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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Good! It'll be gone LONG before I get there! (I know it would've been optional anyway, but it's nice to know operations won't be any slower due to it when I am there - and nice to know no spiders will leak out of neighboring headsets onto me while riding! )

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Wait, what? Why would they implement it for only a month? Didnt it require the construction of a storage area and charging bays?


Ill be in the park tomorrow to give it a try.


Anyone know if its running all day or just 3pm and later (as seen in a picture earlier in this thread).

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Probably a bit of both.


I definitely don't see this going on Ka or Toro but there have been mumblings about it going on Nitro since well before they actually implemented it on Skull Mountain. Now, don't get all fired up, just rumors, and I have not confirmed anything about Nitro getting it but locals and people connected to the park have mentioned it to me many times since the park was first rumored to get VR at all. With it leaving Zum so quickly I could see these rumors as possibly plausible (and they are nothing but rumors so chill yall!).


I personally think Bizarro is the next BEST attraction @ the park to get VR. Its high capacity when the ops hustle and it could certainly use a popularity boost. Also you don't have to walk to Guam to get to it. In a perfect world it would go on Green Lantern so I don't have to be concerned with it at all. In any case, the park isn't done with VR, that I'm practically certain of. It's just too cheap a gimmick for Six Flags to not continue utilizing it.

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I would hope so, and who knows maybe you are right, but its Six Flags. With so many other parks/chains getting it or at least experimenting with it I'd imagine SF would want to stay in the game. I feel like they're still figuring it out, or even just moving it around to different attractions because its just such a cheap and easy thing to use for marketing purposes.

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Wait, what? Why would they implement it for only a month?


I'm going to guess it's because... People aren't jumping on this VR hype train like the park was hoping for.


Now it's just like an old hooker: It was fun at first... but it's played out, doesn't work all that great, and no one wants to give it a try.

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Of course I can't find it now, but for some reason I remember reading somewhere when it was announced that the VR was only supposed to be from May 5th to June 4th when it came out. Of course, not being able to find it probably means I'm completely wrong on that...


Still, my gut tells me that it was only intended to be around for a month or so. I can't imagine they decided to pull the plug sooner than expected unless there was a significant-enough issue behind it.

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I go on June 1 for the first time, but still don't plan on doing the VR. Although I hope what I'm hearing about Ka pushing more trains in-between Zu still stands


What rumors about Kingda Ka pushing more trains? (my understanding is that Zumanjaro can't be raised until Ka clears the hill; and Ka can't be launched until Zumanjaro has completed it's drop?)

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Went to HH and GA yesterday, was first time I've ever been to HH when it was empty. Never seen it empty like that even on shitty weather days in the summer. Walked on everything and weather was 75 and turned out to have good amount of sunshine. Perfect.


Went over to GA after and it was pretty busy but we wanted to get on VR Zumanjaro. First we went on Toro and they are handing out riding tickets. They hand us tickets at the entrance and we walk on and the guy collecting them said they are out of order and we cant go. He made us wait there for 5 minutes while people behind us walked past us. Eventually other tickets were out of order and he just said go. Dont know they are trying to do but it was messed up.


ended up getting on Zumanjaro at 3pm and waited for over 2 hours for it. Would have been only about an hour and 20 minutes but the lady completely screwed us. We got right up close to the front and then for some reason they ignored the middle row for VR for 45 minutes. From 4:20 to 5:05 they didnt take one person from the VR row. They'd come over and take the Flash pass people then load up non VR row and they did that for over 40 minutes. People in our row were starting to flip out, why are they ignoring the VR line? There should be a system, load up Flash pass then non VR row and then load VR line.


But she just ignored us and then another girl came and she had the system down and loaded us up and did it the right way. Added a good 50 extra minutes to our wait time.


The ride ended up being really cool, glad I did it. Wouldnt wait over 2 hours to do it but it was pretty cool.

