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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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It's not so much the individual colors for me, but the combination of purple and blue that I'm not crazy about. Now if they where to add a third color like on Scream, maybe that would be better.


I couldn't agree more. I didn't realise until you said it that it was the combination of the colours I wasn't keen on. They're too similar and so it just doesn't look right to me. It just needs a totally contrasting colour to make it a bit more interesting. I love the colour blue, but not next to purple!

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I most definitely love Medusa. It is one of my three favorite coasters at SFGA. I totally enjoyed the lack of lines, as I got to ride it over and over again. When I last rode it, it was very smooth. Granted it was kind of raining.... LOL A revamp is extremely cool though. I love the blue track! At this point, I dont care what they do with other colors. I just want a great ride experience.


I cant wait to hear what they do for the retheming though. A new name... very interesting. After getting up to speed, and reading the 18 pages of updates, I went to the DC site, and tried to maybe figure a character that goes with that blue. None really do. Not any popular ones anyhow. Very interesting that they are totally holding out on us until Spring. I look forward to new updates!

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Let's just hope this is something that disperses itself evenly throughout the chain. Texas Giant should be a jail sentence rather than an amusement ride.


Just throwing ideas out there.


TG is no walk in the park. But arn't most of the woodies Built by the Dinn Corp (TG, Psyclone, Meanstreak for example) rough? Or is this just due to age?

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I think the idea of refurbing existing rides is a great idea. I remember going to astroworld after Serial Thriller and Texas Tornado were installed, Batman, and the other coasters were looking pretty shabby. Although they did get a new coat of paint before the end, I think the existing rides should have been priority over just getting somthing new.


A new coat of paint can do wonders for the look of the ride and the park. The majority of park goers, are not coaster experts, most do not know the difference.

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