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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Bro, Jersey legalized pot not crack. Put it down.

Take a ride on the defunct "Batman & Robin: The Chiller" Roller Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure! VIDEO:  

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I will be riding it on opening day May 25th. Anybody else going to the park that day? I will be up in NJ the 25th-27th to visit SFGadv and will be doing the 1st trip blog of 2009 for my upcoming trip reports site.

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Last night I had a dream that I was at SFGAdv and they took down Bizarro. And it was taking place next year in 2010. haha Weird dream because that would make no sense.


Can't wait to see how everyone likes the ride with the audio.

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I really like the trains!!! I'm really looking forward to riding this as a newly themed coaster! Does anyone know if the end seats are on a slant though??? Did B&M get new seats???


A lot of people have been saying that, but I don't think they did.

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Hey Everyone!


The awesome people in the Marketing department at Valleyfair created a blog for everyone to follow along with all of the shenanigans that take place behind the scenes at the park. Check it out!




Valleyfair also has an official page on Facebook so be sure to join!

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Valleyfair just put a really good video on youtube of Nick Wallenda performing at the park earlier this month. There is footage taken from the ground as well as a great POV from Nick. Here is the link:


Also, don't forget about Coaster Craze next Friday, July 24th!

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Thanks to our partnership with FlyinPhil and our friendship with Theme Park Revieiw, we will be showing this offseason AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS of the park! From Hurricane Harbor construction, to any park changes from now until March 27th, 2010!


To see the ENTIRE off season gallery, click the link below!



Now onto the update of NOVEMBER 8TH, 2009!


First off, the new Parachutes paint job looks GREAT! Second, it seems ALL the Fright Fest themeing except the Graveyard Fountain themeing is all gone!


No construction so far in Hurricane Harbor.. but I am SURE this will be changing in the next month or so...


It MAY be the offseason, but Kingda Ka and Nitro both have their trains waiting to OPERATE one more time this Friday for Hope for the Holidays! IT is only $5 admission too!


To view all the photos from November 8th, click the link below!


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