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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Really we should get a gci or some kind of woodie because since rolling thunder closed there hasent been a traditional wooden coaster at GA and looking at the land six flags could easily squeeze in a wooden coaster that mabey could extend over the water or something but who knows what there putting there its probley gunna end up being knotts beerys boomerang tbh

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This is the area it's going in




The kiddie car ride near Skull Mountain is gone and the old Moon/Hydro/Riptide flume loading turntable, which they up until recently used as a stage for small shows back there, is all tore up.


I wouldn't post this if I didn't trust the source, but I'm now hearing that whatever it is will reach all the way from Skull Mountain in a straight line down to the edge of and behind Congo Rapids to the lake. Congo is not going. Sounds like all the kiddie rides in Seaport are being moved or removed. Supposedly the whole entrance to Seaport (fountain, portal etc) is going.


I'm still not convinced its a coaster, but if it is, I think we're going with some sort of launching S&S like Maxx Force. I'm probably totally wrong. This could still just be a huge kids area expansion (tho admittedly the clues do not seem to be pointing toward that).


With either scenario I have serious concerns about the future of my favorite bathroom.

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Just to be clear I outlined in the blue what they meant from where rivers once flowed this is part of the 1993 map showing there first waterpark before hurricane harbour. Honestly GA has 2 kiddie areas and this area is not very traveled and as popular than the other kiddie area near the log flume and I think 2020 is going to see this dead area of the park revitalized and freshened up


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1. Ouch! 1 train on Toro = LONG Ass lines!


2. Why was the second train taken off?

I was there on Friday, and yeah, even with the overcast weather and frequent drizzles and the ops really trying to crank out that train as fast as was safely possible, it was a solid half-hour wait. They were apologizing for the one-train operations, which leads me to believe that it was due to something on the train breaking and necessitating a visit to the shop.

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^ The best part is seeing how people are WAYYY overinterpreting it on social media or other forums.


"Wait, it's only a kiddie or water ride?!? WTF??!"


"So it HAS to be just Intamin, Mack, or RMC, right?"

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I think the emphasis on the word one is interesting, as it doesn’t specify specifically what one is, and it has an ellipse after. Could they possible be hinting at one rail? I also don’t think this clue rules out a dueling ride, just that it won’t be two separate rides. It could still potentially be a möbius ride based off of this clue, though it is unlikely. I do feel like it has to be at least some kind of roller coaster though, as this whole teaser campaign wouldn’t make much sense otherwise (although el Diablo was a thing...)

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