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So they're giving out boarding passes on Nitro to thwart line jumpers. Only problem is they're not really checking the numbers. Park is busy but lines are minimal. Having a Six Flags day.


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Anything they can do at that park to thwart line jumpers would be fantastic... Assuming they actually checked them and followed through with it! Superman is the ride that I've found really needs policing in that regard in my opinion...

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Can confirm boarding passes on Joker too. We've also ridden multiple laps is Toro Ka Zum and Bizarro and didn't have passes there. Just this and Nitro. Heading back to Toro in a bit, will report back.


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So as mentioned I popped up to the park w/ some pals on Sunday. It was one of my strangest visits, as it was the nicest (predicted) weather of the entire holiday weekend and the crowds were definitely in effect. Parking lot decently full, midways crawling with people, but much to our luck ride lines were minimal to non-existent. We got there right at opening and I guess the park was expecting large attendance as they had a whole force of orange-vested parking lot people directing traffic when we arrived. First time I've seen that in a while. Pretty crazy sight to see, though very organized. We packed a cooler with a few six packs so we hung out in the lot at our very good parking spot and chugged a couple cold ones in an effort to let the main gate thin out a bit. Once we headed over there we got in through the no-bag line quickly, and another member of our party had a season pass to process which took no time at all. After a bathroom pitstop, bee-line to The Bull (of course).



Assembled our crew: Boldy, Slim, Nat & Poop!

We ponied up the $1 for a 2 hour locker and shoved all our sh*t in there and into the empty queue we headed. We had a duo of magic seat rides, felt slow so early in the morning. Still buckwild.




We'd talked to a couple guys in front of us on Toro who said they just came from Ka where they said the wait was still small, and since our buddy Poop had yet to ever ride it we took the opportunity to pop over, conveniently cutting through the already-open Safari Discoveries (yes we quickly said hi to that baby giraffe! Moving on...). Ka had about a 20 minute wait but no breakdowns or issues that we saw, just alternating with Zum. Both crews were hustling and the wait was easy. Great ride in row 2, Poop (who was nervous) was blown away. At the crest I turned to him and screamed "OPEN YOUR EYES!!!" and died laughing at the sight of his cartoon eyes that couldn't have possibly opened any wider.




Upon exiting we popped back to a completely walk on @ Zum, and stayed on for a second lap. The VR doesn't start until 3pm so we didn't have to deal with any of that crap. The first ride really got me, the second round was easy peasy. Such a great ride. The park looks great right now, even more so from up there. Really green. We could see the parking lot was already more than half full and it wasn't even noon yet! We cut back through Safari Discoveries to hit up our locker and decided it was 5 o'clock somewhere so right next door we hit up Macho where I got a strawberry daiquiri (lol) and a taco salad w/ my dining pass. Hardly a wait for the food and everything was excellent. One daiquiri turned into two, haha. Good bartender.



Getting busy


Nothing new to see here...




Since we were getting twisted we headed over to Bizarro where they had three trains in operation and were actually not stacking. They had some 16 yr old nazi on the control booth who was barking all sort of garbled nonsense at guests and his crew but it somehow was working. We waited one train for front row. Really awesome ride on this, but no fireballs. Boooooo! We did get misted... while we got twisted.



Get twisted





Not sure why I took so many pictures of Bizarro


From here we attempted Mine Train but the line was out of the switchbacks so we waited 20 minutes for the Skyway over to the west side of the park. Since we had a little wait I got a bunch of pictures of RMT and Toro.







Flume had a pretty short wait. We skipped (sorry, Bill)




Upon touching down we noticed Skull's waterfall was on. I was vetoed out of riding at this time, and unfortunately we never made our way back over here. Sidenote: I also got vetoed out of Houdini too, what a bunch of lame-os.



