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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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There are probably at least a dozen water-parks that are closer to Great Adventure than the American Dream Mall. I really think that the Great Adventure - American Dream competition is incredibly overblown.


If you have a restaurant in NYC, and someone opens one down the block, that still competition even though there are 67,982 other ones


But your original comment insinuates that there are no other restaurants.

GA gets another season without Water Park competition
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And it's not like it's 25 minutes from the biggest waterpark in the world, the ocean. Also, indoor water parks during the summer are a special kind of gross (as opposed to the usual, highly chlorinated petri dish gross they are during the winter).

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It's just not real competition. You can get a six flags season pass that includes the water park for like $65-70 bucks and free parking. A quick look about the mall of America prices and the Nickelodeon season pass is $139 plus tax. Looking at the Edmonton mall which they also own I don't even see a season pass offered but a single day is $49 and a 2 day multi park pass is $119. None of this even includes parking which you're going to have to pay for at this mall.


You can get a six flags season pass with access to both parks plus free parking and a dining pass instead.

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If it were any other park/chain, I'd say yes, but this is Six Flags, so I'd say you'll be lucky to have it open by 4th of July.

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It seems that construction on Wonder Woman is going rather quickly, would it be possible that the ride would open before Memorial Day?


This question inevitably gets asked every year and the answer is always the same: anything before mid-May just isn't going to happen. The park hasn't opened anything sooner than that since Wiggles World in 2007.

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More park improvements posted on the Twitter.



Including a big one... SUPERMAN IS GETTING PAINT.



I for one am excited about this one as holy jesus f*ck it needed it. What an eyesore right at the entrance.


They also mention new wood on Toro, New Sawmill/BOTW bridge, and more...




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Ka and Bizarro need it more than Nitro. Yes Nitro looks like ass but its all in the woods. Ka, like Superman is the first thing people see when they come in. And for being the world record holder it looks awful.


Nitro is mostly hidden til you are on the ride. Bizarro just looks hideous with the green/yellow Medusa paint peaking through the purple/blue.

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It was mildly busy today, definitely one of the better opening days crowdwise in recent years but anyone spending money on a flash pass was an idiot as the lines were totally manageable if you used the app and just skipped rides that had long waits. We managed to ride Ka, Toro, Zum, Nitro and Bizarro multiple times with no flash pass at all. Great day! Lots of beer and rides.



This photo kinda sums up my entire day.



This ride is gonna kick so much ass.



Bizarro is criminally underrated.



Clouds made for great sunset shots. More to come in my report thread. Have fun if yall go tomorrow, the rides were running really well, if not a little cranky at times.



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