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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Went to the park yesterday, was the best full day I've had at the park in a while! Absolutely no waits all day, and everything was running smoothly. Got on Joker for the first time, very out of control. I loved it! (Although it did punch me in the nether region). Didn't get any pictures because I forgot my phone (Like the idiot I am lol). Boldikus Mountain is still the greatest, and El Toro was absolutely hauling a$$ by the end of the day.


On a side note, Batman was closed all day yesterday, and heard it was closed Monday too. Decided to walk by it, and saw a worrying looking section of track that looked like part of the rail (about 6-8 inches of it) was simply melted away, as if straight acid was poured over it. It was at the bottom of the turn right before the first corkscrew. Any ideas?

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Ah, yeah I didn't look too closely at that end of the ride. A shame, but better safe than sorry... Or should I say better safe than M&D? Too soon?


And also, for anyone wondering, ride count for yesterday (not in order ridden):

Nitro: 4x running like a dream

Congo: 1x got wet

Dark Knight: 2x meh

Skull Mountain: 3x back row

Joker: 2x very good

Superman: 1

Green Lantern: JK didn't ride

Ka: 1x Front

Toro: 6x all back

Bizarro: 2x still smooth

Log Flume: 1


And we left the park around 9:15.

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Boldikus Mountain is still the greatest



I'm worried about Batman. I am going to the park after work one night this week or next, was hoping to ride it but thats obviously not gonna happen with the state its in. Have any of the other clones had this problem?

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Just a small update about Batman. It ran smoothly the rest of the night with efficient operations and both trains running. I was skeptical at first thinking this was a "test dummy" opening, but the ride seems to be good to go for the rest of the season.


And it completely kicks a$$, might I add!

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God I love that roar.


Well that was fast.



Best steel coaster in the park by far...

*GASP* Better than Ka front row??


Question. Head to the park on Sunday, I know it will be an extremely busy day, where should I head first?

This is a silly question but the answer is El Toro.


Could you have posted a worse video?

LMFAO! It's OK Robb, us diehards just needed proof it was running. He could have shot that diagonally with a freaking rainbow filter over it and I'd still be happy to see one of the best is back in business. The situation had been sounding bleak. Oh happy day!


Anyone else gonna brave the T-storms and head over today? Im done work early this afternoon and my buddy is bugging me to break out the ponchos and head over. With this forecast it'll probably be dead today but is the 45 minute drive worth a potential washout? Wondering if they would consider closing on a Friday in July due to to weather. I mean, worse case scenario we could just marathon Skully. Maybe the mythical "Great Adventure Bubble" will make an appearance today and keep the park dry. Decisions, decisions...

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Could you have posted a worse video?


It was recorded with my iPhone 6+ and uploaded through Tapatalk, which for some reason downgraded the quality.


It was uploaded while I was at the park, so I tried my best. I figured its purpose was to show Batman is open, not provide high quality footage of the ride.

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