However we did immediately hit up Nitro where we got presented with the aforementioned boarding passes. The line only extended to under the predrop so these things were totally pointless. Back row ride in my magic seat and was excellent. Since the line was so short we walked around and found it was then even shorter, basically walking right into the station, so we waited for the front. Such a great ride, one of my favorites of the day. Its been forever since I rode Nitro in the front and its such a completely different experience than I'm used to - we were all getting legitimate ejector air on each hill, so so good.




From here we decided it was halftime and we jumped out to the lot to tailgate a bit. As mentioned, we got a really good parking spot, practically in preferred. A tiny little walk and we were back in, feelin' good in the neighborhood.





We all wanted to hit up Joker and Poop would be having his first ride on it. One of the longer waits but still less than 20 minutes.





Again with the boarding passes, and really not necessary. Poop lost his keys on the first raven turn. Not good, since he drove. We all heard them come out of his pocket and bang around the train and fall to the ground. Doh! Luckily, as we were exiting, we spotted them right off the exit path (in a non-restricted area, chill yo) and we were able to reach over and grab them. PSA: You will lose your sh*t on these free-spins. Zip it up.



Backtracked to Movietown and had a little stop at Skybar on our way where we got some nachos and another round of beers. Had a quick wait for the front of Batman which was running like a dream. On our way back into the station, the train heading up lift stopped for some mechanical reason (we thought a phone at first but no) so our train did as well, only halfway into the station. Ugh. We were stuck like that for a good 10 minutes waiting for maintenance to show up. Watched the entire station clear out, except our row. We thought about walking around for lap 2 but we all wanted dinner.



Phone died after this so hope you enjoyed the pics!

Back over towards the Boardwalk we decided to check out the all-new Boardwalk Steak and Fries. I really wanted fries but they had this slop called "Cheesesteak Fries" so I threw caution to the wind and ordered that sh*t. Was basically a bed of (decent) fries with a mass of steak, cheeze wiz, peppers & onions barfed all over the top of it. But it was tasty! I was actually impressed with how good the steak was. I say this as a lifelong Philadelphia cheesesteak aficionado. I mean, I've certainly had better, but for park food? Color me impressed.


We were stuffed and all holding a nice daybuzz and were kinda pooped at this point and none of us could decide what we wanted to do next. We all agreed one more ride on The Bull would be a great way to end the day so back into PDC we slugged. Another locker, more boarding passes, and a short 15 minute wait. Magically I didn't get stapled on any of Bull rides all day and this was no exception. After we boarded, and as we exited the station and up the lift we all realized it was drizzling. Oh man. That mutherf*cker was absolutely hauling ass. What a crazy ride. Compared to our laps in the morning the precip, the speed, the airtime, and not being stapled? We all thought we were gonna die - brains blown in, the lot of us. Best ride I've had on that thing in a really long time. Ole!


Knowing nothing would top that we decided to use our snacks and we all got funnel cakes which we ate walking out in a light rain. Actually, everyone was leaving. Mass exodus. Though from the lot we could see almost everything was still running. Overall awesome day at the park today. Great weather til the rain came about 7:30pm. Also nice to be able to use my dining pass 3 times and never waited more than 5 minutes for food. I'll probably avoid the park most of the summer so I needed a nice visit like that of just getting a nice buzz and getting in some heavy riding. Was nice to be in a busy park with weirdly short waits.


Toro 3x

Nitro 2x

Ka 1x

Zum 2x

Bizarro 1x

Skyway 1x

Joker 1x

Batman 1x

Daiquiris 2x

Beers ?x

Taco salad 1x

Cheesesteak fries 1x

Funnel cakes 1x

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Hard to follow that report above, so I'll just say today I was in a position to open Kings Dominion and close SFGADV.


I got to Six Flags at 7pm tonight (Memorial Day) and the park was empty. Walked right onto Joker, Batman, Dark Knight, Kingda Ka, then did 6x El Toro without leaving the train up to the last train of the night. It was only running one train. Pretty incredible night.


I have a full day planned there tomorrow, hence the absence of Nitro tonight.


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