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Carowinds & Paramount Question

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We are planning on stopping at Carowinds March 26th on own way down to Florida. Any idea on how crowded the park will be due to Easter weekend and if we will need more than one day to cover the park?


Also, we are planning a trip out to Kings Island this summer. If we purchase a season pass at Carowinds are we able to use it at Kings Island? (I did not see this mentioned on either web site)


Any idea on the opening day of Italian Job: Stunt Track at PKI?


Thanks in advance.

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Annual season pass holder for Carowinds...


The answer is...it depends. To the first question. To the second question, no, one full day (10am-6pm) is more than enough to see and ride everything if the park is average.


PARKING TIP: If you arrive early, if you want to hit BORG Assimilator first, park in the FRONT entrance of the park, if you want the other coasters (Top Gun, Thunder Road, etc., first, park at the BACK entrance)


Carowinds judges how many staff to have BEFORE the schools let out, usually around February when they have auditions.


If it is 70 and 80 degrees here like it was last year, that weekend will be packed.


If the number of staff is large, everything is open, all rides, including Water Works which due to early summer opened the second weekend of April last year (two weeks early)and the park is busy. If it is still cold, they will be on skeleton crew, have the BOGO (buy one get one free) coupons at Bi-Lo (grocery store) and the park will be empty.


WARNING! If it is cold in March, the water rides WILL NOT BE RUNNING! NOT AT ALL.

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(edited because I totally misread the initial post and got my park's confused).


A season pass from a Paramount park is supposed to be good at any other Paramount park. We used a Carowinds AP at King's Dominion last year and there weren't any problems to speak of on the first day (well, first evening would be more accurate). On the second day, the person at the gate told us that we had to go to a guest services window, show out AP, and receive a 1-Day ticket to use at the gate (this would have been nice to know BEFORE the park opened, mind you - we were there half an hour early). The fellow at guest services said they had to do that to keep track of who's using APs from where (I refrained from asking if they owned any computers, since that'd be a much less idiotic way to track this stuff). Anyway, long story short (Too late), that depends on the person at the gate. Longer story shorter (way too late), the Paramount AP is inded good at all other Paramount parks - that's one of their primary sale tactics.

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Also, we are planning a trip out to Kings Island this summer. If we purchase a season pass at Carowinds are we able to use it at Kings Island? (I did not see this mentioned on either web site)


I sold season passes for PKI for several seasons, and absolutely they are good for all parks (PKI, PKD,Carowinds, Canada's Wonderland and PGA).


If you have any other PKI questions, feel free to send them my way.


Shari "PKI info center retiree" Shoufler

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At your home park you just go through the turnstiles like normal, but at any other Paramount park you have to first go to Guest Relations to get a 1-Day Comp ticket after they write down your Season Pass number and what park it's from. Usually this process is pretty quick 5 - 10 minutes.


Elissa "why is it that Six Flags actually does this better than Paramount or Cedar Fair?!?!" Alvey

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Although u say that Easter weekend will be packed, what about the Monday after? That's when I'm planning to visit. Also does anyone know if Paramount has a rule against buying season passes from far out of state, since i live in Jersey and will be making the trip up. Thanks.

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Unfortunately, most people have the Monday off due to the holiday so it will probably be very busy that day also.


BUT, you never know. :?


They don't have any rules about the season passes that I'm aware of. You should be fine on that. Also, they have an awesome Pass Processing center at the park. You'll have your card and be ready in no time at all. Suggestion - Lots of people buy their passes and then move immediately to process them first thing in the morning. You can get your pass processed any time THE SAME DAY so, don't fight the crowds. Head to the processing center after lunch (1:00 - 1:30) and you'll walk right in. It will take all of 10 minutes.

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Usually I've had the opposite experience with Carowinds and holidays.


I've been out there and there's half the people.


Also, if you're going on Monday I don't think it will be nearly as bad as Saturday. Just get there when they open.


Usually the first 2 hours everything (except borg) is a walk on.



Saturday is always the worst day at PC like most parks.

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