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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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^ Where are you getting your weather? Friday (and Saturday) look completely clear.


I really think Sunday is gonna be the move. Temps are better on Sunday and Monday but Monday has a chance of rain. Just clouds and some sun Sunday with high of almost 50. Also New Years Day last year was dead, because who wants to ride hungover? I have afternoon NYE plans Saturday but staying home Saturday night to rest up. And this way I have Monday to recuperate.


Anyone else going Sunday?

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It was pretty deserted yesterday once the rain stopped. They had the last 5 rows of Nitro roped off, felt like it was running extremely slow. Don't think my butt left the seat once in any row.


Batman was running amazingly, as expected, so that was nice. Something about that ride during HitP makes it amazing. It's normally a coaster we skip when we go during the summer, but in the winter? Jesus, it's the best ride in the park.

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Skip Batman???? That's sacrilege.

Well when you have Talon 10 minutes from home it's hard to justify waiting in any sort of line for (imo) a less superior invert. Especially when that time in line could be spent in line for Toro.

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We were in the area so we swung by the park yesterday for an hour to do some Christmas shopping (we still haven't seen everyone and I'm quite the procrastinator) and to take a ride on Batman and Nitro. It was freezing but the park was really busy (as has been the case all week with the exception of Thursday where rain scared people away) and both coasters were running great! A few pictures...


Snowing on the way to the park, we were really hoping for some snow rides on Nitro but sadly that never happened...


Im no conspiracy theorist, but if they faked the moon landing they probably did it in Great Adventure's parking lot.


Joker has been down the last few days, and yesterday they somehow managed to valley it. Note the maintenance staff in the lower right corner attaching the ropes.


It was a beautiful (but cold) night at the park.


Nitro was flying through the course despite the cold.


Holiday in the Park is awesome


One last failed attempt at being artsy.

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While it would have block stopped anyway, I would imagine that they were testing the ride, the train valleyed and when they realized it they stopped the lift.


If you look closely you'll see that they have a cable tied to the train and a crane over on the right. They'll pull it forward and hope that when it drops it has enough momentum to get back to the station so they don't have to winch it again.

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