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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Six Flags Great Adventure will open for the season at the end of March with safety protocols and a "no cash" policy.

The Jackson park is scheduled to open for the season on March 27 while the Hurricane Harbor water park opens May 15 with social distancing protocols.

Park spokeswoman Kristin Fitzgerald said that when Six Flags reopened in 2020 they opened at a self-imposed capacity of 25%, which increased during the season as visitors and park employees adjusted to new safety measures. The park will open this year at the 50% capacity for outdoor amusement parks in compliance with Gov. Phil Murphy's executive order.

"We feel confident that, going into our second season with our extensive, new protocols, we will be able to increase our attendance to 50%, and be ready to grow that percentage as conditions and government mandates allow," Fitzgerald said.

One big difference at all 27 Six Flags and Hurricane Harbors around the country is that only credit cards and mobile payment will be accepted for purchases at restaurants, retail stores, games, ticket windows and parking toll booths. Customers will be able to convert cash to a pre-paid Visa credit card without a fee.

The New Jersey Business and Industry Association said the park is in compliance with a bill signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in 2019 prohibiting discrimination against cash paying customers.

"Our observation is Six Flags in indeed abiding by the law," NJBIA spokesman Bob Considine told New Jersey 101.5. "They're not requiring the use of credit. Cash-paying customers can still use cash. They just need to take an added step to convert their tender as a matter of safety. We have seen similar approaches of cash-for-cards used in many arcades along the shore for example, even prior to COVID-19."

Touchless security screening and mobile food ordering will return for the 2021 season.

"Mobile ordering on our dining app allows guests to order food from their mobile device and pick it up at the location when it’s ready," Fitzgerald said. "This greatly reduced stand-by lines and allowed guests to enjoy their time in the park with less waiting."

Among the other policies:

Visitors must be healthy for at least 14 days before their visit although no proof is required

All visitors and employees must wear masks

A new online park reservation and contact system will be in place. The park recommends pre-purchasing parking and tickets online prior to a visit

6-foot distance between those in line

Minimizing contact between groups on rides with empty seats

Reduced indoor capacity

Protective barriers between employees and guests

Cleaning teams will disinfect common areas and high touch points

Games will be sanitized between uses or guests will be provided gloves. Group race games and arcade games will be reconfigured to ensure that visitors are kept separate


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I guess this should go here too:




Some Six Flags Great Adventure employees will make $15 an hour this season, after the park announced a major pay hike.

The raise is a $4 increase over last season, when most employees made $11.

Employees who will see wage increases include food and beverage operations, custodial services, security, shuttle drivers, and lifeguards.



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On 2/25/2021 at 1:51 PM, mary.pesik said:

When's JDC's projected opening date?

Hell it may be 2023 for all we know XD  

And Im so bad with following w construction and etc so really I got no idea. I HOPE its open by this summer but not holding my breath

On 2/25/2021 at 3:54 PM, Mike240SX said:

Awesome! I know NJ passed a $15 min wage but it was still a few years away until it hit that point, good on Great Adventure not waiting and just going right to it. 

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I don't think the main purpose of advancing with the $15 sooner than other businesses is to be "fair and progressive." I think the strategy is to advance slightly quicker to make their job postings more appealing, since it's an inevitable change, anyway. The park is doing something they wouldn't have done if it wouldn't be mandatory in the very near future. They'll hold at $15 for as long as possible, just like every other business. Smart strategy, though.


As far as NJ Devil it looks great. I'm sure SFSTL will get a raptor just as good, soon............

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^ Right. Just like in MO we passed the $12/hr minimun wage and right now it's $10.30 but a lot of businesses are just hiring at $12 anyway. Businesses will pay whatever they need to in order to attract employees. Paying $15 may help that one employee make the decision to work for Six Flags instead of their local McDonald's.

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The drive thru safari reservations just opened up today, fyi. Going to do the drive thru at 9am on Easter before the park opens at 10.

Has anyone done the drive thru safari last year with a non Great Adventure season pass for free (not a membership)? I can't remember where I read that only Great Adventure passes would work. I was able to make the reservation with the SFA pass but I wanted to make sure they weren't going to try and charge me when I get there.

Edit: found in the FAQ. Anyone have a different experience?


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Hey all! Was planning to swing up to the park from DC this week (either Tuesday or Friday) for the first time. Does anyone have a sense of how busy the park will be or how good early season ride operations are at the park?

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It's spring break during the week so its a crap shoot, you just have to take your chances. Tuesday is probably a better chance of lower crowds, and while the weather can and will change by then, Tuesday is a high of 62 while Friday is only a high of 47 so your chances of rides being cranky/too cold is worse on Friday. I'd try to go Tuesday if I were you.

You can expect most coasters to be open (obviously not Jersey Devil) but be warned many of the food stands will be closed so expect long lines for any type of food and drink. But go in with low expectations and you should have an OK time. They're generally pretty good about having the big dogs up and running for opening weekend/week but you shouldn't be surprised if rides are cranky because two of them are Intamins. They'll try to run them no matter what - they'll run Nitro when its 19 degrees so they don't give AF about that, but Toro does not like the cold.

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11 hours ago, YoshiFan said:

There is a large group at the park Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I went to the park the same day they were there years ago and it was one of the most crowded I have ever seen the park except Fright Fest on a Saturday.


Thanks all for your help! We're going to avoid this group and head up to the park on Friday.

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JDC update on the parks socials today.


Might just be the angle but wild how close to the station both of those tracks seem to be.





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20 hours ago, tndank said:

Nope. But why not buy a season pass? Only doing 1 day at Six Flags this year?

I would purchase a season pass, but I don't think it's wise for me to do so until reservation availability is confirmed for the specific date I'm looking at in June.

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