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Adventure Mountain [RCT 3 Amusement Park]

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Welcome to Adventure Mountain! Built outside of Tallahassee, Fl, she will become Florida's Number One Destination for Fun!


Operated by Funtimes Entertinment, the regional amusement park opened on April 22nd, 1978 to much fanfare.


She operates four world class coasters!


->Seminole! Journey with the tribe through a renegade adventure a fear and fun! Standing at 105 feet tall, she is one of the tallest coasters in North America!


->Join the rebellion with General Lee! This sit down steel Goliath flips riders upside down through a vertical loop and around a roarin' course of hills and thrills.


->Escape from Calamity Mine! Jump aboard this run-a-way mine train as it rolls through tunnels and tight turns. Have and adventure!


I attended opening day and took a few snapshots!


Seminole form the Parking Lot!


General Lee performing its vertical loop!


General Lee entertaining riders!


La Mosquito giving the younger rides some fun.


It was a busy day!


Not many people were in the Confederate Nation section of the park.


A great overview shot of Seminole!


One of our most popular rides, Escape from Calamity Mine


A park promotional shot! I love it!

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Going to a theme park in mid-June is so sweet! And lucky me I got to got to my favorite park, Adventure Mountain.


this will be my last update of 1978, looking forward to '79!


Good Morning, Seminole!


A good picture of it's back half.


Did I mention I got to ride with the maintenance crews!


Here is the parks Operations/ Human Resources Office!


They have a really big warehouse tucked into the front of the park.


The first stop we made was the top of Sky Drop, our parachute drop ride.


Escape from Calamity Mine looks so small from up here


We made a quick stop to brake run of General Lee


La Mosquito through the tunnel!


We got to poke around the Seminole for awhile


Across the Lake!


Looking down from the back turn of Seminole


Awesome that the coaster was still running!


While standing on the end-of-ride tunnel. (All Behind-the scenes photos are taken at the expense of the Adventure Mountain staff and only allowed if by permission.)


After my behind-the-scenes tour I got to ride some of my favorite rides. Here's Charge! in the Confederate Nation. I love the theming.


One final shot of Seminole as I was leaving the park at sunset.

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Thanks for the reviews. I'm sorry but I don't know how to "up the graphics."



EDIT: Thanks for the advice. My problem though is I work on this park "years" in advance of posting. It will be a few days before the better graphic pictures will be posted.


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To a trip to the best park in the South, Adventure Mountain! I noticed a few new things around the park from last year...


A new shop was built at the exit of the General Lee.


This new building filled the visual hole that the Confederate Nation section had.


I also noticed that behind a fence they had been moving dirt...


...a whole lot of dirt...


...as seen from atop the Seminole. I heard from a ride operator that something big is coming to the park in 1980. Some kind of new coaster. He definitely said it was unique and would be the tallest in the park. Let's find out soon!

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The park is building a Schwarzkopf Launch Loop! So excited! They haven't released any details though a employee said it will be a "striking" experience.


One of the Spikes can be seen from the parking lot.


Getting Closer...




Only a few pieces have been installed but all together it looks go so far.


Took this from the turn of Seminole. This coaster will definitely be a great attraction!

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Came back on opening day 1980 to shoot a quick picture of construction and found this..


As for the new coaster, No name confirmed yet. They did have a teaser poster hinting at the name. it said "Striking fear in Summer of 1980" This is getting exciting! I only have two pictures...


Testing the new coaster!


They have removed the landscaping and trees near the train shed of Escape from Calamity Mine. I wonder....

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I quickly visited the park to see if the new coaster was open yet...


A new Flat ride has been built near the new coaster...


...called Steel Lightning! It feature two- one of a kind almost 90 degree drops and a large vertical loop. It opens late next week! Stay Tuned!

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