranch! Go Michael!!!


This ride is great, because it has minimal safety restraints, just a lap bar attached to the door, with some rungs to hold onto---tightly!


Around and around you go! Great times for everyone!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I go to the The Puyallup Fair. It's a really nice fair. They have rare rides and some coasters! They have a wooden coaster, one of the last remaining Monster Mouse. (A wild mouse with a helix!) A Wildcat coaster that you can find a many fairs and a water coaster! Yes, water coaster. It's called Kersplash, RCDB dosen't call it a coaster but it is! Go to www.thefair.com and go to the fall fair part and there is a picture section that has a pic of it. The pic of it is not that good, but if you look close, you can see the track for it.


The Puyallup Fair is also better then Knott's because they have the Inferno. One of 2 left in the US I think! The other is at Mall of America.


They have a KMG Spin Out called El Nino, the Turbo Force and a Permenent S&S tower called the Extreme Scream. It has the best ride program, you first get shot up the 200 ft. tower, but once you go down and bounce up. You don't go back down, it pulls you all the way to the top and holds you there. Then drops you, so for 10 bucks, you get the shot program and drop program in one ride!


I don't know why many S&S towers just do the shot program or just the drop program. You get a much better ride with both in one ride!

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I haven't been to a fair in years! I used to love going to them and I have to say that my favourite ride was always the Tilt-a-Whirl. That just shows how long it's been. After a while of seeing the creepy ride operators and how easily those rides can be taken apart and put on the trucks for transport, I sort of lost my nerve a bit. I am much more in favour of permanent rides and non-creepy operators.

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Norwegian fairs are very small, and usually we only get the same old rides every year. Last year we were very lucky and got a KMG Afterburner, which was very good. Some of my other favorite rides are Waltzer and Rock-o-Plane (I loved it and hated it at the same time)

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Hey, I forgot about the Octopus. I loved that one too. Thanks for mentioning it. I also thought of a few more... Gravitron, Hurricane(except for the loud noise, hey I was little at the time), Scrambler, Skydiver... I guess there's just too many to list. I'll just say that I liked them all.

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