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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Sure looks like they are RMCing it to me...

Hope they get it back open soon! Looks like they are making good progress.

Been out of the loop for a while on this one, did they ever actually figure out officially what happened?

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It looks like Jersey Devil will be the first ride in park history with any kind of temperature limit.

... either that or they'll just throw this up outside the ride whenever it breaks so people don't question it since it spends like 50% of it's life broken.


Source: Arielle in the ironically named, Great Adventure "Connoisseurs" Facebook group.

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So we went to the park yesterday. Apparently they have some kind of sliding scale weather limit for it and I’d consider it a bonus any day it actually opens for this event. 

Last night it was 42 degrees and closed for wind, but Skyway was operating. The colder it is, the lower the wind limit and it gets down to the point where any kind of breeze at all, they won’t start it.

Just go in expecting it to be closed and be pleasantly surprised when it opens. 

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On 11/7 they ran JDC to close, probably just below 40 degrees, but it had been running all day. Saw one interruption for about 10-15 minutes messing with a sensor connection. I got 8 rides, but still have to ride anywhere near the back, as I overdid waiting out the crowd, and trains were going out mostly empty. My front row solo ride in those temps seemed maybe the fastest, even though it wasn't it still performs OK.

This coaster is an interesting comparison to their B&M loopers. Except for JDC having a mix of airtime in with the inversions, they do comparable things. Bizarro (my hero now) is a little longer and Batman is both shorter and not as tall, but I hesitate in calling it "smaller" as it has that big train feel; also Batman is actually the crazier ride of the 3. Jersey Devil is in a sense redundant, and yet very different due to the single rail format. 

I found the restraints comfortable enough -- far better than some -- but could see if there was much stronger ejector air they wouldn't be. The stall is the best I've ridden yet (of not many), it starts off close to a float but hangs you more as it goes. I'd like to try a floatier one, maybe when running faster this does that.  The train cars are really cute, being as small as Lil' Devil's but much more serious at the same time.

Speaking of Lil' Devil, got the credit, but the worst of these little Zamperla's I've ridden. Great Chase is also oddly profiled, but in a more fun way, and Cocoa is rather nice, as long as you sit on the outside.

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Just now, bengalsguy601 said:

Does anyone know if Six flags does a black Friday deal on memberships? I'm only planning on making the trio a few times next year so will probably wait for the best price if there is one.

Not sure how much better of a price than a $70 Basic Season Pass/$80 Gold Plus Season Pass (if you need all parks) you think you're going to get, but I think I bought mine last year for $60 in mid-December.  I can't remember if that sale started on Black Friday or not.

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2 hours ago, bengalsguy601 said:

Does anyone know if Six flags does a black Friday deal on memberships? I'm only planning on making the trio a few times next year so will probably wait for the best price if there is one.

Typically they do not.

They may call it a holiday sale but it will be the same price you saw the day before.


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Yesterday was fantastic. There was a threat of rain listed for Saturday all week, yesterday every app was showing “rain” but when you opened up the hour by hour it was basically perfect for the operating hours. It did most a bit, but the forecast kept everyone away.

I lost count of how many rides we got on Nitro and “The JDC” (ride ops, stop trying to make that a thing)

I’ve never seen Nitro run that fast for Holiday in the Park.

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Our Nitro night rides on Saturday were absolutely otherworldly. Since the park was a ghost town there wasn't even more than a train wait for the front so we rode up there a bunch too and those were some of our best laps. Hauling ass. Not only was it f*cking flying, the entire area was shrouded in this grey haze/mist so coming up that first airtime hill after the first turn we were just kind of floating up and over this moonlit cloud that had settled just above the tree line and then back down into it before being whipped through the hammerhead and back up and over the cloud on the next hill. Just simply amazing, some of the best rides we've ever gotten on it.

Before Saturday, I'd only managed one single (back seat) ride on The JDC (its a thing) not long after it opened this summer. Any time I've been to the park since its been mobbed or the ride was down. I'd hoped all season that one day during HITP we'd get a weather day like that (mild, kinda rainy) where I could just sit on the the thing all day long and well... we got it. They were running two trains and filling them but we would walk around and right back on, over and over. We rode at least a dozen and a half times, probably more, all over the train. Keep in mind its my only single rail coaster, but I actually find it to be a very intense ride, the best moments being the first drop (especially in the back - ho-lee-shit), the hanging stall thing, and the turnaround right after it. They had the midcourse mostly off all day so the final bunnyhops were all providing ample air, especially the tiny straight pop right before the final brakes. I'd probably say I prefer the back over the front but I think the best rides were in the middle-back-ish part of the train. It's a very intense ride, especially to marathon.

I've said it on here before, but we're spoiled AF at this park. We were just down in Orlando two weeks ago so going back to the ol' local SF felt janky as all hell, but we have some absolutely amazing rides and the fact that we're able to ride things like Wonder Woman, Nitro, JDC etc in December when people are out Christmas shopping is something I'm certainly still grateful for. In addition to the extended marathons on Nitro and JDC we managed rides on Wonder Woman, Batman, Justice League, Dark Knight, Skull Mountain, and Superman (wow the suck really shines after riding Manta last week). The Skyway is sadly closed for maintenance, Cyborg is FUBAR'd, Houdini actually had a line when we passed it and neither of us felt up for Joker. All in all one of the best days we've had at the park in quite some time.

I guess this is kind of some sort of trip report now so some photos?










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^ Saturday was awesome. It also came together last minute which made it even better.

Like 48 hours prior, my plan was to drop Brit at the airport in NYC and then brave the sea of humanity doing Christmas shopping that day in the rain. The next day, she was flying out of Philly for $300 less and I was totally-not using that as an excuse to swing by Six Flags for a ride or two if the rain held off. The next day Boldy was down, it totally wasn’t going to rain and we had some bangin’ cheesesteaks in Philly and then rode Jersey Devil and Nitro like 800 times each in an empty park. 😂 

Good times. I love Holiday in the Park. We should cancel Fright Fest and start it in September every year.

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By far my favorite ride at the park and the only coaster I've ever actually marathoned a stupid amount of times, got really lucky one day with nobody at the park and they just let us sit in the seats the entire time, think i ended up with close to 17 rides in a row. 

I enjoy sitting towards the back more but too many selfish idiots with their phones out has lead me sitting towards the front of it more and more over the past few years. 

Can't wait to get back on it next year, haven't been to the park since 2019 now. 

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… annual reminder that this ride is a brick shithouse and the day that it closes for temperature is the day that hell freezes over.



Am I posting this because I’m 10 minutes from Carowinds, they’re predicting seven consecutive days over 70 degrees and Fury is closed and it annoys me? The world may never know…

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Superman and Jersey Devil are the only two rides I could see getting lengthy waits if they're still running at reduced capacity.

Jersey Devil only had one train yesterday, so the line reached 2 hours midday.  I found out after the fact it was recently added to the membership skip-the-line passes, but even when I redeemed those, the line still took 20ish minutes from that point.  It sounds like it had been running with 2-3 trains most other days for Holiday in the Park.  The ride did open at least an hour late, so maybe they were having some trouble.

Superman was doing this weird thing where it was only loading the first four rows.  Combined with one train, that line crawled.

All the other coasters were walk-ons.


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