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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Great trip report on the last page! These pics really got me itching to get in on the action. Just debating whether or not it's worth it to go the last weekend in October and fight the insane crowds.


Where did they host the magic show you posted photos of?

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Tonight is absolutely dead at the park and I'm loving it. Got 2 laps on Toro, poor Nitro is still closed, VR Skully is pretty dope, not worth the wait again, though.


Everything else is walk on, but all the B&M's except Bizarro and Green Lantern are currently down, along with Toro.

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Hey guys! Long time reader, new account holder


I'm staying in NYC until the 4th of Oct and I wanted to head to SFGAdv sometime this weekend, and I was curious if anyone would like to meet up and show me round the park (and mazes)? As much as I enjoy going to parks on my own it's always more fun with someone else! Ha


If anyone lives in NYC and wants to head down there with me that would be great! Just message me and let me know!


I'm a little stuck with how to get there from central NYC (Times Square) as a lot of people are saying different things so any travel tips or even a travel buddy would be great!


I'm from the U.K. and I really don't want to miss out on this park (el toro...duh )


Many thanks,


Recognize it's halfway through the weekend, but your best bet if not renting a car is a bus on NJ Transit from either Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC or Newark Penn in NJ (you can take train to Newark Penn).

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I just got back from the park and like usual, had a good visit.


Skull Mountain was not using VR and it's only being used on Friday - Sunday, I didn't mind since the station was empty and I was able to ride 4 times in a row. The 5th car is no longer blocked off for Flash Pass and now Flash Pass merges in the station at the front. The Flash Pass entrance is under the lift hill and the hallway is not covered so there is a lot of light in the first part of the lift hill area and now the ride area is brighter than ever and you can see most of the track easily (even though it wasn't that difficult to see the track before this change).


Dinner and snacks with the dining pass are now valid until 9 p.m. I would still like to see the snack available until closing but at least it's better than 8 p.m. like it was before.


Superman was closed the entire day, Kingda Ka was closed part of the time with 2 trains running when it did reopen.


Crowds were low for the most part. Joker's line was almost to the 90 minute sign and Kingda Ka had a few switchbacks full but mostly everything else was 20 minutes or less.


2 of the trails were closed and there were no ride greeters at the coaster entrances so bags were allowed to be left in the station.

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Question for everybody, is Great Adventutre fanny pack friendly? Is there any rides in the park I can't wear one while riding?


I'm not telling you break the rules but fanny packs are considered loose articles and need to go in a locker HOWEVER if its small and you can conceal it somehow with your t-shirt or whatever, you can easily get away with it on anything (as a friend of mine did last month) though I cant imagine its comfortable on El Toro. Personally, I'm the king of zippered pockets.

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They are allowed on all coasters except El Toro and Joker as long as they don't interfere with the restraint from working properly.


"Cell phones, pagers, or other small items must be secured in cargo pockets, zippered jacket pockets, or waist packs*. All loose articles which cannot be secured must be left in a locker or with a non-rider prior to entering the queue line.

*Waist packs are not permitted on El Toro."


The website hasn't been updated to mention Joker but I saw it on a sign at the ride entrance yesterday.

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Remember the Solar Panel project? It's currently on hold.


Six Flags tree-clearing on hold, for now

JACKSON - Six Flags Great Adventure isn’t backing off its plans to remove thousands of trees to build a solar farm on its property, but the clear-cutting won’t happen while a legal challenge to the project is underway, environmental groups said Monday.


Six New Jersey environmental groups — Clean Water Action, the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, Save Barnegat Bay, Environment New Jersey, the Sierra Club of New Jersey and Crosswicks-Doctors Creek Watershed Association — filed suit last year to stop the project, arguing it violates the township’s master plan.


The groups' leaders don't believe any of the roughly 15,000 trees slated to be cut down have been cleared on the site as of yet, but in recent weeks they became concerned that the work might commence soon.


The groups were worried that they might prevail in court after the forest was already cleared, but the theme park operator has assured them that it will hold off while the litigation is underway, Jeff Tittel, the state Sierra Club director, said Monday.


In response, Six Flags issued a terse statement: "This past summer we agreed to postpone construction until 2017," it said.


Bedminister-based KD Solar, Six Flags’ partner in the project, plans to construct a 21-megawatt solar facility on a undeveloped 66-acre tract along Reed Road. While the facility would be capable of generating virtually all the power the theme park needs, opponents say sacrificing a forest for the sake of “green” energy is a poor trade-off.



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Any word on the cost of that project? While I'm all for trying to convert to renewable energy resources where possible, solar really just isn't all there yet when it comes to power generation. It's on the rise though, and if GADV could make it happen, that would be huge. Nobody is completely off the grid though.


To put it into perspective, my former university spent $20 million a few years ago on a huge solar farm. What did it power? The heaters for a pool. That's it.

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Took me forever to figure out how to get to that damn Wawa... I guess I'm not too bright :-P


I would love nothing more than to be able to go to that Wawa after we leave the park but it's not worth the effort. I understand the jug-handles but I do anything within reason to avoid them. I almost always end up at a Turnpike rest area for dinner.

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Chiming in with some of the other people to say that fanny packs are indeed allowed on all rides except for The Joker and El Toro. Sometimes in the evening or if it's really dead they'll let you put loose articles on the side of Toro's station but absolutely nothing can be taken on The Joker. Hey JRice were you successful on that t-shirt mission?

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I primarily worked the closing shift when I used to manage that McDonalds years ago, and I can't tell you how often people just made that illegal left to cross 537. Police used to just park right on the lawn there and pull them over once it happened. It was easy picking - on busy nights you'd sometimes have up to three different police cars nabbing people at once. It was an awesome sight to see.

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