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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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My brain cannot process the amount of stupidity that it takes for someone to make the kind of posts that get them banned at a time like this.


Let me further explain, not like it will help these morons because if they are not smart enough to understand "Don't post about it until we post about it" this probably won't be understood either, but...


Parks have asked us to respect their announcement times, and in turn, we ask our readers or users to do the same. It's not that much to ask, and it's not a difficult concept to grasp.


Yes, we understand there may be leaks that happen. Those leaks are usually due to people who have broken the embargo that media outlets are given with time-sensitive material. The part that is damaging and frustrating for me personally, is that when embargoes are broken, parks will be less likely to deliver embargoed content in the future.


This just creates even MORE work for us, because not being able to schedule or create our posts using that content in advance means we are having to scramble at 4am to get ALL of the parks information up as quickly as possible. And that is a crazy amount of work in the middle of the night.


So please, we ask you kindly, respect the announcement times. I know you'll see the assholes of Reddit and other groups that just simply don't give a crap, but I also don't find them to be respectable groups either. And if you're going to come on our forum and be like those people, we would much rather have you not be part of our forum.


Thank you for understanding.



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First-of-its-Kind Thrill Ride to Debut at Six Flags Great Adventure


DC Super Hero CYBORG Themed Ride Coming in 2018


JACKSON, N.J. — August 31, 2017 — Six Flags Great Adventure, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, today announced that it will premiere the world’s first thrill ride themed to the DC Super Hero CYBORG in 2018. Inspired by the movement of a gyroscope, CYBORG Cyber Spin will deliver an unrelenting and intense anti-gravity experience as it whirls guests on three axes high above the ground.


“Six Flags leads the industry in thrill ride innovation; it is part of our DNA,” said Park President Neal Thurman. “Six Flags Great Adventure is home to an unparalleled collection of record-breaking attractions and we are excited to be adding CYBORG Cyber Spin, the first of its kind in North America. Like the Super Hero CYBORG of the JUSTICE LEAGUE, this futuristic, hi-tech ride will be unlike anything our guests have ever seen or experienced before and it is the perfect new thrill ride to expand our new Metropolis section.”


CYBORG Cyber Spin features a unique futuristic triple box design that allows the gondola to spin around three separate axes while rotating forward, backwards and sideways simultaneously at up to 70 feet in the air for intense and continuous movement. Seated 24 across with over-the-shoulder harnesses, riders will experience a thrilling combination of negative and positive gravitational forces. By night—this bold, new attraction promises to light up the New Jersey skies beckoning thrill seekers from near and far.


CYBORG Cyber Spin highlights include:


· Unpredictable flips and pivots at heights up to seven stories (70 feet) above the ground;

· Floorless seats that leave riders’ feet dangling as they whirl through the air;

· Dazzling nighttime light display; and

· Located in Metropolis adjacent to JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis.


CYBORG Cyber Spin is expected to debut in late spring of 2018.






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Glad they're getting one of these. I probably won't ride this--I don't like Top Spins, and this is pretty similar--but I'm sure a lot of people will go nuts for it.

Echoing you here. Maybe one day I'll get on one of these rides, but I feel like I'd get sick. Who knows!? Either way, it's an awesome addition! Finally, Cyborg gets some love.

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Oh boy! I've been looking forward to the day one of these things actually landed where I could give it a whirl! I don't think my 39 year old self could handle two rides, but I'll definitely give it one go! Glad to see a park I go to at least semi-regularly is getting it! Nice to see Cyborg finally get his due beyond just the JL animatronic as well!

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Great addition! Like Magic Mountain, this park needed another great flat ride and this appears to fit the bill.


Hopefully with Justice League and this opening next year, that area of the park will be less spooky during Holiday in the Park.

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So, some thoughts on this ride. After hearing about it via leak last night I've had some time to think about it (and argue with idiots on Facebook of course)


First, we knew this wouldn't be a coaster. It was always going to be an off year. Anyone that expected a coaster is delusional. I had hoped for the parks sake that it was a waterpark addition of sorts - water coaster like Hershey is doing, or something. I avoid Hurricane Harbor but it constantly seems to hit capacity in the summer and anyone I talk to that goes there complains its always packed.


In regards to Cyborg Spin - The park has been making smaller, yet gimmicky additions to the park the past few years now from Zum through Diablo through Joker and Justice League and all the VR stuff, so this ride is not surprising at all as it follows right in line w/ that marketing strategy. All of these additions have been highly marketable (tallest/fast drop ride on earth!!! 7 story multi looping coaster!!! 4d freefly coaster!!! interactive dark ride/video game!!!). It seems just marketing a plain old roller coaster with no gimmick would now be impossible at this park compared to the marketing opportunities rides like this offer the park. Especially considering they already have the tallest & 2nd fastest coaster on earth. They're not peddling to coaster enthusiasts to come and visit - they already have a lineup that does that, instead they're peddling to the local teens who will pay more attention to gimmicky experiences and come and spend money.


I personally don't care that they are not catering to me. They already get my money every September because I see it as a pass to ride El Toro, Nitro, Batman, Joker, Bizarro, Zumanjaro, etc all year as much as I want. They can continue to add a range of rides as long as they care for the great rides they already have. People complained for years the park needed flats and now we have a decent flat line-up.


Overall, I think its a great addition. Not for me, but for the park itself. I am elated that they are continuing to redevelop Old Country but wonder what they are going to do with the path to the picnic area. To me it would make more sense if they just rerouted the entrance to the picnic area from Main Street around the back of the ride. I hope this means a continued expansion into the area with more flats coming in subsequent years, and opening the path next to Mamas. Furthermore the more new rides the farther away from El Toro the better, so I'm happy they're putting it where they are.

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I'm glad to hear that it will indeed have the "dazzling night-time display" according to the press release. It didn't really come through in the rendering, but from what I've seen of the one that was in Hong Kong, these things look like they're going to be a total spectacle to watch at night. Can't wait to give this a try!

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I hope there's a stand next to it selling umbrellas to protect spectators from all the vomit that's sure to be flying off it.



What we need is a "Smilie" like the one above, only with projectile vomit flying out every which way! That will perfectly represent these two new flats!

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According to what I have read about these, the experience more than any other ride on the actual program. The original program took 3 years to develop (?). Of course people will complain it's too mild while I still expect I'd feel like I'm going to die after.


So it looks like the whole thing leans over to load and unload?

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Watching that video I definitely don't think I can ride all the time lol I'll definitely give it a shot though and maybe I'll surprise myself by not getting sick on it lol


I also agree about Old Country getting more love, hopefully they open up that path now with this and justice league being there. I don't mind the extra walking but if you're trying to get across the park quickly to get some more El Toro rides in that path being open would help big time.


I wasn't expecting a coaster this year but I'm still hoping we get some sort of RMC in 2019 or 2020 because a local RMC would be amazing.

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^ You don't consider the RMC at SFNE local?


I love Wicked Cyclone but it's over a 3 hour ride without traffic for me and there's almost always traffic heading up that way so it's usually closer to 4+ hours so no I don't consider that local for me at least.

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Finally, Cyborg gets some love.

Absolutely! Like this name/theme a lot better than yet another Harley Quinn Spinsanity like Texas is doing.

I better hear some, "BOOYAH's" from the riders!


Booyah! This crazy awesome. Great Adventure just keeps on winning. So happy to see these come to the states.

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