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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Bro, Jersey legalized pot not crack. Put it down.


Update: El Toro ran a bunch of test runs today and should open any day now

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The new colors are sick. I always thought there was a lacking of blue coasters.


Also, isn't that the same purple-lavender color that Superman is getting? Did Six Flags just buy a buttload of it?


(I didn't read most of the thread so if this is already answered don't get mad lol)

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Yeah, I really hope the supports end up a different color. The faded purple just looks odd against the nice blue track. Maybe yellow supports. I did like the color of Goliath at Fiesta Texas...

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Actually it's Scream that is a mirror of Medusa. Medusa was first and based on Kumba in large part.


I have noticed that. The layouts of the two coasters are very similar. Medusa is basically Kumba without the floor.

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Kumba has a bunch of qualities that make it a mindblowing B&M original though. Just think about how the inversions are placed just far away enough to sneak a microscopic air hill moment in between each one. You don't see it, but you definitely feel the awesome B&M floater in the transitions. Plus the tunnel is so awesome and it makes i noise that i dream about when you fly through it.



Medusa was a smoothed out version of Kumba, meaning they got ride of the those classic B&M transitions and made just smooth elegant changes in direction, and lacked the amazing, yet also elegant, airtime pops you got between.

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The blue is sexy.


I actually think the blue and purple would be a decent color scheme... Anything but yellow is fine with me.

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