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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Oh, we’re making fun of Winterfest at Carowinds?



I felt so safe yesterday walking by the palm trees by Intimidator in a T shirt looking at all of the closed rides. Nice to know that I was finally at a park that cares about my safety.

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Polar Coaster Challenge was amazing. I was first in line, first train, front row. Not sure I've ever felt cold like that before in my life, but going 80mph with the 37 degree weather made the wind chill 17 degrees. By the end of the ride my arms and legs were burning and hitting the brakes actually made you feel rather warm and toasty for a bit.





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The complete 2020 calendar is out.


Obviously this is subject to change because it's Six Flags.


Opening Day is April 4th.


Right now the calendar actually implies no gap between Labor Day and Fright Fest on 9/11 but that seems like it could change because it's weird. I'm not saying it will, but it might.


Grape Adventure would (I guess) be November 7th and 8th which is the only non-HITP or FF weekend.


Holiday in the Park would start on 11/21 and end on 1/1 which is stupid since that's a Friday and they might as well run it until 1/3. I'd be surprised if they don't change that.

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Pro tip: You need this in your life.


I can’t believe I’m raving about Six Flags food but OMG


I also agree. These were fantastic. They were the perfect thing to eat before a Nitro marathon.


Speaking of Nitro, my buddy and I got a (fro)zen ride on it and I've never seen Nitro move so slowly. This led to the mid-course brake not grabbing us and the return run had way stronger airtime than I've ever gotten on Nitro.

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