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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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^Is the skyway only running one side now? I haven't seen it running two sides all season, even 8/10 when the line was out of the entrance on both sides of the park.


In april and may, on all my visits to the park when it was empty, they were running both sides on the skyway. I haven't seen both sides going since then.

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New clue!

Clone of Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFDK themed to dragons with a splashdown

I wouldn't want to see that because those things have bad capacity and that's the last thing SFGADV needs. That's why those things stay at smaller parks like DK

I know right? Unless there's a dual loading station lie the one going to Mexico

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lmao, I guess being doped up on a coaster could be the ultimate rush lol



Man, woman accused of trying to bring heroin into Six Flags Great Adventure


JACKSON — A New Jersey man and a New York woman were arrested in separate incidents this weekend after trying to bring heroin into Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson police said.


The man fled, but authorities tracked him down since he left his identification and other items in a box after going through a metal detector at the front gate just before 1 p.m. Sunday, according to a news release.


An otherwise unidentified 27-year-old from the Marlon section of Evesham later turned himself at Jackson police headquarters and was charged with possession of heroin.


A day earlier, security found a 24-year-old woman from Yonkers, N.Y. in possession of 10 wax folds of heroin, police said. She was detained at the gate and arrested around 3:30 p.m., police said. The woman posted bail and was released after being charged with heroin possession.


A Jackson police spokesman didn't immediately return a call requesting the names of the people arrested.

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Uhhh, you could easily smuggle that in. There are no pat downs. The guy was just an idiot.


Sounds like what happened was they asked him to empty out of his pockets for the metal detector, he completely emptied his pockets (as opposed to just metal objects - keys, phone, etc), and security saw what was in his belongings. He then realized what he did, freaked and ran and left his ID and everything else there in the bowl they give you for your stuff.

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I went to the park last week Wednesday and had a great time as usual. The crowds were light and most of the employees were great. Unfortunately I couldn’t spend the whole day there, but I packed enough rides in.


I really like drop towers so I was really looking forward to riding Zumanjaro. Despite the reviews on this site I had pretty high expectations. No pun intended. The ride ops were very friendly and made a point to interact with the guests. One op asked the oncoming riders if anyone was afraid and my sister raised her hand. The ride op made her sit at the end and it was all in good fun. The ride up was great and it provided some nice views. The drop was disappointing, but still fun. I like the new style restraints, but they don’t allow you to feel the free fall. The drop felt more like an S&S drop tower than an Intamin drop tower. Overall Zmanjaro is a fun ride and a good addition.


Next up was Kingda Ka and I love this ride. The launch is amazing and the hill is fun. Kingda Ka would be even better if it just had a lap bar. I was able to ride it twice and the operations were smooth. Zumanjaro does affect the ride cycles a bit, but it’s not a big deal. The trains were still dispatched in a timely fashion.


The last time I went on the safari was before the revamp so I did that next. The grouper before the station was a friendly grandpa type of guy. He told jokes and stories with everyone in line. I really like the open vehicles, but the off road experience is lacking. I don’t consider going off the road one time an off roading adventure. Other than that the safari was still fun. The safari guide for the first half was a lot of fun and knowledgeable. I decided to get off at Camp Aventura and check it out. If it wasn’t for the close encounters with the giraffes then Camp Aventura wouldn’t be worth the visit. The safari guide for the second half was a little strange, but friendly and knowledgeable. Now I just need to perfect my ostrich dance for my next visit.


Next was the amazing El Toro. It’s what keeps me coming back to the park and it will continue to do so. El Toro is still my favorite wooden coaster and I don’t know if anything will ever take it’s place. The ejector airtime is incredible and the turns provide some great laterals. I wish I had time for more rides. The world would be a better place if there were more Intamin wooden coasters.


Medusa(Bizarro) is a pretty good coaster, but I don’t like it as much as I used to. B&M sit down coasters don’t do much for me anymore and the floorless effect only works if you sit in the front row. Watching the floor drop in the station never gets old and I was happy to see that the on ride audio was removed.


I love Arrow coasters so I always have to ride Runaway Mine Train. It gives you a break from all of the big coasters on that side of the park and it’s a good family coaster. I like the out of control feeling and the drops have some surprising airtime.


I went to the other side of the park and started with Skull Mountain. The layout works well as a dark ride and it’s a good family coaster.


Nitro is the best B&M hyper coaster I have been on, but I have always thought it’s overrated. Previously I have only had the typical boring forceless B&M rides. With that said, I had my best ride ever thanks to a mostly trimless ride. I was actually able to get some airtime before the mcbr and feel some forces. The mcbr wasn’t too strong this time so I was also able to get airtime on the bunny hills. I’m still not in love with Nitro, but this experience moved it up in my rankings.


The last coaster I rode was Green Lantern. I actually like B&M stand up coasters, although they aren’t the best. They have nice forces and feel out of control at times. The only time I get head banging is in the corkscrews and it’s only minor. It’s a decent ride, but it’s not a proper replacement for the awesome GASM.


The only flat ride I rode was Houdini’s Great Escape because I had never been on it before. I had no idea what to expect so it was nice having some mystery for a change. The preshow was lame and it dragged on too long. It didn’t help that everyone in the room was talking loudly so I couldn’t hear much. The operations were pretty bad as well. A lot of people left after the preshow because the op failed to mention that there was a ride. I almost left after a minute because I didn’t think the ride portion was working. Eventually everyone was told to sit down and wait. After everyone was seated they were told that have to put all of their belongings in the exit area. This took forever because people had to climb over each other or pass things to the ride op to put away. After that the ride op checked the seats 3 times to see if there were any belongings, which took forever. This whole process should have taken a few minutes, but it was more like 10 – 15 minutes. Anyway the ride portion turned out to be better than I expected and it was pretty fun. I imagine that kids love this ride.


As I said in the beginning I had a great time, but I did have a pretty bad experience. In the middle of the day I decided to go to the car for a meal break. When I got to the exit there wasn’t anyone giving out hand stamps. There was an old guy sitting there sulking and not paying attention to anyone walking out. I asked the girl at the reentry gate if they were giving out hand stamps and she said yes. I asked if she could give me a hand stamp and she said the old man was giving them. I asked the old guy for a hand stamp and he told me no. The girl at the reentry gate and I had to argue with the old man to get a hand stamp. When he gave in he made me lay my hand completely flat on the turn style before giving me the stamp. He told me he wouldn’t give me a hand stamp next time and I thanked the girl for the help. This is the type of poor customer service I expect at a Six Flags park. Luckily this old guy was the only exception and the rest of the employees I encountered were great. Once again, I’m looking forward to my next visit.

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If something is allegedly happening to Kingda Ka during the off season, my guess would be the possibility of finally installing that final row of seats to the back car for increased capacity?


They did it to TTD when the pseudo drag racing tires were removed from the back car. KK already had a diminished capacity because it stopped running both sides of the station which only allows for 2, maybe 3 trains to be running at once. Now with Zumanjaro lowering capacity even more, adding those last 2 seats to each train could provide at least some sort of improvement to ride throughput.

I don't know why they never had that row of seats in the first place. With TTD I get it (because of theming purposes) but I don't understand why the trains came with that row missing. Were they afraid it would be too heavy and not make it over the top?

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