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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Another thing I discovered is if you add all the coasters with inversions in SFGADVs history together you get 11 (lightning loops counting as one) which means that if this is a coaster it would be the 12th with inversions.

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Maybe clue #3 will have an orange M...



That would be awesome, but I don't think the GP would get it. My thought is that they would want to tease something that would also be meaningful to the GP, but maybe (hopefully?? an RMC would be rad!) I'm wrong.


Someone on Twitter pointed out that the letters could be spelling "Creature" and the theme is the Jersey Devil. I had to look it up but it looks like a pretty solid folklore creature to theme a ride off of. The park mentioned they will give clues on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the announcement being the 29th. That leaves 5 more days of clues before the announcement, or 7 letters (8 if you count the announcement as being the final letter) if each clue is a letter. "Creature" sure fits that bill. I guess we'll see today what the third clue is.

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The reasons I haven't been sold on "Creature" yet are because:


- There are six clues. Creature has seven letters.

- They advertised this as a "scramble". Why would they release each letter in order?

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